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The story begins with a mansion that was once owned by a writer named J.D. Cooper, who was famous for writing stories with demented heroes, violent plot twists, grisly murders, and ambiguous endings that were a hot topic with book clubs. It’s also mentioned that Cooper was obsessed with human suffering. Ten years after the writer disappeared under mysterious circumstances, his house been converted into a museum, but has been plagued by reports of paranormal activity; one tour is revealed to have disappeared from the gift shop. To prevent any more mishaps, the gift shop has been closed to the public. One day, an investigator goes to the mansion in an attempt to find out what happened; said investigator is joined by a journalist and a police officer.

The search takes them to the gift shop, where they find several books by Cooper that are considered lost. Suddenly, a fog-like smoke enters the room and the police officer vanishes. The investigator and journalist find a secret passage that leads to the author’s library. There, they find letters to Cooper from a woman named Elizabeth, who he loved dearly; apparently, they had plans to marry, but Elizabeth’s father did not approve of Cooper, having claimed the man’s literature was ‘corrupting’ and ‘immoral’. One day, Cooper’s love disappeared altogether, as did her father; there were claims of foul play, but nobody was able to prove what happened. Around the same time, Cooper began writing stories of murder and lost love. Many assumed it was his way of coping with Elizabeth’s death, and it earned him quite a reputation before his mysterious disappearance.

After reading the final letter, the journalist hears a female yelling from another room. The duo race into a ballroom, where they find dried bloodstains leading to a door with a knob that doesn’t move; however, upon pulling the door, the investigator finds that it leads to an elevator. Upon taking it downstairs, the duo finds a room filled with an iron maiden and suits of medieval armor that emit a terrible smell. Upon opening one of the helmets, the journalist is horrified to discover a corpse inside, covered with bloody holes. Upon looking into the other suits, the investigator deduces that the corpses are the lost tour group and that they’ve been drained of blood, but is unsure of why they are here.

Suddenly, the iron maiden opens to reveal the police officer, who is indeed still alive. The door to the armory opens to reveal a malnourished J.D. Cooper, who reveals that he’s been hiding in the basement as a hermit after the death of Elizabeth, who he claims was murdered by her father in a desperate attempt to stop their marriage. He shows the journalist, investigator, and police officer to a bookcase that houses twelve books. Each one is a collection of new stories he’s written waiting to be released to the public. However, the author is unable to do so himself (why is not revealed) and asks the trio to help him, but leaves in a huff after the journalist asks about the corpses.

Soon after the author leaves, a ball of white light emerges from the floor and speaks in a female voice; it introduces itself as Elizabeth, who reveals that Cooper has been luring people here and killing them so he can use their blood as ink for writing. The journalist is terrified, but the investigator presses for more information. Elizabeth goes on to explain that she broke off the engagement herself, as Cooper’s demented method of storytelling had taken a serious toll on his mental health. Consumed by passionate rage, he killed her and used her blood to write his stories of lost love. He also preserved Elizabeth’s corpse by coating it in wax and molding it into a statue. However, as he ran out of blood to use as ink, Cooper had to resort to kidnapping tourists to replenish his supplies.

At this point, Cooper returns and kills the officer by shoving him into the iron maiden before explaining to the others how he intends to use the investigator’s blood as ink and preserve the journalist as a wax statue. The duo rush to the elevator only to find that the demented author has shut it down; they decide to go through the door that Cooper came through and eventually reach a staircase that leads to a room with a vat of molten wax and the statue of Elizabeth. The author attempts to kill the journalist, but is shot in the shoulder by the investigator before being kicked into the vat of molten wax.

The duo finds the elevator key and, along with Cooper’s unreleased works, head back to the top floor. The investigator goes for the police while the journalist remains in the gift shop, looking through one of the new books. Suddenly, she hears the sound of something dripping; turning around, she finds the severely burned J.D. Cooper, who’s dripping wax that’s burned off much of his skin. The panicking journalist tries to escape, but is cornered by the deformed artist. Just before Cooper can kill her, one of the massive bookshelves tips over and crushes him to death; before passing out, the journalist notices Elizabeth’s ghost turning into a cloud of smoke.

