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My DC Universe:

History starts:

• Justice Society
• Green Lantern: Guardians of the Cosmos (beginning)
• Batman: Dark Knight (beginning)
• Superman: Man of Steel (beginning)
• Green Hornet (beginning)
• Robin and Batgirl: Training Days
• Members of Justice League
• Green Lantern: Guardians of the Cosmos (ending)
• Justice League: Defenders of Earth
• Green Hornet (ending)
• Batman: Dark Knight (ending)
• Superman: Man of Steel (ending)
• Azrael: Lone Warrior (beginning)

History rewritten:

• Justice League: Shadows Fall
• Superman: Man of Steel 2
• Batman: Dark Knight 1B (beginning)
• Seven Soldiers of Victory (beginning)
• Teen Titans: Young Justice League
• DC Meets Mortal Kombat
• Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton
• Suicide Squad: Last Resort
• Superman: Man of Steel 3
• Batman: Dark Knight 1B (ending)

Quest for the Codex:

• Green Lantern: Search for the Codex
• Members of Justice League: Voyagers
• Birds of Prey: Justice Mistresses
• Justice League: Blinding Light
• Seven Soldiers of Victory (ending)
• Superman: Man of Steel 4
• Batman: Dark Knight 1C
• Members of Justice League: Dedicated Nine
• Suicide Squad: When all else fails

Spilled Blood

• Power Girl: Flying High
• The Trinity: World’s Finest
• The Outsiders (beginning)
• Justice League: Scars of Betrayal
• New Gods
• Superman: Man of Steel 5
• Batman: Dark Knight 1D

Rise from the Ashes

• Teen Titans: Heroes of Tomorrow
• Suicide Squad: Fire Away
• Birds of Prey: Silent Claws
• Green Lantern: The Invasion
• Members of Justice League: Discoveries
• Justice League International
• Teen Titans: Future Hope
• The Outsiders (ending)
• Batman Incorporated
• Green Lantern 4

Falling Arches

• DC Meets Mortal Kombat 2
• Justice League: Divided
• Superboy: Quest for Truth
• Batman and the Outsiders
• Members of Justice League: Enterprisers
• Justice League: Cosmic War
• Azrael: Lone Warrior (ending)
• Batman: Dark Knight 1.5

The Next Generation of Heroes

• Batman: Dark Knight 2.0 Batman Beyond
• Metal Men: Elemental Heroes
• Justice League: Revived
• Superman: Man of Steel 6
• Batman: Dark Knight MK 3
• Members of Justice League: the Next Generation
• Booster Gold: Time Traveling Hero

Hostile Future

• Judge Dredd

Alternate Universes:

• Batman Flashpoint
• Parallel Worlds
• Earth 2
My DC Universe timeline
After submitting several outlines for my DC universe, I decided it would help if I added a timeline to go with them. This will help in knowing which happens when.

Just to be clear, several of the outlines on the list have yet to be posted or even written yet. They will be added overtime.

Update: the outline for the timeline has been changed, and this is how it's going to go
[Foodcourtia, a slow day at work]

Sizz-lorr: Hey you two! (Points to Skoodge and Dib) Get back to work! MOVE IT!!! (Goes outside)

Skoodge: I can't believe this: first we have to deal with an almighty tallest back from the dead, and now we slave under THAT monster.

Dib: At least YOU don't have to clean the toilets.

Skoodge: Wasn't that Zim's job?

Dib: Yeah, but all he's done is sulk over at table three.

????: Having a tough time?

(Dib and Skoodge turn to see an irken dressed in a long black coat that's covered in stitches)

Skoodge: Why do you care?

Stranger: Seems to me that you're in a real problem.

Dib: Yeah, those Irken Commandos shot us out here.

Stranger: Did you say Irken Commandos?

Skoodge: Why do you want to know?

Stranger: Because I helped design them. You see, at the time of Miyuki's apparent death at the hands of a monster, my partner and I were working on engineering Irken super-soldiers. Sadly, I had to pull out when my partner started capturing other invaders, killing them, and reprogramming their PAKs.

Skoodge: Then, the commandos are all former invaders?

Stranger: All except for Skull and Jeena; they were the only ones that were built completely from scratch.

Dib: Then who were the victims?

Stranger: Durge's has the PAK of Almighty Tallest Spork, which somehow survived the digestion process. Vane has the PAK of Invader Larb.

Skoodge: But he was sent to the world with the most comfortable couch.

Stranger: Yes, but the Tallest launched him into space after he apparently refused to entertain them.

Dib: What idiots.

Skoodge: Then, the rest is obvious: your partner found him as he was drifting through space.

Stranger: Correct.

Zim: (in a somber tone) She's gone now. Durge vaporized her.

Stranger: What's wrong with him?

Skoodge: He found out he had been lied to about his mission.

Stranger: I see. Well, I can't say I sympathize with you, but I offer my apologies all the same.

Skoodge: Why are you being nice? Usually, irkens are hostile and unforgiving.

Stranger: Then, consider me a different irken. I never really fit in with the entire race anyway.

Dib: What's your name anyway?

Stranger: I don't know truthfully. My name has been lost to the winds of time, along with a few other things.

Dib: And those few other things are?

Stranger: Mainly my ability to feel pain, my right hand (holds up his right arm, which shows a mechanical hand), and all of my PAK's abilities, except the ones that keep me alive. Why do you ask?

Dib: Curious, that's all.

Stranger: Well, I must be going then. (stands up) Perhaps I'll see you again one day. (Leaves)

Skoodge: What an unusual customer.


Skoodge: Yes sir!

Sizz-lorr: Oh by the way, you have a gift. (Throws a giant turkey onto the table) I want you three to clean up and get ready for tomorrow. The Foodening is only a few days away. See you slaves tomorrow. (Leaves)

Dib: What's the Foodening?

