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[Everz-4; capital building]

(Mace and Klaxx are locked in chains in front of a heavily damages M.I.R., which is missing an eye, along with a broken jaw and several wires hanging out of the top of its head)

M.I.R.: So you brought (flickers) the commando menace to my planet. (twitches and sparks) You will not live to see another day!!

(the building's roof is destroyed by a blast from an extensively scarred viral tank)

Ram: This is Salvation; we're sending the rescue ship now.

(the rescue ship manages to leave the viral tank just before the bigger ship is destroyed by laser fire; the crew rushes into battle, barging through the various hornets that get in their way; finally they reach the main chamber, where Skull is found to be waiting for them)

Skull: So we meet again; I suggest you leave while I still feel generous.

Ven: You know why we're here; now stand aside.

M.I.R.: All of you (sparks) get off my planet before I (flickers) destroy you all!!

Skull: Such ludicrous nonsense. (blasts the M.I.R. away with one shot) Now, as I was saying, leave me to my mission. (turns to Mace and Klaxx)

Tak: That's it; I'm not waiting anymore!! (rushes Skull and manages to land a stunning blow)

Skull: (grunts as he gets up) You have spirit; I grant you that. (coughs) However, I can't let any of you live.

Tak: Be quiet, already. (knocks Skull down again) You're such a blowhard.

Skull: Nobody insults me like that!!!

(The commando leader slices Tak's right arm off, then sprays a fluid on the stump; the female Irken screams in pain as she falls to her knees)

Skull: Now then, back to why I came here. (aims his rocket launcher at Mace and Klaxx)

(Zim fires a shot that knocks the commando leader to the ground; at the same time, Mace and Klaxx help the injured Tak back to the rescue ship)

Skull: How you never learn to leave well enough alone never ceases to amaze me. I guess that's why you're my most persistent nemesis.

(Zim and Skull begin trading blows that generate a few sparks; after a few minutes, Zim manages to land a blow that goes through the commando leader's stomach)

Skull: (coughs) Perhaps I was mistaken; you would make a brutal commando. Then again, your ego weighs you down. (wipes blood from his mouth)

Zim: I'd say the same for you.

Skull: Well then (coughs up blood) allow me to offer this as a rebuttal. (activates radio) Warp, this is Commander Skull; activate the superlaser.

Warp: (over radio) Laser firing in 60 seconds; you better get going.

Skull: I'll meet you and Galaxia in the science bay. (deactivates radio)

Zim: You're willing to kill yourself just to get rid of me?

Skull: Some things are worth the risk. (laughs for a second before coughing up more blood)

(Zim shakes his head at the commando leader's weak form; soon the rescue ship swoops over and manages to pick him up; meanwhile, Skull watches the craft leave)

Skull: Somehow I knew you would escape. (a commando warship is seen overhead about to fire the superlaser) We will meet again, Zim.

(Everz-4 is destroyed by the superlaser while the rescue ship flees from hornet destroyers)

Ven: Hopefully we can get to the Eliminator before these guys butcher us. The shields can't hold up much longer.

(just as the destroyers are ready to fire the last shot on the rescue ship, the badly crippled Eliminator arrives and blasts all the commando ships; the rescue ship enters the hanger and lands just before the engines die out)

Bertram: It is a relief that you are all safe.

Mace: (holding Tak up by her remaining arm) She needs medical attention.

Ram: Get her to the infirmary and maybe put Klaxx in a healing chamber just to be safe.


[Commando outpost; observation deck; half an hour later]

(Skull is shown watching the stars, a scowl lining his face; Galaxia walks up to him)

Galaxia: You're still sore about losing?

Skull: I knew he would win, yet the sting of defeat still hurts.

Galaxia: Well, I wanted to let you know everything is on schedule.

Skull: Good; ramp up production. I know now what I must do.

Galaxia: And that would be?

Skull: The unveiling of my newest ultimate weapon.

Galaxia: (realizes what he means) But it's not ready yet.

Skull: Then finish it; we have no time to lose.

Galaxia: Yes sir. (runs off)


[Eliminator; medical bay]

Ram: Your injuries should heal in no time. It's good we found you when we did.

Klaxx: And I thank you for it all the same. I only wish we could've met at in better circumstances; this is really an honor for me, getting to meet you.

Ram: Zim did mention I was gone by the time he reached the future.

Klaxx: Yes; but at the same time, you helped build the resistance against Skull.

Ram: What about Rusty? I know about Xorg, but what about his partner?

Klaxx: He vanished shortly before the resistance collapsed; how and when Skull found him is still fuzzy for me.

Xorg: (enters the room with Rusty) How's the healing coming along?

Ram: Shouldn't take much longer; it's amazing how much he knows about the future.

Rusty: Whatever he knows, leave it be; you don't want to know too much about the future.

Klaxx: Trust me; you really don't.

Ram: But if we don't, how are we to avoid repeating history?

Klaxx: (groans) What else do you want to know?

Xorg: What of Bertram?

Klaxx: Many of the records were inconsistent; some say he died before the war, others placed his death at the beginning of Skull's reign.

Rusty: Maybe you should continue this story in the briefing room.


[briefing room; ten minutes later]

Klaxx: And that's how Mace and I went back in time.

Bertram: It's good to know we have two allies from the future to help stop Skull.

Klaxx: Well.....about that.....there's something I need to say.

Ram: What's that?

Klaxx: I.....I didn't take the side Mace did.

Xorg: Meaning?

Krack: The commando known as Klaxx chose the side that wanted to erase Zim altogether.

Zim: What?!

Bertram: And why did you choose this path?

Klaxx: Because trying to stop the war before it began wouldn't work. It would only postpone it even further. The war is inevitable, so I didn't stay with Mace and Xorg on the matter.

Xorg: Then you should be imprisoned for attempting to alter history too drastically.

Klaxx: Wait, there's more to the story.

Xorg: Then do enlighten us.

Klaxx: I was the only one who knew the consequences of altering history like that.