The investigator returns with the police to find the journalist driven insane by fear. As she’s led outside to a police car, one of the other officers remarks that “she looks like she’s seen a ghost.” The investigator silently nods, having caught a quick glance at the bloody wax leaking from under the bookshelf before leaving. The journalist is placed in the car and driven to the hospital while the investigator explains the fate of J.D. Cooper. While the investigator talks to the police officers, a young man sitting at a nearby bus stop coughs as he stands up, grabs his briefcase, and walks into an oncoming fogbank, apparently vanishing in the process.
The Haunting of the Mansion Museum
This was based on a dream that I was in a ride similar to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, but with the gift shop (which was filled with books) right in the middle of the ride.

Also partially inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and the 1953 classic 'House of Wax' starring Vincent Price; the part with Cooper covered in molten wax was based on the creepy guy from the 'Little Babies Ice Cream' commercial
Justice Society: Early Heroes


At least 30 years before the Justice League came to be, there was a team of heroes known as the Justice Society

Episode 1: The Coming of the Justice Society
First appearances: Justice Society, Starro
A team of heroes unites to stop an alien starfish
Villains: Starro

Episode 2: The Baron’s Blitz
First appearances: Baron Blitzkrieg
A Neo-Nazi wearing battle armor challenges the Justice Society
Villains: Baron Blitzkrieg

Episode 3: Day of the Dragon King
First appearances: Dragon King
A hybrid of a man and lizard makes his mark on the world
Villains: Dragon King

Episode 4: Night of the Death Man
First appearances: Lord Death Man
A man who can cheat death challenges the Justice Society.
Villains: Lord Death Man

Episode 5: Behold the Wizard
First appearances: Wizard
An evil sorcerer takes control of Hawkgirl and turns her against the Society
Villains: Wizard

Episode 6: Savage land
First appearances: Vandal Savage
A long-lived mastermind attacks the Justice Society when they least expect it
Villains: Vandal Savage

Episode 7: Grundy rises from the ashes
First appearances: Solomon Grundy
The undead zombie goes on a rampage and only the Justice Society can stop him
Villains: Solomon Grundy

Episode 8: Beware the Kobra
First appearances: Kobra
An international terrorist holds the US capital hostage for six million dollars.
Villains: Kobra

Episode 9: The Gentleman Ghost
First appearances: Gentleman Ghost
The spirit of a highwayman returns to the real world to cause chaos.
Villains: Gentleman Ghost

Episode 10: Justice Society vs. The Elite
First appearances: The Elite
The Justice Society takes on a team of ‘heroes’ that often takes lives to deliver justice
Villains: The Elite, Baron Blitzkrieg

Episode 11: The animal man
First appearances: Kung
A man who changes into animals turns to evil
Villains: Kung

Episode 12: Booster Gold
First appearances: Booster Gold
A time-traveling superhero arrives to help the Justice Society against the return of Starro
Villains: Starro

Episode 13: The Brainwave
First appearances: Brainwave
Hawkgirl and Wildcat fall under the power of a telekinetic mad genius
Villains: Brainwave

Episode 14: Return of the Dragon King
Dragon King returns for revenge on the team
Villains: Dragon King

Episode 15: The Mad Athlete
First appearances: Sportsmaster
A former athlete challenges the Justice Society to a deadly game of wits
Villains: Sportsmaster

Episode 16: Revenge of the Wizard
Second appearance of Booster Gold
The Wizard takes control of Solomon Grundy, but someone arrives to lend the heroes a hand
Villains: Wizard, Solomon Grundy

Episode 17: The Sound of Sorrow
First appearances: Johnny Sorrow
A mysterious man with demonic powers emerges on the scene
Villains: Johnny Sorrow