Zim: It's a time when there's so much snacking, the planet's gravity becomes that of a black hole, so there's no escape from the planet.

Dib: We need to get out of here!

Skoodge: How? We don't have a ship and Sizz-lor installed cameras all over so we can't leave.

Zim: Then, there's no hope for us.

Dib: (turns to the turkey) Well, we might as well eat this now.

(Turkey explodes)

Gir: It's me! I was the turkey all along!

Zim: So you came all the way here as a turkey?

Gir: I was the turkey! Me!

Zim: Yes, so you were. Now then, do you have something to get us out of here?

Gir: I got chocolate bubblegum.

Skoodge: That won't help!

Zim: GIR! Get us out of here!

Gir: (flashes red) YES SIR! (pulls out an air horn and blows it)

(A large ship crashes through the building)

????: Somebody called?

Zim and Skoodge: Invader Tenn!

Tenn: Yes, it's me. This blue SIR unit broke me out of the prison on Meekrob and told me about your predicament, so I have no choice but to help.

Skoodge: Less talking, more getting us out of here!

Tenn: Okay then, everybody in.

Dib: But what about the fry cook guy?

Tenn: (throws out a bomb) That should be enough.

(Everybody get in the ship)

Tenn: Where to?

Dib: Earth, and step on it!


[Space, the Massive, somewhere around Mars]

Scientist: Soon, we will arrive at Earth.

Durge: Yes, I can't wait to see the planet go up in flames.

Vane: Save some humans for me to blow up, will you?

Miyuki: Don't worry, there will be plenty for you to destroy.

Durge: And if Zim and his friends try to stop us?

Scientist: If they even managed to escape from Foodcourtia, they can't stop us from accomplishing our victory.

Vane: And if they try?

Miyuki: Then you commandos will blast them out of the sky!

Tak: (Turns to Skull, Durge, and Vane) If this happens, leave Zim to me! I've wanted to destroy him for a long time.

Skull: Your vendetta will be satisfied soon enough.

(warning siren)

Miyuki: Seems that Zim and his friends ARE trying to stop us.

Scientist: Commandos, get to your ships! I'll meet up with you later.

Tak: (activates wrist radio) Mimi! Meet me at the ship!

Skull: There will be NO mercy!


[Space, outside the Massive]

Tenn: Okay guys, I'm dropping you all off here.

Skoodge: That's right, and thanks again.

Tenn: No problem.

(Zim, Skoodge, Dib, and Gir take off in a smaller ship, while Tenn goes to warp speed and leaves)

Zim: The enemy will bow to ZIM!

Dib: Shut your mouth for once: we've got enemies coming in.

(The Irken Commandos fly towards the heroes' ship)

Skull: We have them now! Durge, destroy their ship.

Durge: You got it! (Fires laser cannons at the hero ship)

Dib: They're firing at us!

Skoodge: Wait! I have an idea. (Aims harpoon cannon at Durge's ship, fires, and watches the spear ram Durge's ship)

Durge: Darn it, that shot caused me to hit the warp button! (Durge's ship vanishes)

Skull: (groans) Vane, finish them off!

Vane: You got it. (Flies over the Heroes' ship)

Skoodge: He's gaining on us!

Dib: Wait, why isn't he firing?

Vane: (shudders uncontrobably)


Vane: (silently shuddering)

Skoodge: What's he doing?

Vane: (stops shuddering) ZIM, GO!

Skull: VANE, DO IT!

Vane: I'm not Vane, I'm Larb, and I fight for the armada! (turns his ship around and crashes it into Skull's)

Skull: VANNNNNNEEEEEEE! (Spins out of control towards Earth, taking Tak's ship with it)

(Vane's ship explodes, and Vane is seen drifting near the heroes' ship, his attachments falling off, showing he has become Larb again)

Dib: He bought us some time.

Skoodge: Look! (points at two other ships flying towards them)

Scientist: You may have shot down the Commandos, but I'm still here.

Miyuki: Stand down, soldier, this is my battle.

Scientist: No, you'll die!

Miyuki: SHUT UP! (speeds up and fires at the heroes' ship)

Zim: Skoodge, take the wheel! (jumps onto the gunner seat)

Skoodge: What are you doing?!

Zim: Just fly!

(Skoodge flies the ship towards Earth while Miyuki closes in)

Zim: Long live the Almighty Tallest. (Fires missile launcher)

Miyuki: ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMM (Ship explodes and the pieces burn up on reentry into the atmosphere)

Scientist: MASTER, NOOOOOOO!!!!!

(Heroes ship fly towards the junkyard and crash-land there)


[Earth, the junkyard]

Dib: We're home!

Skoodge: At least the Commandos are gone.

Scientist: (crawls out of rubble) You...are PAY!!!! (Fires handgun at Zim)

Zim: (runs behind a broken car)

Scientist: You can't hide forever!

Gir: (flies at Scientist and knocks him over)

Scientist: (fires shock rifle and knocks Gir out of the sky)

Skoodge: (grabs the Scientist's PAK and rips it off)

Scientist: My PAK! Give it back, fool!

Skoodge: You lose, defective irken! (throws the Scientist's PAK on the ground and crushes it under his feet)

Scientist: No matters! I'll see you die before I do. (fires handgun again)

Zim: (grabs a blade lodged in the garbage and runs towards the scientist)

Scientist: (turns around) What?!

Zim: I AM ZIMMM!!! (Stabs the Scientist through his chest)

Scientist: (gasps for breath) There will mercy. (Falls to the ground dead)

Dib: Now it's over. I suppose that Zim will go back to trying to conquer the Earth

Zim: Actually, now that the Tallest are dead and my mission is a fake, I no longer feel like conquering your FILTHY world. Besides, it's not as filthy as I originally thought.