Screwhead Councilor: I warn you, this mission is the only salvation for the future

Klaxx: And I tell you, killing Zim or the commandos altogether will prove disastrous.

Grey Councilor: Perhaps, but it is a risk we must take. After all, it's better to not exist in a good future than live in a bad one.

Klaxx: Perhaps, but what if it ends up bad even if we don't exist?

Screwhead Councilor: This discussion is terminated. Any attempt to further the matter will be judged as insurrection.

Klaxx: You would dare accuse me of insurrection?

Screwhead Councilor: As an added measure, the mission will now be to erase the Irken Empire altogether.

Crystal Councilor: You're out of order now!! That will do more harm than good.

Screwhead Councilor: I don't care what it will do; if it removes the commandos from the equation, then so be it.



Klaxx: The hubris of the council proved their undoing; shortly after that meeting, Skull captured them.

Bertram: And they were executed on the spot, correct?

Klaxx: Actually, he put them through purges that eventually broke their sanity. Once they were nothing more than drones, then he killed them. This, along with Skull finishing Zim off once and for all, caused all hope to die forever.

Xorg: I feared it would come to this, but never thought it would happen.

Klaxx: In conclusion, I believe that Skull will never be defeated unless either Zim or the commando existence is wiped out.

Ram: Do you really believe that?

Klaxx: I'm sorry, but it's true.

Ram: Then the Irken Empire has truly fallen. (leaves for the observation deck)


[Space; commando destroyer codenamed Starcrusher]

Skull: And so the weapon is ready to be unleashed.

Galaxia: I have to admit; you have good tastes in ultimate weapons.

Skull: And once Commando Planet is unleashed upon the universe, nothing will stand in our way.

(behind the Starcrusher is a Mars-sized battle station in the shape of a planet)


[Eliminator; observation deck]

Xorg: You didn't need to leave like that.

Ram: What else was I supposed to do?

Rusty: Good point, but I thought it was agreed that the future is not set.

Ven: You can't let the revolution end before it starts.

Ram: (thinks for a second) Maybe you're right; we cannot allow hope to die. The commandos must be stopped, no matter the cost.
IZ-Commando Evolution part 4
The final part of Commando Evolution is here.

The next chapter, which will be called Commando Oblivion, will not be out for awhile. However, I can guarantee there will be some big changes in the future.

Previous: IZ-Commando Evolution part 3
The Trinity: World’s Finest
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman team up to combat greater threats while searching for another piece of the Kryptonian Codex.
Episode 1: Trinity reformed
First appearances: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman
The three greatest heroes reunite to begin their search for the Kryptonian Codex.
Villains: (none)

Episode 2: Crisis on Olympus
First appearances: Ares, General Zod, Zeus, Hippolyta
The god of war begins another crisis, but is soon challenged by another old enemy
Villains: Ares, General Zod

Episode 3: Mind games
Only appearance of Mr. Mxyzptlk
The imp from the 5th dimension decides to play games with the Trinity
Villains: Mr. Mxyzptlk

Episode 4: Mayhem of monsters
First appearances: Solomon Grundy
Only appearance of Robin and Doomsday
A pair of super-strong monsters goes on a rampage, but the Trinity has help.
Villains: Doomsday, Solomon Grundy

Episode 5: Rise of the death man
Only appearance of Azrael and Lord Death Man
A mysterious being who claims to be immortal emerges to challenge the Trinity
Villains: Lord Death Man

Episode 6: The battle of the minds
Only appearance of Lex Luthor and Joker
The Trinity’s worst enemies team up to defeat them once and for all.
Villains: Lex Luthor, Joker, Ares

Episode 7: The demonic beings
First appearances: John Constantine, Zatanna
Only appearance of Dr. Mist
A power being emerges, but is being chased by a pair of heroes, one of which is an old face
Villains: Dr. Mist

Episode 8: Rise the demon, Etrigan
Only appearance of Etrigan, Blackbriar Thorn and Ra’s Al Ghul
Ra’s Al Ghul releases a demon in order to complete his goals, forcing Batman to call upon a friend with unusual powers.
Villains: Ra’s Al Ghul, Blackbriar Thorn

Episode 9: Into the underworld part 1
First appearances: Hades
Second appearance of Zatanna
The Trinity finds out that a codex piece is located in the underworld.
Villains: Hades

Episode 10: Into the underworld part 2
First appearances: Jonathan and Martha Kent, Thomas and Martha Wayne, Lara Lor-Van
The Trinity continues into the underworld, meeting old faces that have passed away
Villains: (none)

Episode 11: Into the underworld part 3
First appearances: Circe, Deacon Blackfire, Blockbuster, Vandal Savage, Zsasz, Branden, Barry Allen, Jonah Hex, Hawkman
After the Trinity meets old faces, they must confront several deceased enemies. Luckily, some allies from the past arrive to help
Villains: Hades, Circe, Deacon Blackfire, Blockbuster, Vandal Savage, Zsasz, Branden

Episode 12: Into the underworld part 4
Only appearance of Obsession
Second appearance of Barry Allen
The Trinity continues to battle dead enemies as they search for the codex piece.
Villains: Blockbuster, Zsasz, Deacon Blackfire

Episode 13: Into the underworld part 5
First appearances: Justice Society
Only appearance of Gentleman Ghost
Second and last appearance of Jonah Hex
More enemies emerge, but luckily the Trinity is aided by heroes of the past.
Villains: Gentleman Ghost, Vandal Savage, Blockbuster, Zsasz, Deacon Blackfire, Circe

Episode 14: Into the underworld part 6
First appearances: Lady Blackhawk
Second appearance of the Kents, the Waynes, Hawkman, and Lara Lor-Van
Having claimed the codex piece, the Trinity is given a chance to rest in the underworld and meet up with their allies once more.
Villains: (none)

