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What happened last night?

Did I leave the water on?

Who came over to visit?

How long will this take to clean up?

What’s left to eat today?

And where’s the damn aspirin?
Something I cooked up for a class long about 2 years ago

just thought I'd share it

not giving "mature" because "damn" isn't really that strong
"You from around here?” the scruffy boy asked me as I sat down on the bench. I shook my head and replied, “I’m actually from Connecticut, but I hope to reach Los Angeles.” The boy seemed confused until he saw my briefcase, which read “Johnny Dee: comic” on the side. Then, he asked, “Why California?” I just chuckled and replied, “It’s for the lights of Hollywood. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. That’s what I hope to do; follow my dream of making people laugh.” The boy didn’t seem to believe me, so I started telling some of my jokes.

“20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. If Kevin Bacon dies, then the world is screwed.”

“An apple and a cheese block walk into a bar. The bartender says, ‘Sorry, we don’t serve food here.’ The cheese replies, ‘Well, that’s not Gouda.’ ”

“I finally found the sure way to lose weight; I bought a scale that lies.”

“So this guy asks, ‘What’s the best movie to fart in while watching it?’ I said “Godzilla.’ ”

“A guy walks into a bar and says he can jump off a building and survive. The guy jumps off the building and the air from the heat vents slow his fall. Another guy decides to try it and he dies. The bartender shakes his head and tells the first guy, ‘You know, you can be a real jerk sometimes, Superman.’ ”

After these jokes, the kid was rolling on the floor laughing until his face turned blue. With a wink and a smile, I hopped aboard the arriving train.
Random sketch 2
This is something I wrote for school a couple of years ago

the first sentence was the prompt and we were told to write from there

most of the jokes I had to look up on the internet; the one about Godzilla was told to me by a friend, while the one about the scale is from The Muppet Show
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Timeline

1973: Fredbear’s Family Diner opens; 1 animatronic (Fredbear) developed with the ability to walk around and interact with people.

Est. 1973-1983: Purple Guy kills child outside diner; the child’s spirit possesses a Fredbear doll. Springlock suits (Fredbear and Spring Bonnie) developed by “Phone Guy”, who also works as an instructor and possibly assistant manager.

Est. 1982-1983: New animatronics added (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy); a TV show (Fredbear and Friends) is planned, but scrapped days before it airs due to Fredbear Bite.

1983: A child is shoved into Fredbear’s mouth and dies soon afterwards, while the spirit in the Fredbear plush takes possession of the Puppet, who is yet to be introduced to the public; the child’s older brother and friends are later killed by Purple Guy, who wears the Spring Bonnie springlock suit.

Est. 1983: Due to child murders, malfunctions with Spring Bonnie and an incident at a “Sister Location” where a character named Circus Baby crushes a customer's head, Fredbear’s is shut down and the springlock suits discontinued

1987 part 1: Pizzeria reopened as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, with toy animatronics (Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, and Balloon Boy) replacing the older models.

1987 part 2: Purple Guy takes night shift, but the toy animatronics find him in their criminal database. After being switched to the day shift, Purple Guy deactivates the toys’ facial recognition systems to avoid being caught; this causes the toys to become hostile to adults.

1987 part 3: Purple Guy kills more children, this time wearing Golden Freddy. The spirits take possession of the older animatronics with help from the Puppet. Although Purple Guy is caught, the bodies are never found.

1987 part 4: After finishing 6 days, night guard Jeremy Fitzgerald is switched to day shift; during a party, the Mangle animatronic bites his frontal lobe, causing the toys to be scrapped while the older models are saved. Guard Fritz Smith is given the task of keeping an eye on the place for the night until the scrappers come to take the toys in the morning; Smith is fired for messing with the animatronics’ AI and smelling like either alcohol or tobacco (presumably).

Est. 1987-1993: The pizzeria reopens on a smaller budget; due to lower funding, repairs for Foxy are left incomplete, while the others are not always cleaned and develop a terrible smell over time; they are also not allowed to leave the stage. “Phone Guy” takes the night shift.