Dib: So you're leaving now, right?

Zim: No, I believe that I'll stay here for a while. (Leaves for his base along with Gir and Skoodge)

Dib: (smiles) Good luck, Zim.


[Earth, on top of a building]

Skull: Creator, no. (prepares to attack)

Tak: (pulls up in her old ship) Not to call you a coward, but sometimes, cowards manage to survive.

Skull: This isn't over. (Turns around and enters Tak's ship, which flies off into space.)


[Irk, the Control Brain room]

Control Brain: You are hereby known as Almighty Tallest Durge.

Irken population: (cheers)

Durge: It's good to be the king.
IZ: Irken Commandos part 4
The final chapter in Irken Commandos. The scene with Vane/Larb was a homage to Tron Legacy where Rinzler becomes Tron again. Enjoy

update: changed a line that sounded stupid

Part 3: IZ: Irken Commandos part 3
[Space; nearing a service outpost]

(the extensively damaged Eliminator touches down on the service platform; the crew disembarks to begin repairs and refueling)

Bertram: We might need a new coat of paint as well.

SIR unit: Yes sir, we obey.

Ram: I swear; this tub has survived enough firepower to destroy the Massive.

Xorg: Duly noted, but remember that we added several upgrades to its original design. In fact, we were lucky to find one of these in active service considering most of them are destroyed.

Bertram: I suppose, but I fear it may not last much longer at this point.

Rusty: (helps five SIR units connect the fuel lines) Well, if and when that happens, hopefully the Massive 2000 will be complete by then.

Skoodge: And yet you haven't started working on it.

Ram: We'll start as soon as the commandos are finished.

Mace: Here's hoping. (runs to the restroom)

Bertram: (notices Tak walking out flexing her new mechanical arm) So how's the prosthetic?

Tak: Not sure why Ram had to cut the rest of my arm off to do this, but I guess it will have to do.

Ram: The arm was burned by acid; it was either live with a stump for an arm or just cut the arm off and connect a prosthetic one.

Tak: Well, thanks anyways.

(a service worker wearing a visor helmet walks up to the Eliminator; it raises its visor to show it's an Irken)

Ram: Sting? Is that you?

Sting: It's good to see you again; I only wish I had good news.

Xorg: It can't be that bad.

Sting: Skull's got control over virtually the entire universe.

Bertram: Well, it's nothing we're unaccustomed to.

Ram: Excuse me; I'll be right back. (runs back inside the Eliminator)

Sting: I see your vessel is in poor condition.

Xorg: It was a missile strike; we were lucky the ship was able to still fly.

Mace: (returning from the restroom) You've got that right; at this point we'll be lucky if we even get to fire a shot at Skull.

Sting: Better hurry; word is that he's preparing a superweapon codenamed "Commando Planet"; it's some kind of battle station.

Mace: I don't recall Skull building something with that name.

Bertram: (seeing Sting's confused look) Mace was sent back in time to stop Skull.

Sting: I see. (turns to Mace) Out of curiosity, anything about me in the future?

Mace: Not sure; if I had to guess, you died sometime before the war ended.

Sting: (a little disappointed) Well, the future is not set, so I guess we have time to fix that.

Klaxx: (dragging a damaged part to the garbage disposal area) I disagree; you probably died sometime after Skull won. There were plenty of rogue commandos by the time Skull won.

Xorg: What happened to them?

Mace: If anything, they were either killed by commando forces or drowned in their own blood.

Klaxx: I didn't think they killed each other that much.

Mace: Fear is a basic emotion; it leads us to do crazy things.

Krack: (flies in) Are we forgetting that the flagship needs repairs?

Bertram: We're working on it.

Rusty: I wonder what Ram's doing.


[Eliminator; storage room]

Ram: So any other suggestions on what to do next?

CCB: (in Zoid's voice) Perhaps you should call the Resisty and ask them to help.

Ram: What if they were already caught?

CCB: (changes to Starstorm's voice) They shouldn't be; commando prisoner reports don't describe them yet.

Ram: Okay, I'll give them a call. Anything else I should do?

CCB: (changes to Spork's voice) Reach out to any Meekrob still alive; we need all the help we can get.

Ram: I would like to point out that we may not be successful with that seeing that Meekrob was destroyed, but it couldn't hurt to see if any still live. Thanks for the advice.


[Commando Planet; passing a red star]

Skull: What is the progress now?

Galaxia: The universe is ours; hope has become nearly non-existent. Not to mention this station is a symbol of our power on many planets.

Warp: Excellent news; our victory sounds like it's complete.

(Skull groans)

Galaxia: You're troubled by something in the midst of victory?

Skull: As long as Zim is still out there, my victory will never be complete.

Warp: I'm sorry to repeat this, but it sounds like you're obsessed with him.

Skull: Anything else you need to say? (Warp shakes his head, followed by Skull summoning two hornets) Take him to the upgrading chamber.

Hornet 1: We obey.

(Warp is dragged out of the room)

Galaxia: Maybe this is destiny.

Skull: What exactly are you saying?

Galaxia: Maybe your purpose in life is to be Zim's antithesis, the ambitious villain to his reluctant hero.

Skull: (looks distant for a second) Leave me; I have to think for a moment. (Galaxia leaves) Is that what my reason for existing is? To be the archenemy to an idiot who ended up as a hero? I suppose it would make sense from a certain point of view, but I have other goals aside from fighting Zim. I plan to rule the universe, and nothing will keep me from that. But perhaps I should keep what Galaxia said in mind for now. (activates radio) This is Commander Skull; terminate the upgrading of Warp. He is to supervise the execution of prisoners.

Hornet 2: (over radio) We obey.


