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Five Nights at Freddy's 8 film ideas
Five Nights at Freddy’s 8: The Hidden (film ideas)
This storyline is mostly my own ideas, but with elements from FNAF4 and Sister Location in the mix. Also added Chipper for the heck of it.
Six months after the last movie, it seems everything is looking up not only for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, but for Nick and his friends as Halloween rolls around. Nick’s cousin Jimmy has managed to make a few friends by the names of Zeke and Carrie, while Nick’s old college roommate Mitch has moved back into town. On the weekend, the group meets up at the pizzeria and say hello not only to the owners Mike Schmidt and Jeremy Fitzgerald (who is still in a wheelchair), but to the animatronics themselves.
Then one day, after the pizzeria is closed for renovations, some of the animatronics (specifically the characters from the Sister Location) mysteriously vanish. Freddy and the rest of the gang have no clue as to who would take them, but Nick suspects they’ve been taken
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Avengers: Ultron Returns
Avengers: Ultron Returns
Inspired by there being an Ultron sentry in Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout
Note: this starts shortly after the events of Age of Ultron, then cuts to the events of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, and finally after Spider-Man Homecoming but before Infinity War.
The film starts with Vision destroying the last Ultron sentry like in Age of Ultron. As the Avengers leave the city, we see a horribly damaged sentry lying in a pile of rubble; its legs are gone and only a small portion of its left arm intact. As members of Stark Industries clean up the mess, a man in a fur coat, who is followed by a pair of red-skinned women, offers to take the sentry off their hands. When the members turn him down, the man unleashes a red light that seems to vaporize them on the spot. Once this is done, the man orders the women to load the sentry onto his ship; the man turns to the camera and reveals himself to be Taneleer Tivan aka the Collector, and it
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Haunted Mansion: Hatbox Ghost's written tour
They say home is wherever you can hang your hat. In my case, being the Hatbox Ghost, most of the hats that have been hung around here were made by me. As for the home, it’s none other than Gracey Manor, or as the locals around here tend to call it, the Haunted Mansion. Yet despite all the bad rumors that come up thanks to the various ghost stories told around campfires, most people never bother to learn of the mansion itself, and what a tour of it would be like. Granted, some people (either out of bravery, foolishness, or on a dare) have visited the mansion, only to run out in terror because of the happy haunts who reside in its halls. Well, for those who simply want a closer look or just an idea of what it’s like, you’ve come to the right place. I will also tell the tale of many of the spirits who live in the mansion.
The tour actually starts once you enter the mansion gates, but before the mansion itself. The front yard is filled with the graves of the Gracey family
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Green Hornet: Sting of Justice
Green Hornet: Sting of Justice
By day, Britt Reid is the publisher of Century City’s Daily Sentinel newspaper and a champion for superhero rights. By night, he dons an overcoat, fedora hat, and mask to become the Green Hornet, accompanied by his valet Kato. They are believed to be criminals, but work by undermining the mob from within.
Episode 1: Rise of the Green Hornet
First appearances: Green Hornet, Kato, Frank P. Scanlon, Lenore “Casey” Case, Viktor
Britt Reid and his valet Kato choose to become vigilantes in order to combat evil.
Villains: Viktor
Episode 2: A Fistful of Dollars
First appearances: Johnny Dollar, Mayor Culkin
An international embezzler comes to town and sets his sights on the Green Hornet.
Villains: Johnny Dollar
Episode 3: The Red Assassin
First appearances: Redhand
An assassin comes looking for the Green Hornet
Villains: Redhand
Episode 4: The mad cop
First appearances: Mike O’Rourke
Second appearance of Frank P. Scanlon
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Mature content
The Night on Blizzard Mountain :icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 0 0
Captain N reboot ideas
Captain N: the Game Master reboot ideas
Main characters:
Captain N
Mega Man
Captain Falcon
Mother Brain
Dr. Wily
Dr. Eggman
Video Game minions:
Iron Knuckles
Space Pirates
Elec Man
Koopa Clan
Egg Pawns
Secondary Characters: (appear in some episodes, but not major characters)
Donkey Kong
Little Mac
Star Fox (Fox, Falco, Slippy, Krystal, and Peppy)
King K. Roll
King Hippo
Bald Bull
Eggplant Wizard
King Dedede
Panther King
Star Wolf (Wolf, Leon, Panther, Pigma, and Andrew)
Ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, and Sue)
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Mature content
IZ-Cyber Commandos part 2 :icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 0 0
IZ-Cyber Commandos part 1
[Devastis; central plaza]
(The entire plaza is lit up in a celebration for the downfall of Skull; fireworks go off in the skies and everyone is enjoying a grand feast; suddenly, Ram comes up to a podium and taps the microphone to get everyone's attention)
Ram: Attention everyone; I have an announcement. (takes a deep breath) I thank everyone for their patience during the war against Skull and his armies. Considering the Irken Empire has done some terrible things in the past, I cannot ask the universe to forgive us right away; we must earn that through reconstruction aid for all the enslaved worlds. This is the end of a long nightmare; not just for me, but for the entire universe.
(Ram is answered by thunderous applause from the crowd, prompting the Irken to smile possibly for the first time in ages; meanwhile, Zim and Gaz are watching from a balcony on a nearby building)
Zim: Short and sweet, yet somehow he's able to make everyone putty in his hands.
Gaz: You had a big hand in stopping
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Mature content
The Avengers meet the X-Men film trilogy ideas :icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 1 0
Five Nights at Freddy's 7 film ideas
Five Nights at Freddy’s 7: Father and Son (film ideas)
This storyline is based on the Custom Night of Sister Location, but also consists of my own ideas and a few elements of Silver Eyes
The story begins with a man named Henry being shown around the ruins of the ‘Sister Location’, which the city has started to dig up in order to make way for new development. While searching a room that’s been blocked off, he finds a decomposing skeleton in front of what looks like a giant scoop machine. Suddenly, a shadow comes up behind the man and attacks. The next thing that’s shown is Henry getting up, heading to a mirror, and noticing he has purple eyes before grinning evilly.