Episode 15: Into the underworld part 7
Last appearance of Deacon Blackfire, Zsasz, Hawkman, Blockbuster, Vandal Savage, Lara Lor-Van, Branden, Barry Allen, the Kents, the Waynes, Zatanna, and Justice Society
As the Trinity prepares to leave the underworld with the codex piece, they are attacked by their dead enemies.
Villains: Hades, Circe, Deacon Blackfire, Blockbuster, Vandal Savage, Zsasz, Branden

Episode 16: Grundy’s rage
Last appearance of John Constantine and Solomon Grundy
Grundy returns to another rampage, but John Constantine happens to be around as well
Villains: Solomon Grundy

Episode 17: Rescue Olympus
Last appearance of Ares and Circe
Second appearance of Zeus and Hippolyta
The Trinity returns to Olympus to stop Ares once and for all.
Villains: Ares, Circe, Hades

Episode 18: Parting ways: Wonder Woman
Last appearance of Wonder Woman, Zeus, and Hippolyta
Wonder Woman chooses to stay with her people for the time being.
Villains: (none)

Episode 19: Parting ways: Superman
Last appearance of Superman and General Zod
Superman returns to Metropolis, only to find General Zod waiting for him.
Villains: General Zod

Episode 20: Parting ways: Batman
Last episode of The Trinity: World’s Finest
Batman returns to Gotham with Lady Blackhawk.
Villains: (none)


Superman: alive
Batman: returns to Gotham with Lady Blackhawk
Wonder Woman: returns to her people
Robin: returns to Gotham
Azrael: leaves
Zatanna: welcomes the Trinity back to Earth
John Constantine: leaves
Etrigan: leaves
The Kents: remain in the underworld
The Waynes: remain in the underworld
Zeus: remains on Olympus
Hippolyta: remains on Olympus
Lara Lor-Van: remains in the underworld
Jonah Hex: remains in the underworld
Lady Blackhawk: returns to Gotham with Batman
Barry Allen: remains in the underworld
Justice Society: remains in the underworld
General Zod: sent to the Phantom Zone
Lex Luthor: escapes in a submarine
Mr. Mxyzptlk: returns to the 5th dimension
Joker: returned to Arkham
Solomon Grundy: beheaded by John Constantine
Ra’s Al Ghul: disappears
Ares: imprisoned by Zeus
Hades: remains in the underworld
Zsasz: thrown into the river Styx
Gentleman Ghost: remains in the underworld
Circe: returns to the land of the living; imprisoned by Zeus
Branden: thrown into the river Styx
Vandal Savage: remains in the underworld
Deacon Blackfire: remains in the underworld
Blockbuster: returns to the land of the living; escapes
Obsession: remains in the underworld
Dr. Mist: weakened by Zatanna and then shot in the head by John Constantine
Blackbriar Thorn: sent back to the underworld
Lord Death Man: beheaded by Azrael
Hawkman: returns to the land of the living

The Trinity:

Batman: The Dark Knight has left Gotham City in the hands of Red Robin as he joins Superman and Wonder Woman in dealing with bigger threats

Superman: The Man of Steel has left Metropolis in the hands of Supergirl as he joins Batman and Wonder Woman in dealing with bigger threats.

Wonder Woman: Having returns to Earth, Wonder Woman has called Batman and Superman to aid her with bigger threats

Other allies:

Robin: Despite being left in Gotham, Damian Wayne has followed the Trinity in order to “escape” Alfred and Red Robin

Azrael: Jean Paul Valley continues to search for his true purpose

Zatanna: Zatanna is called by the Trinity to guide them to the underworld in order to retrieve a codex piece

John Constantine: A detective who also works as a demon-hunter, John seems like a bad guy thanks his attitude, but really wants to do good in his life

Etrigan: A friend of Bruce Wayne, Jason Blood’s soul is fused with the demon known as Etrigan; despite the conflicting personalities, the two are often in the role of heroes

The Kents: Jonathan and Martha Kent passed away recently; they are overjoyed to see Superman at least one more time.

The Waynes: In the underworld for so many years, Thomas and Martha Wayne are overjoyed to see their son grown up

Zeus: The chief god of Olympus; he gains a powerful respect for Superman

Hippolyta: The mother of Wonder Woman; she also serves as her teacher

Lara Lor-Van: Superman’s mother from Krypton; she admits to have been reluctant about the decision by Jor-El to send him to Earth due to the differences between it and Krypton. However, she is happy to see Superman grown up.

Jonah Hex: The bounty hunter from the old west; he spends much of his time chasing some of the villains who try to escape to the land of the living.

Lady Blackhawk: A fallen member of the Birds of Prey; she is taken back to Earth by the Trinity at the end of their trip to the underworld.

Barry Allen: Formerly the Flash; he is amused to hear of how Wally West is doing in his former role.

Justice Society: A team of superheroes who worked 30 years before Batman took up the cowl. The members are as follows: Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Flash (Jay Garrick), Hourman (Rex Tyler), Sandman (Wes Dodds), Hawkgirl (Shiera Sanders), Question (Vic Sage), Dr. Mid-Nite (Dr. Charles McNider), and Elongated Man (Ralph Dibny)

Hawkman: Carter Hall was killed by Amazo some time ago, but wants to return to Earth and continue fighting for justice


General Zod: The Kryptonian general forges a brief alliance with Ares, only to betray the god and go for Zeus.

Lex Luthor: Luthor briefly teams with Joker and Ares, though the two mortals eventually leave

Mr. Mxyzptlk: The imp from the 5th dimension challenges the Trinity to a few games, only to lose

Joker: Joker teams with Luthor and Ares, but eventually leaves

Solomon Grundy: Grundy is confirmed to be immortal, as he will revive each time his body is destroyed

Ra’s Al Ghul: The demon’s head unleashes Blackbriar Thorn in an attempt to achieve his goals, only to be defeated.

Ares: The god of war wants to rule Olympus

Hades: The god of the dead is determined to keep the Trinity in the underworld forever

Zsasz: A serial killer who marked his skin with a cut for each victim he killed. He took his own life some time ago, but wants to return and kill again.