1993 part 1: “Phone Guy” is killed in a group effort by the animatronics and stuffed into either Golden Freddy or a spare head. Mike Schmidt is hired to replace him and works for one week.

1993 part 2: Mike is fired for “general unprofessionalism” (he spilled the pizzeria’s health violation cover-ups and the death of “Phone Guy” to the police), tampering with the animatronics (he valued his life more than his job), and odor (which came from the animatronics, not him) The pizzeria shuts down permanently after the franchise rights don’t attract buyers.

1993 part 3: Purple Guy escapes prison and returns to the pizzeria, where he dismantles the animatronics. The spirits inhabiting them chase him to the “safe room”, where he tries to hide in the Spring Bonnie suit. Due to him laughing and making sudden movements, the springlocks fail and kill Purple Guy, while the spirits move on to the afterlife.

Est. 1993-2023: Afton Robotics attempts to revive Circus Baby's Pizza World (the "Sister Location"), but are unable to fix problems with the animatronics; three technicians sent to do repairs are found dead (two by hanging and one by dismemberment).

2023 part 1: Rights to the Fazbear Franchise are purchased by a local amusement park, which plans to open an attraction called “Fazbear’s Fright” They find Purple Guy’s corpse in “safe room” and decide to use it.

2023 part 2: Purple Guy, reborn as Springtrap, becomes conscious and begins causing trouble for the employee working as the attraction’s security guard. The remaining child spirits, who haunt some of the props, make their presence known too, but are only able to cause electrical failures.

2023 part 3: Thanks to a barely-working arcade machine in the attraction, the guard for Fazbear’s Fright realizes that once the attraction officially opens, Springtrap will continue to kill people. With that in mind, the guard burns Fazbear’s Fright down, knowing the incident will be blamed on the bad wiring. The remaining spirits move on, while Springtrap is presumably incinerated.
Five Nights at Freddy's Timeline
This is not an official timeline; it's simply what I have to show after a lot of thought at how the pieces would fit together

Everyone has their own opinion of how the series plays out and Scott Cawthon has not released an official timeline either.

Until he does (when and if he does), enjoy my idea of what happens in the FNAF game series

update: added the events from "Sister Location"
Five Nights at Freddy’s 5: the Sister Location

This storyline is mostly my ideas along with the teasers for FNAF: Sister Location and elements from FNAF 1.


A year has passed since the events of the 4th movie. Nick and Jenny are still together and working at the reopened Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza as temporary day shift guards. The rights to the pizzeria franchise have been temporarily given to Jeremy Fitzgerald after John C. Franklin suddenly became gravely ill; although he’s still alive, the eccentric billionaire was rendered unable to run the restaurant himself. Helping Jeremy are Mike Schmidt and Fritz Smith aka Phone Guy; they continue to watch over the establishment they’ve come to enjoy, while the ghost of Frank Fazbear has “moved on.”

One day, while going through old documents from the franchise’s past, Nick finds a note regarding a “Sister Location” of which he has never heard of. Mike and Jeremy reveal that the only thing they knew of this “Sister Location” was that it was where springlock suits failed and killed multiple people, which caused the discontinuation of the existing suits. The animatronics have no knowledge of the “Sister Location” either, as it was most likely built “before we came to be.” However, Fritz Smith reveals that it was a location built in the early 80s that was testing new animatronics to possibly be used in Fredbear’s Family Diner (as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza didn’t open until 1985). However, the animatronics were never revealed to the public due to safety issues that couldn’t be fixed, along with a possible gas leak in the location (though he admits the latter was a cover story).

Nick shows a small interest in seeing what this “Sister Location” was like, though it’s shown that few others share his enthusiasm because of their previous experience with forgotten animatronics and Springtrap. However, upon asking Freddy and his friends, they suggest that the group “bring some lost friends home.” The group finally agrees, but only if the animatronics remain at the pizzeria, which is under renovations at the time. Although greatly disappointed, they reluctantly agree to do so.

The group is joined by Nick’s younger cousin Jimmy, as Uncle George has decided to remain at home. The “Sister Location” is revealed to be housed underneath what appears to be a long-since-closed industrial plant. After a ride underground on an open cage elevator, the group finds a laboratory that Jeremy notes “looks like it came straight out of Jurassic Park.” Nick manages to find the power and activates the entire place; by doing this, he also inadvertently reactivates the unproduced animatronics.