Two years have passed since the events of the last movie; Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has regained its strength and continues to flourish. Nick continues to enjoy visiting the pizzeria and talking not only with the management team of Mike Schmidt and Jeremy Fitzgerald, but the animatronic
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Parallel Worlds: Gotham by Gaslight
Gotham by Gaslight:
In this world, Batman works in Victorian-era Gotham. All the episodes are named after movies, lost or otherwise
Episode 1: The Bat Whispers
First appearances: Batman, Joker, Gordon
Batman emerges on the scene to tackle a murder case involving poisons that cause grins
Villains: Joker
Episode 2: The Cat Creeps
First appearances: Catwoman
Batman takes on a burglar dressed as a cat
Villains: Catwoman
Episode 3: Night of the Living Dead
Only appearance of Solomon Grundy
Second appearance of Gordon
A zombie emerges from a graveyard and causes trouble for Batman
Villains: Solomon Grundy
Episode 4: Dark night of the Scarecrow
First appearances: Scarecrow
Third appearance of Gordon
A man dressed as a scarecrow causes citizens of Gotham to hallucinate
Villains: Scarecrow
Episode 5: Jack the Ripper part 1
First appearances: Jack the Ripper
The infamous serial killer comes to Gotham
Villains: Jack the Ripper
Episode 6: Jack the Ripper part 2
The serial killer frames Batman for
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Mature content
Avengers meet the X-Men trilogy possible plot :icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 3 0
IZ-Commando Origins part 7
Computer: Opening Section I: Fate of the Rejected Commandos
Narrator 1: The six rejected commandos appeared on the surface of Blorch, having been teleported there as exile
Traxx: Well this is just great; we've been marooned on this wasteland of a planet!!
Krunch: And we have no supplies on hand.
Steelz: I say we should get back at those Seekers while Skull and the rest of them are still training.
Cog: Although I would normally agree with you, it seems that we have more pressing matters at the moment. (gestures to Skarr, who is lying in pain from the acid burns Skull inflicted on him) He needs medical attention and soon.
Krunch: I don't see any ship around here.
Steelz: Not to mention that it would take a few days to reach the closest planet.
Feer: But don't supply ships pass by? We could signal one to save us.
Cog: We need to build a communicator, and even then there's no telling if the rescue ship's crew has information on us.
Skarr: Just leave me......I'm beyond help.
Cog: Not on my
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Star Trek: Timelines Collide
Star Trek: Timelines Collide part 1
The movie begins shortly after the Enterprise-A finishes the five year mission seen in Star Trek Beyond. Chekov has been transferred to another ship and is replaced by an Edosian named Arex, who is revealed to have been Chekov’s instructor during his cadet days at the academy. Also joining the crew is M’Ress, a Caitlian who serves as communications officer when Uhura is off-duty. Although Kirk welcomes the new arrivals, he admits to Dr. McCoy that Chekov will be missed. Later on, while searching for Spock in his room, he finds the collection of items left to the science officer by Spock Prime. Kirk finds a locked box among them and succeeds in opening it; he soon finds an obituary of his own prime counterpart, which lists the years 2293 and 2371 as the death dates. Kirk is unable to find out why there are two dates, as Spock enters the room and the two begin arguing about it. Luckily, a summons to the bridge stops the fight before i
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IZ-Commando Origins part 6
[Hobo 13]
Computer: Opening Section H: Irken Commando Training
Narrator 1: The ten Irken Commandos underwent vigorous military drills on Hobo 13; missions included flight training, marksmanship, endurance, hand-to-hand combat, reconnaissance, strategic defense planning, survival, and teamwork
(Skull is seen with three other commandos on a simulator that resembles the bride of the Enterprise from Star Trek; suddenly, a warning light begins to flash)
Skull: Durge, status report.
Durge: Three Vortian cruisers incoming from the starboard side.
Jeena: The shields are holding at 32%; we can't take anymore damage.
Skull: (pushes a button) Durge, increase power by 20%.
Durge: I can't do it, captain; I'm giving the engines all they've got as it is.
Skull: I see. Vane, activate the sonic bomb! I won't let anyone get in our way.
Vane: Sir, at the distance we're at, there's a good chance we won't survive the backwash.
Skull: I said activate the sonic bomb!!
Vane: (sighs) Very well, sir. (pushes a
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Parallel Worlds: Earth Prime
Earth Prime
A look into the world inhabited by Superboy Prime until it was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor
Episode 1: Intro to Superboy Prime
First appearances: Superboy Prime
A young Clark Kent finds out he has super powers.
Villains: (none)
Episode 2: Destruction Inc.
First appearances: Destruction Inc.
Young Superboy takes on a group of arsonists who want to blow up an offshore oil drill
Villains: Destruction Inc.
Episode 3: Luthor’s Challenge part 1
First appearances: Lex Luthor
Superboy is challenged by his most intelligent adversary of all.
Villains: Lex Luthor
Episode 4: Luthor’s Challenge part 2
Last appearance of Destruction Inc.
Superboy is forced to battle Destruction Inc. again thanks to Lex Luthor
Villains: Lex Luthor, Destruction Inc.
Episode 5: Luthor’s Challenge part 3
Last appearance of Lex Luthor
Only appearance of Bizarro
Superboy and Lex Luthor have their final showdown, which comes with a twist.
Villains: Lex Luthor, Bizarro
Episode 6: Earth P
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Brauzhar, The Corruptor (Earth-27) OC commission by phil-cho Brauzhar, The Corruptor (Earth-27) OC commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 136 29 Your stupidity displeases me by Shrewgirl Your stupidity displeases me :iconshrewgirl:Shrewgirl 20 7 sophisticated thug by GracieCouture sophisticated thug :icongraciecouture:GracieCouture 51 18 coming jafar from the fire by ao-ume coming jafar from the fire :iconao-ume:ao-ume 103 11 Slade by TJJones96 Slade :icontjjones96:TJJones96 24 0 Ed Edd n Eddy by TJJones96 Ed Edd n Eddy :icontjjones96:TJJones96 16 0 John Stewart by TJJones96 John Stewart :icontjjones96:TJJones96 16 2 Booster Gold and Skeets by TJJones96 Booster Gold and Skeets :icontjjones96:TJJones96 23 2 CIVIL WAR by TJJones96 CIVIL WAR :icontjjones96:TJJones96 112 11 Commission: Sky expressions by DANMAKUMAN Commission: Sky expressions :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 547 52 Commission: Rottytops Expressions by DANMAKUMAN Commission: Rottytops Expressions :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 695 43 Pink Shantae Parade by Rublitz-Art Pink Shantae Parade :iconrublitz-art:Rublitz-Art 82 12 The New Batman Adventures Batmobile by Alexbadass The New Batman Adventures Batmobile :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 27 0 Chernabog by EpicLoop Chernabog :iconepicloop:EpicLoop 90 20