Gentleman Ghost: James Craddock was a highwayman in the 1800s before he became a phantom. He’s the only one who doesn’t express a desire to return to Earth

Circe: A sorceress who died long ago; she wants to return to Earth

Branden: A former GCPD cop who later became a mob enforcer; he was killed by the Phantasm, but wants to return to life

Vandal Savage: A being who lived ever since the dawn of man; he wants to return to life

Deacon Blackfire: A mad religious leader who was devoured by the rodent servants of Ratcatcher; he wants to return to life and continue his “calling”

Blockbuster: A supersoldier who was given great strength at the cost of his intelligence; his only instinct is to return to life.

Obsession: Dana Dearden spends her time in the underworld chained in a cell; she still suffers from withdrawl to orange kryptonite, as she did when she died

Dr. Mist: A sorcerer who possesses immortality and incredible skills in illusion

Blackbriar Thorn: A priest who was somehow twisted into insanity by an evil force and can take the form of wood.

Lord Death Man: A mysterious man who has the power to put himself in a yoga trance that makes him appear dead; he also possesses the ability to regenerate himself and has apparently existed for centuries.
Appearance basing:

Superman: Superman Returns
Batman: Batman (1989)
Wonder Woman: Justice League
Robin: Son of Batman
Azrael: Arkham City
Zatanna: Smallville
John Constantine: Constantine (series)
Etrigan: The New Batman Adventures
The Kents: Superman (1978)
The Waynes: art from Arkham Asylum
Zeus: Superfriends
Hippolyta: Justice League
Lara Lor-Van: Superman (1978)
Jonah Hex: Jonah Hex
Lady Blackhawk: original comics version
Barry Allen: The Flash (1990)
Alan Scott: Earth 2 #3 (2012)
Jay Garrick: The Flash (2014)
Rex Tyler: Justice League Unlimited
Wes Dodds: Smallville
Shiera Sanders: Injustice Gods Among Us
Vic Sage: Justice League Unlimited
Dr. Charles McNider: Justice League Unlimited
Ralph Dibny: Batman the Brave and the Bold
General Zod: Superman II
Lex Luthor: Injustice Gods Among Us
Mr. Mxyzptlk: Superman the Animated Series
Joker: The Dark Knight but makeup clarity like Batman (1989)
Solomon Grundy: The Batman
Ra’s Al Ghul: Batman the Animated Series
Ares: Injustice Gods Among Us
Hades: Justice League
Zsasz: Arkham City
Gentleman Ghost: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Circe: Justice League Unlimited
Branden: Arkham Origins
Vandal Savage: Justice League Doom
Deacon Blackfire: Arkham Knight
Blockbuster: Young Justice
Obsession: costume based on the Superman Returns outfit, but incredibly torn
Dr. Mist: original comics version
Blackbriar Thorn: original comics version
Lord Death Man: Batman Incorporated
Hawkman: Smallville
The Trinity: World's Finest
This one has been a long time in the making, but I believe it's ready now.

The next outline will most likely be a Justice League story, along with ones for Suicide Squad and Power Girl.

Until then, enjoy this one
Members of Justice League: Dedicated Nine


After the events of Justice League: Blinding Light, several heroes strike off on their own.

Episode 1: Slow down
First appearances: Atom, Dwarfstar
Ray Palmer wants to relax after aiding the Justice League, but has to deal with an old foe
Villains: Dwarfstar

Episode 2: Return to Atlantis
First appearances: Aquaman, Fisherman
Aquaman returns to his underwater home, only to find it being attacked by Fisherman
Villains: Fisherman

Episode 3: New Training
First appearances: Wonder Woman, Hippolyta
Wonder Woman returns to her people for extensive new training.
Villains: (none)

Episode 4: Fate’s Tower
First appearances: Dr. Fate
Dr. Fate returns to his tower for study
Villains: (flashbacks to Blinding Light)

Episode 5: Dark image
First appearances: Cyborg, Grid
Cyborg is confronted by a being that has a connection to his past.
Villains: Grid

Episode 6: The Tornado Tyrant
First appearances: Red Tornado, Tornado Tyrant
Red Tornado takes on an enemy who has the same powers that he does.
Villains: Tornado Tyrant

Episode 7: Return of the Mirror Master
First appearances: Flash, Mirror Master
Wally West faces an old enemy of the original Flash back for revenge.
Villains: Mirror Master

Episode 8: Double Trouble
First appearances: Captain Marvel, Black Adam, Solomon Grundy
Captain Marvel faces his old enemy once again, but something is different this time.
Villains: Black Adam, Solomon Grundy

Episode 9: Beetles battle again
First appearances: Blue Beetle, Black Beetle
Blue Beetle faces his counterpart once more.
Villains: Black Beetle

Episode 10: The Bug-Eyed Bandit
First appearances: Bug-Eyed Bandit
An insect-like villain makes its presence known to Atom.
Villains: Bug-Eyed Bandit

Episode 11: The Awesome Threesome
First appearances: Awesome Threesome
Aquaman takes on a trio of new villains.
Villains: Awesome Threesome

Episode 12: Return of Giganta
First appearances: Giganta
Giganta returns and her powers have been restored somehow.
Villains: Giganta

Episode 13: The Sorcerers of Hate
First appearances: Felix Faust, Wotan
Dr. Fate’s two archenemies return for revenge.
Villains: Felix Faust, Wotan

Episode 14: The Old Cyborg Superman
First appearances: Cyborg Superman 2.0
An old model of Cyborg Superman goes on a rampage, which means trouble for Cyborg.
Villains: Cyborg Superman 2.0

Episode 15: The Thief of the Shadow
First appearances: Shadow Thief
A strange enemy challenges Red Tornado.
Villains: Shadow Thief

Episode 16: Invasion of Grodd
First appearances: Gorilla Grodd
Gorilla Grodd returns to Keystone City.
Villains: Gorilla Grodd

Episode 17: Ibac
First appearances: Ibac
A being inadvertently created by Captain Marvel seeks revenge on the hero.
Villains: Ibac