Around 3 am, the group hasn’t encountered the newly active characters yet. Nick talks about fixing the unproduced models and revealing them to the public. However, Fritz tries to convince him otherwise, saying they were “too dangerous for the general public.” Suddenly, the group encounters one of the unproduced characters, who goes on to introduce himself as Funtime Foxy. Jeremy initially mistakes the character for Mangle, but is told that “we’ve never had a ‘Mangle’ down here.”

Funtime Foxy goes on to introduce the group to the other three: Circus Baby (or Baby for short), Ballora, and Funtime Freddy. The four go onto perform their show, which earns them a good amount of applause from everyone but Fritz, who observes the show with caution and unease. Nick goes on to tell the unused characters of the plan to bring them to the pizzeria and perform for the public; as expected, the unused characters are shown to be greatly pleased at leaving their “prison” and doing “what we were supposed to do.”

Before leaving the “Sister Location”, Nick and his friends are pulled aside by Fritz, who repeats his ultimatum to leave the unused characters. This causes Jeremy to question why, which prompts the “Phone Guy” to lead the group to a computer and open a file on the unproduced characters. The results are horrifying; it’s shown that the “Sister Location” was supposed to be called “Circus Baby’s Pizza World”. However, mere days before it was to officially open, the unproduced characters attacked and killed a small test audience, which included Frank Fazbear’s sister Carly. These events, along with the Fredbear Bite, ended up giving franchise CEO Fredrick “Freddy” Fazbear a heart attack and forced him to not only close Fredbear’s Family Diner, but resign from directly running the franchise.

Nick is horrified by what he discovers and reluctantly agrees to leave the “Sister Location”. However, when the group reaches the elevator, it is shown that a key is required to activate the controls. Suddenly, they are attacked by Funtime Foxy, who forces the group to separate and flee through the facility. Jimmy runs to a storage closet, where he finds Ballora crying; she reveals that Baby and the others are the reason why they were never produced and intend to keep the group with them permanently, having set the exit to be blocked off at 6 am. Ballora goes on to lament how she never got to fulfill her dream of performing for children. Jimmy gains sympathy for the ballerina and promises to help her.

At the same time, Mike and Jeremy manage to reach the computer room; there, Mike looks up the design of the springlock suits out of curiosity. He finds that Patrick “Purple” Mann was on the design team for one of the unproduced characters, though the name and blueprints of said character are not listed. Jeremy instantly suspects that the murderer corrupted Baby and her friends much like he did the Puppet and toy animatronics, but Mike remains skeptical on the grounds that Mann didn’t start his killing spree until after the Fredbear Bite.

Around 5 am, Nick and Jenny manage to reach a phone room and manage to contact Freddy and the gang for help. Suddenly, they are captured by Funtime Freddy and brought to the stage, where Baby has already captured Fritz and Jimmy. She goes on to lament on how she and the other unproduced characters desperately wanted to perform for the public and how hard they worked to perfect their act, but were not allowed to do so, especially after the springlock suits were scrapped because of the deaths/injuries caused by them. Baby then goes on to admit that all four of the unproduced characters are springlock suits and that they were even more dangerous than Springtrap, as shown by parts of their costumes fluttering after sudden motions.

Nick attempts to reason with Baby, stating how he, Mike, and Jeremy will “fix you so you’re safe for people.” However, Baby accuses Nick of lying, just as Fritz had apparently done when he initially shut them down. Ballora then speaks up in an attempt to calm the clown girl, saying that “we can accomplish our dreams” if they agree to be fixed; this only prompts Baby to throw a tantrum and accuse the ballerina of being “worthless” and “against me the whole time.” Fritz then rants about how much trouble Baby was during testing and that she’s the one who is really worthless.