[service outpost; onboard the Eliminator; briefing room]

(Ram is standing on the podium overlooking the room; Six Resisty members, along with ten Meekrob are watching him)

Ram: I'm glad to see that you all have survived Skull's forces. I have to admit that I was afraid most of you wouldn't make it.

Lard Nar: Let me guess; you want us to help you against Skull.

Ram: Observant, aren't you? Yes, that is why you're all here.

Meekrob 1: Why should we trust you? After all, you enslaved us for a long time.

Ram: Yet both of our planets were destroyed by Skull, while everyone else is being enslaved and losing free will by the minute. It seems we're in the same boat now.

Ixane: That is a good point, but what do we get if we help?

Ram: Freedom and peace, for one thing; the Meekrob will be given a new planet, assuming we can find one untouched by Skull. I'm sorry this all had to happen, but let us hope that we can make it right.

Floating-brain alien: You're not making this up to trick us, are you?

Ram: Any reason for us to do that died with Irk and the Control Brains.

Three-headed alien: When do we eat? I'm starving.

Spleenk: Same here!!

Shloonktapooxis: Me too!

Ram: (groans) You may head to the galley for lunch, but then we get to work on repairs for the Eliminator. Also, you will be given a new vessel for this battle (reveals a hologram of a Viral Tank painted blue) This is the Freedom; it will be your flagship.

Three-headed alien: Then our victory is assured.

Ram: Not to destroy your confidence, but we have to fight against Skull's new weapon, Commando Planet. (reveals a hologram of the station)

Lard Nar: Wait a minute!! That looks like one of Miyuki's "Space Station Annihilators".

Ixane: A what?

Lard Nar: A cyber-world that was built to destroy planets, but I thought they were all wiped out years ago.

Spleenk: Well it seems one is still working.

Meekrob 2: If it is, then it's probably the last of its kind. Red and Purple ordered them all scrapped early in their reign; something about how they could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Ram: (to himself) Probably the only smart thing those morons ever did. (faces the crowd) Now then, you have twenty minutes for lunch, and then we need to finish the repairs.

(the crowd dismisses to the galley; Ram goes to meet with Bertram)

Bertram: So you think this mission will work?

Ram: Even if we go out, at least the commandos will go out with us.

Bertram: (coughs) Let's hope so.


[Outside the Eliminator; a makeshift campfire]

Krack: Soon the commando armada will be destroyed.

Rusty: With hope, it will. Then we can once again start reconstruction.

Mace: Here's hoping the war will not happen in the long run.

Klaxx: I have doubts about that.

Xorg: Oh really?

Ven: Why would you not feel confident? Isn't this the reason you and Mace were sent back?

Klaxx: Perhaps, but I fear that this battle will not prevent the war.

Mace: Then elaborate on what you want to say.

Klaxx: Very well then. (takes a deep breath) To save the future, Invader Zim must perish.

(Zim is shown to be unnerved by this)

Krack: Explain why you would say this.

Ven: Please do.

Klaxx: One way or another, the war is going to happen. Skull's driven by his hatred of Zim first and his goal to rule second. I know this because he's ranted about it at least once.

Mace: But if we kill Skull before the war ends, then there should be no problem.

Klaxx: How many times have we said that, and how many times has Skull returned from the dead?

Rusty: Ah, but remember; this isn't the real Skull we're dealing with.

(Almost everyone gives Rusty a confused look)

Xorg: Please explain.

Rusty: The real Skull died with Mecha-Irk; the reason he's still here is because he copied his programming and memories, then implanted them into his second-in-command Kaine, then it got into Shred.

Krack: Perhaps he knew this would happen. Perhaps both Zim and Skull must die.

Ven: I admit little can be doubted anymore.

(Zim gets up and leaves; he sits down at the edge of the station)

????: Something is wrong?

Zim: (turns around to see Dera floating next to him) You could say that. Everyone says I should die for this to end.

Dera: They're scared; it happens to everyone.

Zim: Then what should I do?

Dera: I'm afraid that is for you to figure out.


Dera: I will only say this: if you die, then Skull will rule for eternity.

Zim: And if I live?

Dera: He'll never give up trying to destroy you. (sees Zim's sad expression) I'm sorry.

(as Dera leaves, Gaz walks over)

Zim: Maybe this will go on forever.

Gaz: No matter what you decide, I'm right with you.

Zim: (manages a sad smile) Thanks.

IZ-Commando Oblivion part 1
As this chapter ends, the countdown to the commandos' final defeat begins

Only time will tell what the end result will be.

Also, take note of the mentioning of Skull dying at Mecha-Irk; this is important to later chapters

Previous: IZ-Commando Evolution part 4
Next: sometime in October

Skull's death at Mecha-Irk: IZ-Commando Onslaught part 6
Suicide Squad: When all else fails


The Suicide Squad undertakes more missions that will most likely; if not definitely, kill them.

Episode 1: The new recruits
First appearances: Suicide Squad, Enchantress, El Diablo, Slipknot, King Faraday
Amanda Waller brings in some new recruits to add to the Suicide Squad
Villains: (none)

Episode 2: Cold storms
First appearances: Frostbite, Killer Frost
The two ice villains return to cause trouble
Villains: Frostbite, Killer Frost

Episode 3: The Werewolf Kryptonian
First appearances: Lar-On, Zy-Kree
A Kryptonian that changes into a werewolf appears on Earth
Villains: Lar-On, Zy-Kree

Episode 4: The Brotherhood Escapes part 1
First appearances: Brotherhood of Evil
The evil group dedicated to the extermination of peace escapes from maximum security
Villains: Brotherhood of Evil

Episode 5: The Brotherhood Escapes part 2
The Brotherhood launches a successful missile strike against Washington, killing thousands
Villains: Brotherhood of Evil