Episode 18: Rampaging Grundy
Third appearance of Atom
Blue Beetle is forced to fight Solomon Grundy, but he has help from an unlikely source.
Villains: Solomon Grundy

Episode 19: Clash of the Water Conquerors
First appearances: Black Manta
Aquaman finds his hands full with Black Manta and Fisherman at the same time.
Villains: Black Manta, Fisherman

Episode 20: Scratches
First appearances: Cheetah
Cheetah returns to cause trouble for Wonder Woman once more.
Villains: Cheetah

Episode 21: Return of Psycho-Pirate
First appearances: Psycho-Pirate
A villain thought to have been killed by the Suicide Squad reemerges on the scene.
Villains: Psycho-Pirate

Episode 22: Mechanical and Organic Muscle
Cyborg must stop Solomon Grundy from wrecking the city.
Villains: Solomon Grundy

Episode 23: Bloodrage
First appearances: Bloodrage
A mysterious being causes vampire-like activity, which perks Red Tornado’s interest.
Villains: Bloodrage

Episode 24: The Captain vs. the Cyborg
Captain Marvel battles against Cyborg Superman 2.0.
Villains: Cyborg Superman 2.0

Episode 25: Carapax Grid
First appearance: Carapax
Fourth appearance of Cyborg
An enemy of Blue Beetle emerges just as he helps Cyborg fight against Grid.
Villains: Carapax, Grid

Episode 26: Disgusting bugs
Atom is forced to deal with a bug infestation caused by an old enemy.
Villains: Bug-Eyed Bandit

Episode 27: Ocean’s fear
The Awesome Threesome team with Fisherman to kill Aquaman.
Villains: Awesome Threesome, Fisherman

Episode 28: War Zone
First appearances: Ares
Second appearance of Hippolyta
The God of War returns to get revenge on Wonder Woman once more.
Villains: Ares

Episode 29: Threat of Magic part 1
Last appearance of Felix Faust
Dr. Fate is cornered by three enemies at once
Villains: Felix Faust, Wotan, Psycho-Pirate

Episode 30: Threat of Magic part 2
Last appearance of Dr. Fate, Wotan, and Shadow Thief
Dr. Fate manages to defeat his three enemies, but not without going through a tough fight
Villains: Felix Faust, Wotan, Shadow Thief

Episode 31: Atom against two
Last appearance of Atom, Dwarfstar, and Bug-Eyed Bandit
Ray Palmer finally defeats Bug-Eyed Bandit, but Dwarfstar returns once again.
Villains: Bug-Eyed Bandit, Dwarfstar

Episode 32: Double Artificial Trouble
Last appearance of Cyborg, Grid and Cyborg Superman 2.0
Cyborg finds himself cornered by a pair of mechanical enemies.
Villains: Grid, Cyborg Superman 2.0

Episode 33: Speed of Emotion
Last appearance of Psycho-Pirate
Red Tornado must deal with Psycho-Pirate.
Villains: Psycho-Pirate

Episode 34: Frosty Mirror
First appearances: Captain Cold
Last appearance of Mirror Master
Just as Flash seems to be on the verge of defeat by Mirror Master, another enemy barges in.
Villains: Mirror Master, Captain Cold

Episode 35: Battle of the Three Titans
Last appearance of Ibac
Captain Marvel faces Black Adam, but the two are then pitted against Ibac.
Villains: Black Adam, Ibac

Episode 36: Futile Efforts
Last appearance of Blue Beetle, Black Beetle, and Carapax
Blue Beetle is locked into an all-out brawl with his two greatest archenemies.
Villains: Black Beetle, Carapax

Episode 37: Justice in the Deep part 1
Last appearance of Fisherman and Awesome Threesome
Aquaman has his work cut out for him when four enemies attack Atlantis at the same time.
Villains: Fisherman, Awesome Threesome

Episode 38: Justice in the Deep part 2
Last appearance of Aquaman and Black Manta
Aquaman and Black Manta have another duel.
Villains: Black Manta

Episode 39: Tornado Speed part 1
Fourth appearance of Flash
Last appearance of Tornado Tyrant
Red Tornado and Flash team up to defeat some of their big enemies.
Villains: Tornado Tyrant, Gorilla Grodd

Episode 40: Tornado Speed part 2
Fifth appearance of Flash
Last appearance of Bloodrage and Captain Cold
Gorilla Grodd teams with two other enemies in a desperate attempt to get the upper hand.
Villains: Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Bloodrage, Solomon Grundy

Episode 42: Tornado Speed part 3
Last appearance of Red Tornado, Flash, Solomon Grundy, and Gorilla Grodd
Red Tornado and Flash are incredibly close to defeating Gorilla Grodd
Villains: Gorilla Grodd, Solomon Grundy

Episode 43: Battle for the Mountain part 1
First appearances: Silver Swan
Third appearance of Hippolyta
Wonder Woman finds herself against a new enemy while chasing a trio of old ones.
Villains: Ares, Cheetah, Silver Swan, Giganta

Episode 44: Battle for the Mountain part 2
Last appearance of Cheetah and Giganta
Fourth appearance of Hippolyta
Wonder Woman manages to defeat half of the four enemies she faces, but can’t rest just yet.
Villains: Ares, Cheetah, Silver Swan, Giganta

Episode 45: Battle of the Mountain part 3
Last episode of Members of Justice League: Dedicated Nine
Wonder Woman finally defeats Ares and Silver Swan, then decides to reunite with a pair of trusted allies.
Villains: Ares, Silver Swan