At this point, Baby starts crying angry tears and orders Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy to kill the group; suddenly, the doors to the room open to reveal Jeremy and Mike, who have recovered the elevator key; also accompanying them is Freddy and the gang, who manage to dispose of the Funtime counterparts, rescue the group, and leave Baby underneath a collapsed stage. However, Jimmy refuses to leave Ballora behind and convinces Nick and Jenny to go back to rescue her. They manage to do so, but Baby escapes from her confinement and chases after them, losing parts of her costume in the process because of her rage. By the time she manages to catch up with the duo on the elevator, half of Baby’s face is nothing more than an endoskeleton covered in bloodstains from long past.

Jenny is quickly knocked unconscious, but Nick manages to stop Baby from killing her, but breaks an arm in the process. Just before the clown girl is able to kill both of them, Jeremy jumps down from the roof and shoves a taser into Baby’s face. However, the animatronic manages to knock Jeremy off of the elevator to his apparent doom. Baby laughs about how she’s apparently won, but is answered by Jeremy, who hangs from a bar on the elevator’s bottom. At this point, a massive explosion rocks the elevator, causing Baby to lose her balance and fall until she grabs Jeremy, who quickly loses grip. Baby is seen screaming as she falls into the smoke, while the former guard seems to follow.

Nick and Jenny lament the death of their friend, but are suddenly interrupted by a grunting sound coming from below. Looking over the side of the elevator, they are relieved to find a badly injured Jeremy climbing a wire suspended from the elevator, while Baby is revealed to have fallen to her doom. Nick and Jenny manage to pull the former guard into the elevator, reach the exit, and escape. Soon afterwards, the industrial plant façade of the “Sister Location” bursts into flames.

Jeremy ends up nearly dying in the hospital because of his injuries, which include five broken ribs, a concussion, and a great loss of blood; his stay ends up being six months, but he manages to recover. Sadly, John C. Franklin ends up passing away in his sleep, leaving Mike, Jeremy, and Fritz in permanent control of the franchise. Nick and the others spend the time giving Ballora some well-deserved updates to her design so she can’t hurt anyone. Finally, the ballerina is ready to perform and, despite initial worries that nobody will like her, debuts with a good amount of public acclaim.

Later on, Nick meets with Jeremy at the pizzeria to discuss the future. As the two leave the office to watch the animatronics perform, Mike questions if “Purple” Mann corrupted Baby as he did the Puppet and the toy animatronics; Jeremy replies that “she corrupted herself.” Mike then wonders if “she could’ve been saved,” to which Fritz replies, “Perhaps some things are best left forgotten.”


Nick: At 25 years old, Nick has taken at job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza as a dayshift guard.

Jenny: Nick’s wife; she is not as happy at investigating the “Sister Location” as Nick is.

Jeremy Fitzgerald: The 55 year old former guard has recently become the acting owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza until John C. Franklin regains his health. Jeremy also has great mechanic skills that he learned while working in Franklin’s storage unit.

Jimmy: Nick’s 15 year old cousin; he has trouble making new friends, but easily bonds with the animatronics because of their kid-friendly personalities. He also forges a strong friendship with Ballora.

Mike Schmidt: Jeremy’s cousin; he acts as the voice of reason for the group while at the “Sister Location” and enjoys learning how his cousin has matured. He is now 54 years old

Fritz Smith: The old assistant manager of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and the one called “Phone Guy”.

Old animatronics:

Freddy: Leader of the Fazbear Band; he wants to help the “Sister Location” characters “come home”, but later realizes why they were scrapped. He’s not amused with Funtime Freddy’s design.

Bonnie: Guitarist of the Fazbear Band; he’s not as enthusiastic as Freddy is about the “Sister Location”, but goes along with it anyways. He’s also angry that his “Sister Location” counterpart is only a hand puppet

Chica: Backup singer of the Fazbear Band; she hopes that the “Sister Location” characters will be allowed to perform for real, especially after seeing how Balloon Girl turned out. In the end, she becomes friends with Ballora, but is shocked by how mean Baby is.

Foxy: The Pirate Fox is the only one truly against finding the “Sister Location” characters, as he thinks they will cause trouble like the Toy Animatronics and the Puppet. He is also shown to hate the design of Funtime Foxy, partly because of the resemblance to Mangle.