Episode 6: The mark of the Talons
First appearances: Talon
Agents of the Court of Owls decide the Suicide Squad is getting too close to their operations
Villains: Talon (500)

Episode 7: Calculations conclude evil part 1
First appearances: Calculator, Anarky
Calculator and Anarky steal some of the Mechanical Monsters from the Brotherhood
Villains: Calculator, Anarky, Mechanical Monsters

Episode 8: Calculations conclude evil part 2
First appearances: Solomon Grundy, Bane
Last appearance of Enchantress
Calculator and Anarky force the squad to compete against various enemies
Villains: Calculator, Anarky, Lar-On, Bane, Frostbite, Killer Frost, Solomon Grundy

Episode 9: Strokes of Death
First appearances: Deathstroke, Ra’s Al Ghul
Last appearance of El Diablo
While Talons distract the squad, Deathstroke recovers Ra’s Al Ghul’s body
Villains: Talon (9), Deathstroke, Ra’s Al Ghul

Episode 10: Darkseid vs. Suicide Squad part 1
First appearances: Darkseid, Nuclear Man
Darkseid and Nuclear Man capture the squad and strand them on Apocalypse
Villains: Darkseid, Nuclear Man

Episode 11: Darkseid vs. Suicide Squad part 2
Last appearance of Darkseid and Nuclear Man
The squad finally manages to defeat Darkseid, but nothing is truly as easy as it looks.
Villains: Darkseid, Nuclear Man, Lar-On

Episode 12: Fire to combat ice
First appearances: Firefly
Last appearance of Killer Frost and Frostbite
Firefly is called in to deal with Frostbite and Killer Frost, but trouble ensues
Villains: Firefly, Killer Frost, Frostbite

Episode 13: Chaos Minds part 1
The Suicide Squad gets caught in the middle of a battle of wits between three maniacs
Villains: Anarky, Calculator, The Brain

Episode 14: Chaos Minds part 2
Last appearance of Brotherhood of Evil and King Faraday
The squad manages to get ahead of their foes.
Villains: Anarky, Calculator, Brotherhood of Evil, Talon (60), Firefly

Episode 15: Chaos Minds part 3
Last appearance of Firefly
Anarky manages to get the better hand of the other intellects, but more trouble ensues.
Villains: Anarky, Calculator, Firefly

Episode 16: Assassins and Talons part 1
First appearances: League of Assassins
Last appearance of Solomon Grundy and Slipknot
Ra’s Al Ghul, revived once more, leads his allies against the squad, only to encounter an army of Talons, Lar-On, and Solomon Grundy
Villains: League of Assassins, Talon (300), Solomon Grundy, Lar-On

Episode 17: Assassins and Talons part 2
With Ra’s and the army of Talons still on the loose, the squad must pull out all the stops.
Villains: League of Assassins, Talon (250)

Episode 18: Assassins and Talons part 3
Last appearance of League of Assassins, and Talon
The squad manages to get back into control and defeat the League and the Talon army.
Villains: League of Assassins, Talon (100)

Episode 19: Stop the chaos makers part 1
Last appearance of Anarky
Anarky is betrayed by Calculator and finds himself at the mercy of the squad
Villains: Anarky, Calculator

Episode 20: Stop the chaos makers part 2
Last episode of Suicide Squad When all else fails
The squad manages to capture Calculator, while Lar-On steals a codex piece the government has kept locked away
Villains: Calculator, Lar-On, Zy-Kree


Amanda Waller: alive
KGBeast: alive
Deadshot: alive
Ten-Eyed Man: leaves the squad for the time being
Clock King: alive
Roxy Rocket: alive
Parasite: alive
Bloodsport: alive
Metallo: alive
Enchantress: vanishes
Slipknot: throat torn out by Lar-On
El Diablo: nearly killed by Deathstroke; sent to a government hospital to recover
King Faraday: torn in half by Cyborg Superman X and Composite Superman
Frostbite: weakened and imprisoned
Killer Frost: weakened and imprisoned
Lar-On: returns to Zy-Kree with a codex piece
Zy-Kree: adds the codex piece to his others
Brotherhood of Evil: recaptured
Talon: many destroyed
Calculator: imprisoned
Anarky: imprisoned
Solomon Grundy: decapitated; later incinerated
Darkseid: knocked out cold
Nuclear Man: buried under a column, but survives
League of Assassins: flee
Firefly: escapes

Suicide Squad:

Amanda Waller: Waller has found it difficult to run the squad now that Hugo Strange has left. She also mentions that Clay Ramsay has undergone a process that ended his role as Kryptonite Man
KGBeast: This assassin often competes with Deadshot and Bloodsport in terms of marksmanship
Deadshot: Deadshot often competes with KGBeast and Bloodsport in terms of marksmanship, but still never misses
Ten-Eyed Man: Reardon has expressed a desire to leave the squad for awhile, though he continues to aid them when he’s needed
Clock King: Clock King is not only the squad’s field leader, but also works with Amanda Waller in running the entire show
Roxy Rocket: Roxy often finds herself being disciplined for disobeying orders and endangering the missions
Parasite: Parasite has discovered that he becomes gravely ill if he attempts to absorb Nuclear Man’s strength
Bloodsport: Bloodsport often competes with Deadshot and KGBeast in terms of marksmanship; he also expresses a desire to shoot Lar-On with a kryptonite bullet
Metallo: Metallo is a new addition to the squad in order to pay his debt to society for the damage he did against Superman
Enchantress: June Moone possesses incredible magic powers and can manipulate inanimate objects.
Slipknot: Chris Weiss has training as an assassin and is a master of ropes
El Diablo: Chato Santana possesses pryokinetic abilities and joined the squad to pay for past crimes
King Faraday: An experienced espionage agent, King Faraday was recently captured by the army and forced to work with the Suicide Squad