Atom: alive
Blue Beetle: alive
Aquaman: alive
Wonder Woman: decides to reunite the Trinity
Dr. Fate: alive
Cyborg: alive
Red Tornado: alive
Flash: alive
Captain Marvel: alive
Hippolyta: remains in Olympus
Dwarfstar: crystallizes and shatters
Bug-Eyed Bandit: consumed by his own bugs
Black Manta: knocked unconscious and left in a block of ice; found by a LexCorp submarine
Awesome Threesome: imprisoned in Atlantis
Fisherman: imprisoned in Atlantis
Ares: chained in Olympus
Giganta: stripped of her powers by Ares
Silver Swan: arrested
Cheetah: arrested
Felix Faust: sealed in a crystal
Wotan: sealed in a crystal
Psycho-Pirate: arrested
Black Beetle: arrested
Carapax: arrested
Solomon Grundy: knocked out; recovered by LexCorp
Gorilla Grodd: thrown by a tornado to a desert island, but is found by a LexCorp helicopter
Mirror Master: trapped in a mirror that shatters
Captain Gold: arrested; released by an agent of LexCorp
Black Adam: left unconscious in the Sahara desert
Ibac: neck broken by Black Adam
Tornado Tyrant: arrested
Shadow Thief: trapped in a crystal
Grid: head ripped off
Cyborg Superman 2.0: incinerated
Bloodrage: arrested

Wonder Woman
Dr. Fate
Red Tornado
Captain Marvel
Blue Beetle

Atom villains:
Bug-Eyed Bandit: Bertram Larvan has the ability to control insects thanks to a special device he invented. He is also a genius in the field of robotics

Aquaman villains:
Black Manta
Awesome Threesome: A trio of robotic villains who cause a lot of trouble; their names are Torpedo Man, Claw, and Magnetor
Fisherman: Thought to have died awhile ago, Fisherman has returned once again

Wonder Woman villains:
Silver Swan: Helen Alexandros was transformed into Silver Swan by Ares, which gives her flight, super strength, and the ability to unleash sonic screams

Dr. Fate villains:
Felix Faust
Psycho-Pirate: Although thought to have died at the hands of the Suicide Squad, this villain has returned to cause trouble.

Blue Beetle villains:
Black Beetle
Carapax: Conrad Carapax created a robotic body in order to claim a fortune through crime. Obviously he didn’t count on fighting Blue Beetle

Flash villains:
Gorilla Grodd
Mirror Master
Captain Cold

Captain Marvel villains:
Black Adam
Ibac: Stanley Printwhistle somehow gained incredible powers (how is not shown), but uses them to destroy rather than help.

Other villains:
Solomon Grundy
Tornado Tyrant: Where Tornado Tyrant came from is unknown; all that is known is that it has the same powers that Red Tornado does
Shadow Thief: Carl Sands somehow gained the ability to transform into a shadow and draw energy from darkness.
Grid: A malevolent being created from the same technology Cyborg was
Cyborg Superman 2.0: Although thought to have been destroyed by Superman, this cybernetic clone of the Man of Steel has returned as powerful as ever.
Bloodrage: A being who has the ability to remotely drain blood from nearby people and convert it into energy that gives him superpowers.
Appearance Basing:

Atom: New 52
Blue Beetle: Smallville
Aquaman: Injustice Gods Among Us
Wonder Woman: Justice League
Dr. Fate: Young Justice
Cyborg: New 52
Red Tornado: Justice League Unlimited
Flash: The Flash (2014)
Captain Marvel: Justice League Unlimited
Dwarfstar: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Bug-Eyed Bandit: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Black Manta: Brightest Day #19 cover
Awesome Threesome: Aquaman cartoon
Fisherman: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Ares: Injustice Gods Among Us
Giganta: New 52
Silver Swan: Vanessa Kapatelis costume from the comics
Cheetah: Justice League Doom
Felix Faust: Batman the Brave and the Bold with a cape
Wotan: Young Justice
Psycho-Pirate: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Black Beetle: Young Justice
Carapax: original comics version
Solomon Grundy: The Batman
Gorilla Grodd: humanoid silverback gorilla
Mirror Master: The Batman
Captain Gold: The Flash (1990)
Black Adam: Injustice but with a black cape
Ibac: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Tornado Tyrant: think of Red Tornado in black colors
Shadow Thief: Justice League Unlimited
Grid: Cyborg’s appearance from Teen Titans with a terminator endoskeleton head
Cyborg Superman 2.0: Man of Steel with terminator endoskeleton patches
Bloodrage: original comics version
Members of Justice League Dedicated Nine
Another DC Universe outline with a title loosely based on Star Trek (instead of Deep Space Nine, it's Dedicated Nine)

These are getting harder to write as time goes on
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 thoughts:

Being a fan of the show, I am starting to wonder how other characters could be introduced. My thoughts are as follows.

This poses the biggest challenge, as many people don’t want to see her return at all (and considering how she was introduced, who can blame them). However, I have thoughts on how it could work.

First of all, the turtles meet her while on patrol; she’s fighting one of the lesser mutants (probably Snakeweed) and she gets hurt. After being saved, she convinces them to take her to the lair by showing that she’s a female turtle and she’s seen them before (flashback to the incidents with Slash and the fight with Mutagen Man), which Splinter is initially upset over but decides that Venus could be a good asset. It soon becomes obvious that she is equal (if not superior) in fighting skills, which she reveals comes from her living with a ninja trainer named Tatsu (a reference to the original live action films), who died sometime before.

Venus’ primary weapon is tonfa (homage to The Next Mutation), but she’s also able to use other weapons (scythes, whips, etc.). Her bandana is white and braided like The Next Mutation (but she admits blue is her favorite color)

The turtles and friends are divided over Venus in the following ways:

Leo: slowly grows fond of her (and is initially oblivious to her obvious interest in him) and believes she has a lot of potential

Don: doesn’t like Venus because she doesn’t have patience for his techno-babble and berates him for his crush on April (saying it will never work and stuff like that)

Mike: he trusts Venus because she was fighting one of their enemies (it’s the same reason he brought Leatherhead back to the lair) and she likes Ice-cream Kitty, although she is the only turtle in the group who doesn’t eat pizza (telling him either “no thanks” or “grow up” when offered)

Raph: Doesn’t trust her because she’s a stranger, and she makes him look foolish during sparring

April: their first meeting is a little shaky because Venus doesn’t trust humans (having been attacked by the Purple Dragons sometime before), but later patch things up.