New Animatronics:

Baby: An animatronic in the form of a clown girl; although she seems cute and cuddly during performances, she is actually a spoiled brat who throws tantrums when things don’t go her way (or when people don’t stay in their seats) and blames Fritz for her not being produced.

Ballora: An animatronic in the form of a ballet dancer; although she seems graceful during her performance, offstage she is perpetually sad because she never saw the light of day (and she has to deal with the other unproduced characters) and cries almost all the time. She’s the only “Sister Location” character who is actually nice.

Funtime Freddy: An unproduced Freddy prototype; he appears to be silly and fun-loving, but is also incredibly violent and often berated by a Bonnie hand puppet who is much smarter than he is. His head is busted open by Bonnie and is finished off by Freddy

Funtime Foxy: An unproduced Toy Foxy/Mangle prototype; he seems happy and upbeat, but often twitches because of lunacy, which hides his violent nature. He follows Baby mainly because he’s too insane to know any better. Parts of his head flutter after sudden movements and his eyes don’t always face forward. His head is ripped off by Foxy


Balloon Boy: Balloon Boy is seen briefly at the beginning and end of the film; he takes a shine to Ballora at the end

Balloon Girl: Balloon Girl is seen briefly at the beginning and end of the film; she takes a shine to Ballora at the end

Uncle George: Nick’s retired 68 year old uncle; he is mentioned to have opted out of another adventure, but appears at the end to welcome Ballora to the public.

Bidybab: Small animatronics that were supposed to dance with Baby when she’s performing; a pair of them are seen in the closet where Ballora hides, their heads detached from their bodies

Minireena: Small animatronics that were supposed to dance with Ballora when she’s performing; scraps of a few are seen in a box kept in the closet where Ballora hides


Fredrick “Freddy” Fazbear: The man who created the Freddy Fazbear franchise. It’s mentioned he planned to launch a TV show called “Freddy and Friends”, but abandoned the project after Fredbear’s Family Diner closed down.

Carly Fazbear: The young granddaughter of Fredrick “Freddy Fazbear”; she ended up being killed by Baby in what was labeled a “springlock failure”.

Patrick “Purple” Mann: A child murderer who caused the infamy that plagued Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza; he is shown to have helped design one of the characters, but it’s not mentioned which one

John C. Franklin: The eccentric billionaire who owns the rights to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza; he has recently become gravely ill. Therefore, he’s given the rights to the pizzeria over to Jeremy until he either recovers or dies.

Frank Fazbear: Fredrick “Freddy” Fazbear’s grandson and one of the previous owners of the franchise. He is mentioned as having “moved on” some time ago.

Original songs:

1. Welcome new friends: sung by Baby and the unused animatronics to welcome Nick and his friends to the “Sister Location”

2. Abandoned: sung by Ballora about how she and the others were scrapped

Copywrited songs:

1. Personality: written by Lloyd Price; Ballora sings and dances to this for her performance.

2. Far Cry: written by Rush; heard on Nick’s radio as he arrives at the pizzeria in the intro

3. Left Behind: written by DAGames; used in the end credits

Rating: R (violence, creepy imagery, and language)
Five Nights at Freddy's 5 film ideas
And here is the 5th outline for my FNAF movie series idea.

Just to clarify, I wrote this before the game came out; after it did, I wrote a 6th outline, which will be added later.

Hope you enjoy.
[Commando Planet; bridge]

Skull: So the armada has decided to play their hand. Good; this means we're ahead of schedule.

Warp: I can hardly wait to slice more throats.

Skull: Save your bloodlust; you'll need every bit of it against the enemy, which is why I'm giving you this. (shows a hologram of a Frontline BattleMech painted black)

Warp: (chuckles) This is going to be good.

Galaxia: What about me?

Skull: The Megadoomer in the hanger should be fine for you.

(Warp and Galaxia salute before running off; meanwhile, Skull observes the passing stars)

Skull: I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Soon, I will have no more obstacles in my quest to rule the cosmos.

Hornet 1: (enters the room) Commander Skull, hornet 129 has been terminated. The inhibitor has been deactivated.

Skull: So 129 is dead?