Episode 18: The gambling duo
First appearances: Roulette, Gambler
The Justice Society must battle a pair who love deadly games of chance
Villains: Roulette, Gambler

Episode 19: Magic of Mordu
First appearances: Mordu
Another sorcerer arrives to cause trouble for the Justice Society
Villains: Mordu

Episode 20: The Injustice Society part 1
First appearances: Injustice Society
Several villains from the Justice Society’s past team up to destroy the team of heroes
Villains: Injustice Society

Episode 21: The Injustice Society part 2
The teams of good and evil continue their battle for control of the world
Villains: Injustice Society

Episode 22: The Injustice Society part 3
Third appearance of Booster Gold
Last appearance of Harlequin
The Justice Society finally scores a victory with the help of Booster Gold
Villains: Injustice Society

Episode 23: Death rides again
Lord Death Man returns, and the Justice Society already have their hands full
Villains: Lord Dead Man, Solomon Grundy

Episode 24: Mind Controlled Gold
Fourth appearance of Booster Gold
Booster Gold returns, but is enslaved by Starro
Villains: Starro

Episode 25: Booster vs. the Baron
Fifth appearance of Booster Gold
Wanting to make it up to the Justice Society, Booster Gold decides to capture an old enemy
Villains: Baron Blitzkrieg

Episode 26: Thunder Underground
The Geomancer begins to cause earthquakes deep in the sewers
Villains: Geomancer

Episode 27: Injustice Society and the Elite
Sixth appearance of Booster Gold
The Justice Society must face a pair of evil teams that are at war in the streets
Villains: Injustice Society, The Elite

Episode 28: Shades of Shade
The evil Shade casts a shadow of cruelty in order to defeat the Justice Society
Villains: Shade

Episode 29: Vengeance of Vandal
Vandal Savage escapes prison to get revenge
Villains: Vandal Savage

Episode 30: The time traveling duel
Seventh appearance of Booster Gold
Booster Gold returns to chase after a rival time-traveler, as the future is at stake
Villains: Per Dagaton

Episode 31: Animal Moon
Monsters go on a rampage during Halloween and the Justice Society must do something
Villains: Tigress, Solomon Grundy, Killer Wasp, Dragon King, Kung, Gentleman Ghost

Episode 32: Murder by Wood
First appearances: ‘Made of Wood’ Killer
One of Green Lantern’s old enemies reappears on the scene to cause trouble
Villains: ‘Made of Wood’ Killer

Episode 33: The Black Dragon Society part 1
First appearances: Black Dragon Society
Dragon King returns to menace the Justice Society with his own terrorist organization
Villains: Black Dragon Society

Episode 34: The Black Dragon Society part 2
Eighth appearance of Booster Gold
Booster Gold arrives to aid the Justice Society against the Black Dragon Society
Villains: Black Dragon Society

Episode 35: The Black Dragon Society part 3
Ninth appearance of Booster Gold
Last appearance of Black Dragon Society
The Justice Society finally defeats the Black Dragon Society, but the leader disappears
Villains: Black Dragon Society

Episode 36: The Wheel of Doom
Gambler and Roulette trap the Justice Society on a roulette wheel that will decide their fate
Villains: Gambler, Roulette

Episode 37: Return of the Elite part 1
Manchester Black returns with his team of ‘heroes’, but they seem to be reformed
Villains: Baron Blitzkrieg, Geomancer

Episode 38: Return of the Elite part 2
The Elite turn out to be faking their redemption and capture the Justice Society
Villains: The Elite, Shade, Johnny Sorrow

Episode 39: Curse of Starro
Starro returns to cause trouble, and the Justice Society is caught in the middle of the chaos
Villains: Starro

Episode 40: The Red Panzer
First appearances: Red Panzer, Wonder Woman
Tenth appearance of Booster Gold
Booster Gold brings a heroine from the future to help the Justice Society battle a new threat that’s causing trouble
Villains: Red Panzer