Casey: drops a corny one-liner that earns him a punch in the face, so he doesn’t like Venus too much

Splinter: sees her as the possible difference between victory and defeat against the Shredder

At some point, Venus might become a villain and join Shredder’s side. However, she returns to the side of good when she is unable to kill Leo (plus she learns of how deep Shredder’s evil goes) Overall, Venus stays a hero despite the turtles being divided about her.


It’s only a matter of time before he does appear, so here’s what I think:
He enters the Turtles’ world via a wormhole and is soon attacked by the Kraang. He manages to escape and is found by the turtles after he’s injured by Chrome Dome. Mikey begs the others to bring the samurai rabbit back to the lair, but this time none of the turtles argue with this as Usagi is not as dangerous as Leatherhead.

Later on, Usagi reveals that he comes from a dimension that was home to humanoid animals. The turtles agree to help Usagi get home, although they are incapable of doing so because they don’t have a dimensional portal.

In the meantime, Usagi stays with the turtles, but often goes off to fight other mutants such as Snakeweed and Newtralizer. He also gets along with the turtles the following ways:

Leo: the two become strong friends and find out they work very well together

Don: Usagi doesn’t understand the techno-babble, but says nothing of it

Mike: he tries to teach Usagi the customs of everyday life as Usagi is unfamiliar with their world, but with subpar results

Raph: he respects Usagi, but is peeved with the samurai rabbit bests him in a sparring match

Splinter: he sees the samurai rabbit as a great ally

April: is a little intimidated by Usagi when they first meet, but gets over it after awhile.

Casey: says a corny one-liner and nearly gets his face sliced off

Alpha 1:
For those who don’t know, Alpha 1 is (in a nutshell) the rogue Foot Soldier from the 80s cartoon. For this one, this is how it could go:

Built by the Kraang, Alpha 1 gets struck by lightning during a storm and gains sentience. Turning against the Foot Clan, it runs into the turtles and saves them from Tiger Claw. Mikey names him Alpha 1 because “he’s the first of his kind, a Foot-bot that’s not totally evil” and also dubs it the “Anti-Foot Soldier”, which Alpha 1 actually agrees on.

The turtles are divided over Alpha 1 as follows:

Leo: Doesn’t trust it because of the potential danger

Don: wants to preserve Alpha 1 and learn from it in the hopes it will aid them against the Kraang.

Mike: originally wants to trust Alpha 1 (enemy of my enemy thing), but soon realizes it’s not friendly

Raph: just wants to destroy Alpha 1 like any other Foot-bot

Alpha 1 doesn’t go to the lair because even though it’s not on the side of the Foot, it doesn’t ally itself with the turtles; instead, the rogue soldier goes off on its own as a bounty hunter, capturing some of the more dangerous mutants. To differentiate itself from other Foot-bots, Alpha 1 wears a costume that resembles the Foot Soldier uniform from the classic series (but without the logo on its head).
TMNT 2012 future thoughts
Have been really busy and unable to work on anything, so here's something new

I'm a fan of the 2012 TMNT series

UPDATE: This will be updated as the show progresses

[Commando Outpost; ten days later; training deck]

Warp: The hornets are getting closer to accomplishing your goal of enslaving the universe.

Skull: And what of Zim?

Galaxia: He and the remnant of the old empire are still out there. We have yet to find them.

Skull: (groans) Double the search; we will capture them and destroy them on by one.

Warp: You are not pleased with ruling 95% of the universe with hope becoming smaller by the day?

Skull: In every experiment, there is one element that can disrupt the entire process; Zim is that element. I am sure of it.

Galaxia: Isn't said element impossible to control?

Skull: That is why it must be destroyed, and I will personally make sure it is done.

Warp: Sounds like you're getting obsessed with this "Zim".

Skull: (scowls) You have not fought him for as long as I have. Only after you have gone through the trials I did will you understand.

Warp: Perhaps you're right, or perhaps you're becoming a defective; one that I will have to dispose of in order to take my rightful place as leader.

Skull: You dare to challenge me?

Warp: Loyalty is nothing to me; all that matter is that I come out on top. (pulls out a rocket launcher) So maybe it's time for me to take my place in history.

Skull: (sighs) I hoped I wouldn't have to do this, but you leave me no choice. (summons two hornets, who capture Warp) I knew you would betray me; it was only a matter of time.

Warp: So you found me out? Am I supposed to be impressed?

Skull: Yet there is one thing I do know: you'll do anything to lead the commando forces to victory. That's why I'm saving you from your ambitions. (pulls out an X-2 inhibitor)

Warp: You really think your toy inhibitor can stop me? It will only make me stronger, and kill you with no regrets.

Skull: I know you wouldn't regret killing me; that's why this inhibitor will keep you on the mission I want. (connects it to Warp) Your ambitions will be purged, and you will be saved from your defective ways.

Warp: (obviously surprised) Wait; you can't do this to me!! I can prove that I'm loyal. I'll do whatever you want!! I swear!!

Skull: I know you will. (activates the inhibitor, causing Warp to scream for a few seconds before going silent) Now then, what is your objective?

Warp: (in a more emotionless voice) To serve Commander Skull and his goal of enslaving the universe.

Skull: Good; now get back to work.

(Warp salutes and leaves the room; outside, he tears the inhibitor off)

Galaxia: You don't happen to have another inhibitor, do you?

Skull: And why are you asking?

Galaxia: I feel another personality fighting inside me. I want it to end.

Skull: (hands Galaxia another inhibitor) There you go; this should eliminate whatever voice you're hearing.

Galaxia: Thank you, sir. (rushes to a storage area) Now I will end these illusions. (connects the inhibitor)

Tenn: (appears out of thin air) You can't do this.

Galaxia: It doesn't matter what you say; I intend to end you once and for all.

Tenn: You're betraying everything you stand for; everything you were trained to do.

Galaxia: What does it matter now? The old Irken Empire is nothing more than a fragment of its former self. Skull rules most of the universe now; and that's how it's going to be.