Frostbite: Frostbite still feels a connection to Killer Frost thanks to their ability to control ice.
Killer Frost: Killer Frost has developed a connection to Frostbite thanks to their ability to control ice
Lar-On: A Kryptonian who suffers from a disease that turns him into a werewolf-like creature; because of this, he was sent to the phantom zone until a cure could be found. He eventually fell under the influence of Zy-Kree, who sends him to capture a codex piece held by the government.
Zy-Kree: The powerless Zy-Kree uses jewel kryptonite to ensure Lar-On completes his task of retrieving a codex piece.
Brotherhood of Evil: An organization led by the supervillain known as The Brain
Talon: agents of the Court of Owls
Calculator: The computer genius has escaped prison and is prepared to continue his crimes.
Anarky: Anarky teams with Calculator, only to be left behind later on.
Solomon Grundy: The zombie-like monster refuses to stay dead
Darkseid: Darkseid returns to Earth to capture the squad in order to weaken Earth’s defenses.
Nuclear Man: It’s recently found out that Nuclear Man’s radioactive makeup can cause Parasite to become violently ill.
League of Assassins: After reviving Ra’s Al Ghul, the league has to deal with the squad
Firefly: Garfield Lynns was called in by the squad to deal with Killer Frost and Frostbite. However, he makes his escape after finishing the job

Appearance Basing:

Amanda Waller: Arkham Origins
KGBeast: original comics version
Deadshot: Arkham Origins
Ten-Eyed Man: Original comics version with black leather jacket and protective gloves
Clock King: Batman 66 with the glasses from Batman the Animated Series
Roxy Rocket: The New Batman Adventures
Parasite: Superman the Animated Series
Bloodsport: original comics version
Metallo: Smallville
Enchantress: Suicide Squad (2016)
Slipknot: Suicide Squad (2016)
El Diablo: Suicide Squad (2016)
King Faraday: original comics version
Frostbite: Mr. Freeze from The Batman
Killer Frost: Justice League Unlimited
Lar-On: General Zod’s outfit from Superman II but in red
Zy-Kree: General Zod’s armor from Man of Steel
The Brain: Teen Titans
Monsieur Mallah: Young Justice
General Immortus: New Earth
Madame Rouge: Teen Titans
Cyborg Superman X: Superman Returns with the head of Injustice Gods Among Us
Jinx: Teen Titans
Brother Blood: teenaged version from the comics
Amazo: Batman Under the Red Hood
Composite Superman: half Superman (1978) and half Batman (1989)
Mechanical Monsters: Fleischer cartoons mixed with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Dr. Light: Teen Titans
Talon: Batman vs. Robin
Calculator: Identity Crisis
Anarky: Arkham Origins
Solomon Grundy: The Batman
Darkseid: Justice League Unlimited
Nuclear Man: Superman IV with black sleeves
Ra’s Al Ghul: Batman the Animated Series
Talia Al Ghul: Arkham City
Deathstroke: Arkham Knight
David Cain: original comics version
Lady Shiva: Arkham Origins
Bronze Tiger: Arkham Origins Blackgate
Bane: Batman and Robin with visible eyes in the mask
Firefly: Arkham Origins
Suicide Squad: When All Else Fails
This outline takes place before the one about the Trinity

I'm kind of limited to how much I can use the Suicide Squad because it's really hard to find enemies for them to face
Hopefully, the next outline won't be as difficult

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: FNAF World: The Movie (film ideas)

This storyline contain select elements from the FNAF series as a whole, along with the teasers for FNAF World. Other than that, it’s mostly my own ideas.


Six years have passed since the events of the third movie. Nick and Jenny have graduated college and are happily married, but neither has forgotten their “adventure” with the retired animatronics from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Even still, they continue to see former night guard Jeremy Fitzgerald and John C. Franklin, the billionaire who purchased the animatronics, on a regular basis. One day, the billionaire reveals his plan to build an amusement park based on the retired franchise, having purchased the rights to the characters upon buying them years ago. Jeremy is initially skeptical of the plan considering the infamy that came with the franchise, but is assured that every precaution has been taken to keep trouble away. The animatronics are briefed of the plan, though only Freddy is hesitant to accept the idea.

The park soon opens to wide critical acclaim from fans both young and old. Nick and Jenny visit the park at one point and are amazed at what they see. Jeremy visits as well and is especially glad to see Balloon Boy rebuilt and possessing his memories of the former guard. The tiny animatronic is made even happier by the addition of a counterpart named Balloon Girl, who takes a shine to him. However, in the wake of the park’s success, nasty rumors begin circulating about what happens at night. The rumors get even worse when security guards start to disappear. Nick meets up with Jeremy, who agrees to take a look at what happens after hours. Mr. Franklin denies any wrongdoing, though the assistant manager Harold Fazbear immediately pins blame on the billionaire. After much discussion, Nick and his allies (Jenny, Harold, Jeremy, and Uncle George) are allowed to explore the park, which is made easier by the additional help of Mr. Franklin himself.

Initially, everything seems to be in perfect working order; the hours roll over to midnight and no trouble appears. Suddenly, Jenny stumbles across a storage room whose door seems to have been ripped open at the seams. Mr. Franklin takes a quick look inside and sees that the room is empty; upon being asked what was in there, the billionaire seems hesitant to answer. Instead, Harold reveals that along with building most of the miniature animatronics used in the rides, he also rebuilt the toy animatronics and the Puppet. However, they were not to be put in working order for another week.

Jeremy angrily berates Harold for reviving the evil animatronics, but Nick then asks if any of Springtrap’s remains were used; Harold responds by asking who Springtrap was. Soon, the group splits up into three duos and begins searching areas of the park alone. Mr. Franklin and Jeremy search a boardwalk-style area that possesses arcade games. There, they find Mangle (who is somehow put back together correctly) playing a skeet ball game. Upon seeing the two, the animatronic transforms back into its “Mangle” appearance and charges towards them.