Episode 41: Brutality of the Baron
Second appearance of Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman continues to help the Justice Society as Baron Blitzkrieg returns
Villains: Baron Blitzkrieg

Episode 42: Fiery Fencing
Third appearance of Wonder Woman
Sportsmaster coaxes the Justice Society into a deadly game of fencing
Villains: Sportsmaster

Episode 43: Red Sorrow
Fourth appearance of Wonder Woman
Johnny Sorrow and the Red Panzer team up
Villains: Johnny Sorrow, Red Panzer

Episode 44: Sinister Shining Stars
Last appearance of Wonder Woman and Starro
Eleventh appearance of Booster Gold
After the Justice Society defeats an invasion of Starro spores, Wonder Woman returns home
Villains: Starro

Episode 45: Return of the Wood Killer
Last appearance of ‘Made of Wood’ Killer
The ‘Made of Wood’ Killer returns with a load of lethal baseball bats from Sportsmaster
Villains: ‘Made of Wood’ Killer, Sportsmaster

Episode 46: The Ice Storm
Last appearance of Baron Blitzkrieg, Tigress, and Red Panzer
The Justice Society must battle a trio of old enemies who want to destroy the North Pole
Villains: Baron Blitzkrieg, Red Panzer, Tigress

Episode 47: End of the Dragon King
Last appearance of Dragon King, Amazing Man, and Elongated Man
The Justice Society suffers a pair of casualties during their final battle with Dragon King
Villains: Dragon King

Episode 48: Double defeat
Last appearance of the Elite and Kobra
The Elite and Kobra are taken into custody
Villains: The Elite, Kobra

Episode 49: Vanish, Lord Death Man
Last appearance of Lord Death Man
The Justice Society follows Lord Death Man to the mountains of Asia.
Villains: Lord Death Man

Episode 50: Mad Sorcery part 1
First appearances: Dr. Fate
Twelfth appearance of Booster Gold
Sorcerers cast terrible spells on the city, but Booster Gold arrives to help with an ally that comes from the future
Villains: Mordru, Wizard, Shade, Dragon King

Episode 51: Mad Sorcery part 2
Last appearance of Kung
Second appearance of Dr. Fate
Thirteenth appearance of Booster Gold
More villains make their presence known while the Justice Society fight the evil sorcerers.
Villains: Mordru, Wizard, Shade, Gentleman Ghost, Lord Death Man, Kung

Episode 52: Mad Sorcery part 3
Last appearance of Mordru, Wizard, Kung, and Shade
The Justice Society finally defeats the evil sorcerers in a brutal battle.
Villains: Mordru, Wizard, Shade

Episode 53: End of the Sorrow
Last appearance of Dr. Fate, Johnny Sorrow, Hawkgirl, and Mister Terrific
Fourteenth appearance of Booster Gold
Johnny Sorrow returns, but the Justice Society still has Dr. Fate on their side. After winning, the sorcerer is returned to his one time period
Villains: Johnny Sorrow

Episode 54: Nothing Gold can Stay
Last appearance of Booster Gold and Per Dagaton
Booster Gold returns one final time to collect his old time-traveling enemy
Villains: Per Dagaton

Episode 55: End of the Justice Society
Last episode of Justice Society Early Heroes
The Justice Society finally parts ways after defeating their remaining enemies for good.
Villains: Injustice Society, Roulette, Gambler