United States

It was late on the thirteenth of February 2016 when I joined the crowd that filled the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas. The intro band had ended, and the lights had all gone out. The sound of rain and church bells filled the air as the crowd grew louder in their cheers. The curtain over the stage showed the name ‘Black Sabbath’ in flames.

Suddenly, the opening chords to ‘Black Sabbath’ rang through the air, and the curtain vanished to reveal the band in all its glory. On the left were Tony Iommi and the right Geezer Butler, with the drummer Tommy Clufetos stationed behind them. But that wasn’t where I was looking; my eyes were locked on the front of the stage, where the Prince of Darkness himself stood in black in front of the microphone. There was no mistaking Ozzy Osbourne, and as he spoke the opening lines, I felt like I was in a trance caused by the power brought on by his presence. In fact, it felt like it was only yesterday that he performed at Budokan in 2002.

As the songs progressed, I actually found myself silently mouthing along to some of them. Had I been standing, I would’ve fallen to my knees. It didn’t matter that the band was on their final tour; they were still as amazing as ever.

As Black Sabbath began their trademark song ‘Paranoid’, I finally stood out of my seat, and it wasn’t because this was the closing number. This was my favorite Black Sabbath song, and it was clear that it would be the showstopper as confetti bearing the band’s name rained from the ceiling.

When the performance ended, I felt like nothing could ever have topped it. To this day, I have never forgotten that feeling, and I wonder if I’ll ever feel it again.

Songs played:

Black Sabbath

Fairies Wear Boots

After Forever

Into the Void


War Pigs

Behind the Wall of Sleep


Hand of Doom

Medley of Supernaut and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Iron Man

Dirty Women

Children of the Grave



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