Although able to avoid the monstrous machine by hiding in an arcade, Jeremy and Mr. Franklin are quickly found by miniature versions of the old animatronics, who act like gremlins as they tear the circuits apart. Strangely, they are forced to retreat when someone flashes a light at them. Upon looking up, the two humans are shocked to find Mike Schmidt standing in the doorway, apparently no worse for wear. Although initially happy, Jeremy questions how his cousin can be there if he’s been dead for around six years. Mike replies to this by revealing he’s a ghost that happens to look as real as a living person.

At the same time, Nick and Jenny are in the “Pirate’s Cove” area of the park, where they find Toy Bonnie using his guitar as an ax to smash everything; fortunately, the duo manages to avoid the toy animatronic, but are swiftly forced to split in order to cover two different areas. Nick searches the food court, only to be ambushed by Toy Chica, who begins seducing him just as Jenny enters the room, who stomps out in anger only to return when Nick starts screaming.

Returning inside, Jenny sees Toy Chica throwing chairs at Nick; Jenny tries to help, but is punched in the face by the toy animatronic. Suddenly, Toy Chica shudders and shuts down; it’s revealed that her system has been overwritten by the ghost of Frank Fazbear, who mentions how much trouble the toy animatronics had been in the past thanks to their evil natures. Jenny is able to forgive Nick, only to find Toy Freddy marching in with a wrench in his hands. The two humans and the ghost manage to escape the food court and reach where the older animatronics are kept. Frank reactivates them and explains their situation, to which the animatronics agree to help. At this point, Uncle George appears and announces that Harold has vanished.

Cut back to the team of Jeremy, Mike and Mr. Franklin; having reached the prize corner of the park, they take time to rest. Suddenly, an evil chuckle emerges from a glass box, which opens to reveal the Puppet rebuilt and just as evil. The animatronic mocks the trio for attempting to “stop the show” and mentions “the grandmaster of ceremonies” has yet to show up. At this point, the Puppet cryptically mentions “one of you is actually one of us,” before the curtains close on it. At this point, miniatures of the toy animatronics appear with hammers and crowbars. However, they are again scared off by a flashlight, which is followed by an uneasy “Hello, hello?”

Sure enough, it is none other than the voice of Fritz Smith, who reveals that Jeremy wasn’t the first one to give him the nickname “Phone Guy”. He goes on to say that the trouble is being caused not only by the Puppet, but Harold and the ghost of Patrick “Purple” Mann, who is no longer bound by the Springtrap suit. Mr. Franklin questions why Harold is involved, to which Fritz reveals that the descendent of Frank Fazbear has struck a deal with the murderer stating that in exchange for his life being spared and reaping the riches of the park, Mann is free to kill whoever he pleases by night, especially Mr. Franklin. Mike expresses doubt that Mann will keep his end of the bargain, which Jeremy agrees on.

Suddenly, Freddy arrives with the other old animatronics except for Balloon Boy; he reveals the toys are arriving along with the miniature animatronics. Fortunately, Fritz leads the group to a shed where the tools are kept; hammers, wrenches, tazers, and even a chainsaw are taken as weapons against the monsters. One by one, the toys are hunted down and destroyed (Toy Freddy with the chainsaw, Toy Bonnie with a hammer, Toy Chica with a wrench, and Mangle with a tazer), leaving only the Puppet alive and somehow escaping its confinement; it mocks on how Balloon Boy has gone missing and will be destroyed again, which earns it a tazer in the face and Mike breaking the Puppet’s mask.

At the same time, Balloon Boy is shown to be kept hostage by miniature versions of the nightmare models. However, he is saved by the appearance of Balloon Girl, who leads her counterpart to the Ferris wheel; here, they admit they like each other, but have to help the humans escape alive. The duo finds the humans and ghosts, who have reunited to track down the minis. They find them at the haunted-house ride, ironically called “Fazbear’s New Fright”. Inside, they find Harold waiting for them; he talks about how he actually hates the franchise his ancestor Fredrick “Freddy” Fazbear started; only caring for the profit it makes as “money’s what the world revolves around”. With that, he unleashes the minis on the heroes and turns to leave, only to find the door locked.

At this point, the cackling of “Purple” Mann is heard as the murderer materializes. Harold demands to be let out, but Mann responds “You can’t,” and has the minis devour him. The killer than activates a time to bombs that will destroy the entire park, only for the other ghosts to pin him down while Freddy breaks down the door; once outside, “Fazbear’s New Fright” bursts into flames while everyone watches. But just as they prepare to sigh in relief, each attraction explodes as “Purple” Mann emerges. Jeremy belittles the killer for doing all his evil “just for some kid who was killed.” Mann just laughs and inadvertently provokes the powers of hell by adding that “it was such good fun too”. Suddenly, several ghost children emerge and begin attacking the murderer; finally, a portal opens and a giant demon emerges to grab Patrick “Purple” Mann and drag him down to hell for eternal punishment. After this, a cloaked figure emerges from the portal and somehow restores Mike and Fritz to life, claiming "It's a just reward for sending an overdue evil where it belongs."

The portal then closes and the fires go out; Jeremy shakes his head at how twisted Mann was. However, Mike, Fritz, and the spirit Frank offer comfort by saying that although the park was destroyed, perhaps Mr. Franklin should consider building a new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, to which the billionaire agrees to do. The next day, the newspapers report the burning of the park, which Mr. Franklin pins the blame on Harold, who is said to have “died in his own crime.” The billionaire then goes on to say he will rebuild the pizzeria by year’s end.