Green Lantern: alive
Flash: retires
Wildcat: retires
Hourman: retires
Sandman: retires
Hawkgirl: killed by Johnny Sorrow
Question: retires
Booster Gold: returns to the future
Elongated Man: killed by Dragon King
Dr. Mid-Nite: retires
Amazing Man: killed by Dragon King
Mister Terrific: killed by Johnny Sorrow
Dr. Fate: returns to his own time
Wonder Woman: returns to her own time
The Elite: all retire in prison except Manchester Black
Starro: vaporized
Lord Death Man: falls from a cliff; lost in the rivers below
Baron Blitzkrieg: frozen in the arctic
Dragon King: crushed by debris
Wizard: sealed in a crystal and thrown into the ocean
Brainwave: mind overwhelmed by Dr. Mid-Nite giving him an ‘insanity serum’
Gambler: dies in prison
Per Dagaton: taken back to the future by Booster Gold
Thinker: arrested
Tigress: frozen in the Arctic
Vandal Savage: goes into hiding
Shade: consumed by his own shadows
Solomon Grundy: returns to Slaughter Swamp
Harlequin: reforms
Sportsmaster: dies in jail
Johnny Sorrow: torn apart by Dr. Fate’s magic
Killer Wasp: dies in jail
Geomancer: dies in jail
Gentleman Ghost: disappears for good
Kung: arrested
Kobra: arrested
Mordru: sealed in a crystal and taken by Booster Gold back to the future
Roulette: dies in jail
‘Made of Wood’ killer: arrested
Red Panzer: cryogenically frozen in the arctic

Justice Society:

Green Lantern: The first human to acquire a Green Lantern power ring; Alan Scott is one of the leading members of the Justice Society. His only weaknesses are wood and plant matter.

Flash: Jay Garrick gained the ability to run at super speeds thanks to being exposed to the vapors of an experimental chemical; he is one of the leading members of the Justice Society

Wildcat: A former boxer, Ted Grant was granted the gift of nine lives (how is not explained) and chose to fight crime once his boxing career was over.

Hourman: A scientist from New York who specialized in chemistry, Rex Tyler is the creator of the wonder vitamin ‘Miraclo’, which gives the user superhuman strength, speed, night vision, and the ability to survive underwater for an hour at a time. He is one of the leading members of the Justice Society

Sandman: Another genius chemist on the team, Wesley Dodds is also a skilled detective who serves as one of the leading members of the Justice Society. He prefers to sedate criminals with sleeping gas, but is also willing to resort to unarmed combat if needed.

Hawkgirl: Shiera Sanders (not her real name) came from a planet where humanity has hybridized themselves with hawks. Along with the ability to fly, she is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and often uses a mace in battle

Question: Formerly an aggressive investigative journalist, Vic Sage is a master detective who hides his identity with the help of a special artificial skin called ‘Pseudoderm’. He tends to be somewhat ruthless in his technique, but is kept on the team because of his great intellect

Elongated Man: Fascinated by the contortionists he witnessed at circuses, Ralph Dibny set out to discover how they worked; he soon learned from various performers one similar trait: they all drank a soft drink called ‘Gingold’ before a performance. He soon consumed a concentrated extract of the soda which gave him the ability to stretch his body to incredible lengths and sizes, but cannot do so infinitely and is not invulnerable despite being resistant to attacks that would kill ordinary people. He is also a master detective who is skilled in deductive reasoning

Dr. Mid-Nite: Once a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Charles McNider was blinded by a bomb set by a mobster to kill a key witness. After undergoing an experimental treatment, he discovered that he was able to see again, but only in total darkness. He soon developed a special visor that allows him to see in the light, along with bombs that can black out all light. A leading member of the Justice Society, McNider is also a skilled mathematician and an expert in unarmed combat

Amazing Man: A former Olympic champion, Will Everett was accidentally exposed to a chemical that gave him the ability to duplicate the properties of any form of matter or energy he comes into contact with. He also has magnetic powers, but can’t use them in combination with the others

Mister Terrific: Michael Holt not only has the athletic skills of an Olympian, but genius-level intellect (with photographic memory), master martial arts skills, expertise in several foreign languages, and the ability to be undetected by modern technology (how this works is not revealed). He chose his moniker as a tribute to the original Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloane), who is said to have been an active hero many years ago