Tenn: Why can't you accept that I'm who you really are? Abandon Skull's forces and go back to the armada right now!!

Galaxia: Sorry, but you're not a part of me anymore.

(Galaxia activates the inhibitor, which causes Tenn to scream in agony and apparently be consumed by electrical surges; finally, she turns into a skeleton, which crumbles to dust that vanishes without a trace)

Galaxia: Goodbye forever; Invader Tenn.


[Eliminator; training room; three days later]

(Zim, Skoodge, Dib, Tak, Jeena, and Krack are seen undergoing vigorous training while Ven watches; Skrag is off to the side in target practice)

Dib: How much longer do we have to do this?

Ven: If you're going to fight commandos, you'll need to be at the top of your game.

Zim: I don't need this ridiculous training. I've beaten Skull before with no problem.

Skoodge: No problem? You nearly died several times against him. Need I remind you?

Zim: LIES!!!

Tak: (knocks Zim down) Always wanted to do that. (aims a gun at Zim's head) And now to finish you off.

Ven: HOLD!! (Tak looks up) This is not the time for revenge.

Tak: This was never about revenge. I should've been an invader. I should be the one who's fighting Skull's forces. I shouldn't be where I am now!!

Ven: Well I'm sorry to say this, but from the sound of it, you are after revenge. It seems even after being pardoned, you continue to harbor a grudge against Zim.

Tak: He took everything from me!! My mission, my place in the empire, everything!! Now that I think of it, he's the reason Skull killed me!! That blasted commando leader promised I could finish Zim off, but he ended up ripping me in half.

Krack: It was a fool's promise. Skull never planned to let you finish Zim off. He planned to do so himself from the beginning.

Skrag: I can vouch for that; Skull lied to you just as he did to Sizz-lorr, the Resisty, and Dib.

Jeena: How do you know that?

Skrag: I'd ask you the same thing, since you were supposed to be dead.

Skoodge: What difference does it make how anyone heard of it? The point is, Skull never planned to let Tak kill Zim.

Tak: Either way, I still deserve to kill him.


Tak: For the last time, I don't want anything to do with your so-called "robot bee". I want to finish you off once and for all!! (prepares to pull the trigger)

Ven: (fires a shot that knocks the gun out of Tak's hand) You obviously have too much anger against Zim.

Tak: (rubbing her hand) He deserves it!!

Krack: The moment you kill Zim, Skull will be after you.

Skrag: The robot is right. (ignores Krack's dirty look) Skull will come after you, just as he will for all of us eventually. I suggest you stay your killing hand for now.

(Tak doesn't answer, as she's still angry; instead, she leaves the training room)

Ven: It's probably better to let her cool off; now everyone, back to your training.



Bertram: How long until the repairs are complete?

Ram: (on monitor) Be glad progress is going as it is; the Eliminator took quite a pounding.

Bertram: (sighs) Fine, allow me to rephrase that; how long until we can take off?

Xorg: Once the engines are finished, we can get going. But the shields are still in heavy need of repairs.

Bertram: Just focus on the engines; we need to find Klaxx before Skull does.

Rusty: I thought Mace took off to do that himself?

Xorg: He did, but we have yet to hear back from him.

Bertram: Well, we need to get going anyways. We can't stay on this planet forever.

Rusty: Duly noted. (leaves with Xorg) You'd think we'd be off this world by now.

Xorg: It is a sadness. Skull's obviously stepping up his game. He was never this dangerous when he was being tested.

Rusty: I guess we underestimated his tactics. It wouldn't be the first time.

Xorg: (nods somberly) Well, nobody gained success without a few mistakes along the way.

Rusty: True; anyways, there are more important issues to worry about.

Xorg: Such as how to proceed once Skull is gone?

Rusty: Indeed; the universe is in a lot of trouble with the commandos still out there.

Xorg: So what do we do once we win?

Rusty: Well, we can't rebuild it as the Seekers would've wanted.

Xorg: Especially since they're all dead.

Rusty: (nods) We'll have to start again from scratch; put together a ruling council with members from each race.

Xorg: Not exactly the style of the old Irken Empire.

Rusty: We can't go back to the old ways; not since Irk was destroyed.

Xorg: (shakes his head sadly and sighs) So many lives lost.

Ram: (enters) Indeed it was.

Rusty: When did you get here? How much did you hear?

Ram: Enough; the destruction of Irk was the saddest day of my life.

Xorg: How would you know? You weren't there.

Ram: Yes I was.



(Ram is seen flying towards Irk when he notices the Massive firing its super laser weapon; the planet explodes in a massive fireball, while Ram looks on in horror)



Xorg: And you never said anything about that why?

Ram: We all have memories we wish to repress; that is one of mine.

Rusty: Well, once Skull is gone, we'll have a bright future ahead of us.

Xorg: Hopefully; it will rely on when Skull is defeated.

(Ram's wrist communicator starts to beep)

Ram: (activates radio) What is it?

Mace: (over radio) This is Mace; I found Klaxx on the planet Everz-4. Unfortunately, he's been captured by a rouge SIR unit.

Xorg: How can this get any worse?

Mace: (over radio) Oh, it's worse; Skull knows that Klaxx is here. The commando fleet is bombarding the planet with laser fire. Please assist.

Ram: (deactivates radio) Well, it seems we have to get going. (runs to the bridge) Klaxx is being held hostage on Everz-4. We need to assist.

Bertram: Very well then. (activates the radio) Boot up the shield generators, power up the engines, and everyone get to your stations. We leave immediately!!

(The Eliminator lifts off the planet and soars off into the skies)
IZ-Commando Evolution part 3
So here is the implication that Tak may be a threat in the future (how far into the future can only be assumed at this point)

Also, Galaxia is no longer haunted by the voice of Tenn, so we'll see how that plays out

The rescue will be shown in the next chapter

previous: IZ-Commando Evolution part 2

next: IZ-Commando Evolution part 4


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