Sure enough, the new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza opens its doors on Christmas Day; as with the park, wide popular acclaim comes along with it. Nick and Jenny are hired as security guards along with Jeremy. At night, it’s revealed that Mike, Fritz, and the spirit of Frank have chosen to stick around in order to “keep an eye on the franchise we’ve all come to love.” As Bonnie breaks into song, Nick shares a toast of soda with everyone, glad the nightmare is finally over.


Nick: Now 25, Nick has matured a lot since his encounter at Franklin’s warehouse. That being said, he’s not prepared for what he finds at the Freddy Fazbear amusement park

Jenny: Despite her encounter in the warehouse, Jenny still has fond memories of the pizza chain. However, she is terrified of what she finds in the amusement park

Uncle George: At age 68, George is happily retired; that being said, he doesn’t pass up an opportunity to see the amusement park in action.

John C. Franklin: The eccentric billionaire who purchased the rights to the Freddy Fazbear franchise, but never put it to use. Despite being 70, he has not lost the excitement of a child about to open a present.

Jeremy Fitzgerald: At age 55, Jeremy has been continuing his job as a night watchman for the retired Freddy Fazbear animatronics. However, even all of his experience in the past doesn’t prepare him for what happens at the park.

Harold Fazbear: The assistant manager of the park and the great-grandson of Frank Fazbear. He cares little for anything other than profit and is even willing to leave others to die to take over the park and the riches that come with it.

Good animatronics:

Freddy: Fully repaired, Freddy is the only one who’s a bit uneasy over the amusement park idea, admitting that the pizzeria was their true home. That being said, he does admit that the chance to entertain people is always welcome.

Bonnie: Fully repaired and with his eyesight restored, Bonnie loudly voices his support for the amusement park plan upon hearing of it.

Chica: Fully repaired, Chica is initially nervous about the amusement park but admits it would be a great return to form for all of them.

Foxy: Fully repaired, Foxy is just as loud as Bonnie in his support of the amusement park; he’s also happy about Balloon Boy being repaired.

Balloon Boy: Put back together and fully functional, Balloon Boy even retains the memories of his previous experiences with Jeremy. He becomes fast friends with Balloon Girl.

Balloon Girl: Originally part of an unproduced character codenamed “JJ”, Balloon Girl was built by Mr. Franklin as a special bonus. She and Balloon Boy become fast friends.

Bad animatronics:

Toy Freddy: Although initially programmed to be kid friendly, Toy Freddy reverts to the “evil circus ringmaster” persona at night.

Toy Bonnie: Although initially programmed to be kid friendly, Toy Bonnie reverts to the snarky persona by night

Toy Chica: Although initially programmed to be kid friendly, Toy Chica reverts to the seductress as soon as night falls.

Toy Foxy (Mangle): Although initially programmed to be kid friendly and complete, Toy Foxy returns to the insane Mangle once the park closes

Puppet: Although destroyed in the fire at Fazbear’s Fright, the Puppet has been rebuilt and returned to its sinister persona. That being said, it’s trapped in a glass performing case and simply taunts the heroes.

Minis: Miniature versions of the Freddy Fazbear crew through the ages (old, toy, Fredbear, and non-withered Springtrap); they are positioned in the various attractions while the bigger versions perform on a stage. They are reprogrammed to cause disasters at night, almost like gremlins.


Mike Schmidt: Years after dying at the hands of Springtrap, Mike has returned as a ghost that seems as real looking as a living person. He tries to keep the peace at the park after hours and is rewarded for his efforts by being revived near the end.

Fritz Smith/Phone Guy: At least 36 years after being killed by the Toy Animatronics and 26 years after supposedly moving on, the “Phone Guy” has returned as a ghost that looks as real as a living person to guide the humans through the night. He appears as a clean-shaven man with dark brown hair and is revived near the end of the story.

Patrick “Purple” Mann: A child murderer who caused the infamy of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in one way or another; as with the other ghosts, he appears as real as a living human and apparently no longer bound by the Springtrap suit. He has black hair, wears a purple guard uniform and cap, and always seems to have an evil smile on his face. It's also revealed that he was supposed to have entered the underworld long ago.

Frank Fazbear: The last owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza; he was killed by “Purple” Mann shortly before the murderer was killed by the Springtrap suit. Now, he appears as a ghost that is almost as real as a living human. Frank disapproves of the direction that Mr. Franklin has taken the franchise in, but does admit he appreciates the effort of keeping it alive. Frank also turns down the offer to be revived, claiming his life's work is through as it is.


Fredrick “Freddy” Fazbear: The original creator of the Freddy Fazbear franchise. He is said to have had a hand in molding the pizzeria through the 70s and most of the 80s, even after his grandson Frank took over. Sadly, Fredrick died of what many called a broken heart shortly after the Bite of ’87.

Copyrighted Songs:

1. It’s Terror Time Again: written by the band Skycycle; played when the characters run from the evil animatronics
2. I’ve Got No Strings: written for the Disney version of Pinocchio; sung by the Puppet
3. Grim Grinning Ghosts: written by Buddy Baker for The Haunted Mansion; hummed by Nick as he searches the park
4. Johnny B. Goode: written by Chuck Berry; sung by Bonnie at the end
5. Welcome to My Nightmare: written by Alice Cooper; played at the start of the film
6. Just an Attraction: the song by TryHardNinja; played during the end credits

Rating: R (violence, creepy imagery, sexual themes, gore, and swearing)
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 movie ideas
I didn't initially want to write another one, but I decided to do so anyways.

The FNAF World versions serve as gremlin-like characters in this film.

update: wanted to rewrite a few things and I hope it's not too ridiculous or stupid

First one:Five Nights at Freddy's film ideas

Second one: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 film ideas

Third one: Five Nights at Freddy's 3 film ideas

Fourth/zero: Five Nights at Freddy's 0 film ideas


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