Booster Gold: A hero from the distant future, Michael Jon Carter is an expert at unarmed combat who wears a super-suit that gives him enhanced strength, flight, and time travel; he also wears gauntlets that can fire energy blasts and project force fields. Gold admits that he initially became a hero for fame and fortune, but abandoned the idea long ago after his first encounter with Per Dagaton

Dr. Fate: Kent Nelson is a master of various magic arts; he was brought from the future by Booster Gold in order to aid the Justice Society against some of their sorcerer enemies

Wonder Woman: Princess of the Amazon race, Diana became Wonder Woman to complete a rite of passage. Her powers include Amazonian strength, flight, combat abilities, and a few weapons from her people. She was brought from the future by Booster Gold in order to help the Justice Society stop an event that will alter the future in a negative way.


Injustice Society:

Wizard: William Zard learned the ways of sorcery in Tibet before returning to the US to make a name for himself; initially thinking the Justice Society was a criminal organization in disguise, he eventually dedicated his career to destroying them

Brainwave: Henry King was born with incredible mental powers, which helped him become a psychiatrist while undertaking a life of crime on the sides.

Gambler: Coming from a long line of compulsive gamblers, Steven Sharpe V was already an experienced gambler by the time he became a criminal. He’s also an expert with knifes and Derringer pistols

Per Dagaton: A villain with the ability to travel through time, along with being virtually immortal, skilled in various types of combat, and having a genius-level intellect. He is the initial reason why Booster Gold came to aid the Justice Society

Thinker: A former lawyer, Clifford DeVoe became a mastermind for small-time criminals, which earned him the role of second-in-command for the Injustice Society (after Vandal Savage).

Tigress: Paula Brooks was once a superhero who turned to evil after a nasty near-death experience. Her nails are sharp as talons and she uses a crossbow, nets and bolos to attack.

Vandal Savage: An immortal that has lived for thousands of years, Vandal has posed as Julius Caesar, Jack the Ripper, Blackbeard, and Genghis Khan over the course of his life. He claims to have even lived since the dawn of man and serves as the leader of the Injustice Society.

Shade: Richard Swift has the ability to manipulate shadows with a magical cane and possesses near-immortality and agelessness thanks to his skills

Solomon Grundy: Cyrus Gold was a small-time thug killed during a heist; he was later found by Ra’s Al Ghul and resurrected as a zombie. He is super strong, but not very bright.

Sportsmaster: Laurence Crock was a former athlete said to have ‘photographic reflexes’ that put him on par with Olympians. After suffering a nervous breakdown, he turned to a life of crime and uses sports equipment with lethal upgrades (baseball bats with spikes, exploding baseballs, exploding hockey pucks, etc.). He and Tigress are very close.

Johnny Sorrow: Jonathan Sorrow possesses demonic powers such as teleportation, levitation, energy manipulation, and the ability to kill anyone who looks at his real face, which he keeps hidden under a mask

Killer Wasp: A science experiment gone horribly wrong, Killer Wasp is a man-wasp hybrid that possesses enhanced physical capabilities (strength, agility, and endurance) along with the ability to fly up to 50 mph with wings on his back and shoot lightning from his hands

Geomancer: Little is known about the Geomancer other than his name is Adam Fells and he can manipulate the earth through telekinetic control and can cause earthquakes

Gentleman Ghost: James Craddock was a highwayman in the 1800s before he became a phantom. He can teleport, render those who touch him deathly cold, project spectral energy, and is an expert shot with flintlock pistols

Harlequin: Molly Mayne turned to crime mainly to attract the attention of Alan Scott; as such, her crimes aren’t that dangerous aside from her wearing goggles that can hypnotize people and fire energy blasts. She is quickly booted off the team after their first major defeat

The Elite:

Manchester Black: A telepath and telekinetic strong enough to make people suffer minor strokes, Manchester is the leader of the Elite; he believes that in order to deliver justice, one has to take lives in the process

Vera Black: Manchester’s sister; she possesses cybernetic arms that can produce almost any weapons she wants, along with being an expert at camouflage

Coldcast: Coldcast is capable of manipulating electromagnetism and possesses super strength

Menagerie: Menagerie wears a suit of armor that allows her to transform into a chimera-like creature

The Hat: The Hat possesses a measure of invulnerability, the capability to breathe fire, and a magic hat that allows him to pull out anything he imagines.