Hornet 1: It is suspected that 129 has been freed from its hornet programming.

Skull: Well it doesn't matter now; once the old Irken Armada is destroyed, we'll hunt down any rogue commandos.

Hornet 1: Probability of rogue hornets causing trouble is over 50%.

Skull: If they do aid the armada, then they'll die with them. Now go join the defense fleet.

Hornet 1: I obey. (marches out)


[Space; the battlefield]

(the Eliminator and Freedom charge forward, blasting everything that gets in their way; commando destroyers swarm the flagships, but are shot down one by one thanks to the voot cruisers and spittle runners protecting them)

Skrag: No problems here; how long until we launch the boarding crew?

Bertram: (over radio) We need to get closer to the station; if we launch them now, they won't make it.

Jeena: (over radio) Well, the shields won't hold up under so much stress; energy currently at 82% power.

Skrag: Great; that just gives me more carnage. (takes down two battleships by himself) And that's why I was the Air Commander.

Ram: (over radio) Enough with the showboating; concentrate your fire on defending us.

Lard Nar: (over radio) Easy for you to say; this ship is getting pounded every second.

Skrag: (groans) I'm heading in your direction now. How long until the boarding crew is ready?

Bertram: (over radio) They're in the hanger now, but we won't be in range for another ten minutes.

Skoodge: At this rate, we'll be slag in ten minutes!!


[Commando Planet; command center]

Skull: Battle report.

Hornet 1: (on monitor) Our forces have diminished by 20%.

Skull: Prepare the turbolasers; we can't let them get through.

Hornet 1: (on monitor) We obey.

Skull: (switches the monitor off) This is not going as planned.

Hornet 2: Analysis of opponent's strategy is now complete and there is a danger. Shall we keep a ship in reserve?

Skull: Send out the ring cutters; they should buy us some time.

Hornet 2: I obey. (marches off)

Skull: (activates radio) Warp, are you and Galaxia ready?

Warp: (over radio) Ready and waiting, sir.

Skull: Excellent; I suspect they will try to infiltrate Commando Planet.

Warp: (over radio) You sure about that?

Skull: Positive.

Warp: (over radio) Okay then, over and out.


[battleground; Eliminator]

Bertram: Status report.

Ram: Shields are now down to 65%.

Bertram: (groans) Then we have no choice; launch the boarding ship!!

Xorg: But sir, we're not close enough. They won't be able to make it back of something goes wrong.

Bertram: What other choice to we have? (Ram raises his hand) Other than retreating? (Ram puts his hand down)

Xorg: But what if they can't return?

Bertram: They'll have to think on their feet then. (coughs)

Ram: Very well then. (activates radio) Launch boarding craft; it's now of never.


[outside the Eliminator]

(a smaller craft speeds away from the giant flagship; protecting it are two voot cruisers piloted by SIR units)

Ven: (in the cockpit) It's not going to be an easy trip, so get ready for anything.

Krack: Activating balance servos.

(the ship flies through the battlefield, dodging several laser blasts along the way; finally, a shot damages the ship and it begins to lose altitude)

Ven: Damage taken to the power generator; get ready to crash!

(the ship manages to fly into a hanger, skittering to a stop in front of a Massive-like flagship; the crew disembarks looking a little shaken, but not hurt)

Mace: We'll have to get a new ship when we escape.

Klaxx: Shouldn't be too hard to find one; this hanger is gigantic!!

(the hanger is shown to be at least ten stories tall, with several destroyers hanging from the ceiling)

Dib: How do they get this guys flying without crashing?

Mace: They're lowered to the ground before takeoff. I would think you of all organisms would know that.

Ven: Enough talk; we have a mission to accomplish.

Krack: Enemy mech units approaching at high speed.

(Warp and Galaxia burst into the hanger driving their battle machines)

Warp: Prepare to be extinguished!!

Ven: Scatter!!

(the group disperses while the two commandos fire missiles all over the room, trying to kill them; in under a minute, a large amount of debris is lying on the floor)

Krack: Activating long range mode. (fires two missiles that hit Galaxia's power cell)

Megadoomer computer: Warning; damage critical. Self-destruct in twenty seconds.

Galaxia: Damn it; looks like I'll have to do this on foot. (jumps out and engages in battle with Ven and Dib just as the Megadoomer explodes)

(Krack fires a missile that destroys one of the legs for Warp's machine, causing it to tumble over and explode; Warp manages to escape while the sentries aiding him are mowed down by Mace and Klaxx)

Warp: You'll pay for that!! (begins dueling with Krack, only to be cut off by Ven) Stay out of this; I have a robot to destroy.

Ven: (fires a shot that barely misses the target) Why waste your time working for Skull?

Warp: Fool; I am not loyal to Skull. (dodges two more shots) I intend to delete him and take my rightful place as leader. Then I will crush you all one by one.

Mace: (hits Warp from behind) You betray Skull just to continue his work?

Warp: (knocks Mace down) Loyalty means nothing to me; all I care about is ending up on top. Every sentient commando general wants to be the king; they only fake loyalty until a chance arrives.

Klaxx: (hits Warp in the shoulder) Then what do you make of Kaine then?

Warp: (blasts Klaxx down) He was too stupid to rule and he knew it. That's why he brought Skull back. There is no such thing as loyalty.

Ven: (blasts Warp against a voot cruiser) Then you're just like Zim was; a defective who only cared about himself.

Warp: (groans as he stands) It's every sentient being for themselves in the universe; nothing can change that.

Ven: Then you leave me no choice. (fires a bizarre weapon that doesn't seem to do anything to Warp when it hits him)

Warp: Was that supposed to kill me? (laughs) You're an idiot.

Ven: Look at your hand.

(Warp looks at his hand and sees that it's melting; screaming in rage, Warp turns into an oily black substance that melts into a puddle, leaving only a mangled skeleton)

Mace: What was that thing?

Ven: It's a little something that I built earlier; it causes one's body to degenerate at an accelerated rate. Fortunately it only had one shot. (looks around) Where's Zim?

Klaxx: He must have run ahead to find Skull.

Ven: Go after him; something tells me he'll need help.

(Mace and Klaxx run in the direction of where Zim went; meanwhile, Dib and Galaxia continue to fight until the latter collapses)

Dib: Come on; fight it.

Galaxia: (coughs) W-what?

Dib: Tenn, I know you hear me.

Galaxia: (blasts Dib in the stomach) There is no Tenn, only Galaxia.

Dib: (tries to get up, but can't) You're lying; fight the programming.

Galaxia: That won't help you even if it could; Tenn has been deleted from my data. There is only Galaxia now. (grabs Dib by the throat) Now to finish you off once and for all!!

Dib: (manages to kick Galaxia off him) I don't believe you. I know there's good in you.

Galaxia: (stabs Dib in the shoulder) I killed Tenn; she no longer exists. (slashes Dib on the stomach) You're an incompetent big-headed imbecile and that's all you'll ever be.

Dib: (starts fighting back tears) My head's not big, and Tenn's still alive.

Galaxia: No she's not; I killed her!! I am all that is left!! (grabs Dib by the throat) Now die as she did. (begins choking him)

(As he begins to pass out, Dib sees a button on her inhibitor marked "self-destruct; with tears beginning to fall, he pushes the button; within three seconds, Galaxia's inhibitor explodes, leaving her bleeding on the floor)

Dib: (breathing heavily) left me no choice.

(Dib falls to his knees and begins crying; Ven goes over and places a hand on the human's shoulder)

Ven: I'm sorry.

Dib: No. (sniffs) She was right; Tenn's gone.

Krack: Detecting several injuries on both of you; retreat heavily suggested.

Ven: (helps Dib to his feet) You're right; we need to get out of here now.

Dib: But what about the others?

Ven: (leads the other two into a spittle runner) They'll have to manage alone.

(the ship takes off and flies back to the Eliminator)
IZ-Commando Oblivion part 2
With this chapter and the deaths of Warp and Galaxia, the countdown to the destruction of Skull's forces on the horizon. Or is it?

The only way to know for sure is to wait and see what the next part will bring.

Note: found out that I posted part 1 twice; corrected the error

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