Other Villains:

Starro: An entity from a dark corner of the galaxy, Starro is the last of a mysterious race that travels the cosmos destroying worlds. It poses a threat to every sentient life form in the universe, good or bad. Starro can produce parasitic clones to fights its battles, saving itself for the final fight

Lord Death Man: A mysterious man who has the power to put himself in a yoga trance that makes him appear dead; he also possesses the ability to regenerate himself and has apparently existed for centuries.

Baron Blitzkrieg: Aside from his title being ‘Baron Reiter’ and that he comes from Germany, not much is known about the villain’s personal life or how he gained superpowers; said powers include flight, heat vision, and superhuman strength. He also wears special armor that protect him from bullets and most physical attacks.

Dragon King: Nobody knows the true name of the Dragon King; what is known is that he underwent a genetic experiment that turned him into a hybrid of a man and lizard possessing superior strength, speed, and intelligence. He also runs his own criminal syndicate called the Black Dragon Society.

Kung: Thomas Morita was an ordinary man until he underwent an experimental procedure that gave him the ability to turn into animals. He is also a master samurai who is skilled in various forms of martial arts

Kobra: Jason Burr is an international terrorist who not only possesses incredible combat skills and genius level intellect, but longevity due to acquiring a Lazarus Pit long ago

Mordru: A mysterious wizard whose real name is never revealed; his powers (to name a few) include immortality, a powerful healing factor, shooting lightning bolts, matter manipulation, superhuman strength, and flight.

Roulette: Veronica Sinclair is a genius when it comes to predicting odds and gambling wins. As such, she becomes partners with Gambler and the two make use of her custom-built deathtraps, one of which is a giant roulette wheel that kills a victim when it lands on a certain space.

‘Made of Wood’ killer: After the store he poured all his money into was destroyed by the mob, Samuel Sullivan became a serial killer who took lives with various items made of wood (mostly baseball bats).

Red Panzer: Helmut Streicher is a Neo-Nazi who wears armor that is indestructible and is armed with a cannon on one arm


Appearance Basing:

Green Lantern: Earth 2 #3 (2012)
Flash: The Flash (2014)
Wildcat: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Hourman: Justice League Unlimited
Sandman: Smallville
Hawkgirl: Injustice Gods Among Us
Question: Justice League Unlimited
Booster Gold:
Elongated Man: Justice League Unlimited
Dr. Mid-Nite: Justice League Unlimited
Amazing Man: The Flash (2014 series)
Mister Terrific: Arrow
Dr. Fate: Young Justice
Wonder Woman: Justice League
The Elite: Superman vs. The Elite
Starro: Injustice Gods Among Us
Lord Death Man: Batman Incorporated
Baron Blitzkrieg: original comics version
Dragon King: Young Justice
Wizard: Young Justice
Brainwave: original comics version
Gambler: original comics version
Per Dagaton: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Thinker: Justice League Unlimited
Tigress: Young Justice
Vandal Savage: Justice League Doom
Shade: Justice League
Solomon Grundy: The Batman
Harlequin: Underworld Unleashed: Abyss - Hell's Sentinel #1.
Sportsmaster: Young Justice
Johnny Sorrow: Virtue and Vice (2002)
Killer Wasp: New Earth
Geomancer: original comics version
Gentleman Ghost: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Kung: original comics version
Kobra: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Mordru: Legion of Superheroes
Roulette: Justice League Unlimited
‘Made of Wood’ killer: original comics version
Red Panzer: Wonder Woman #228
Justice Society: Early Heroes
I planned to write a Justice Society outline for my DC Universe some time ago, but was unable to put together ideas for it until recently

Some of the members were never really on the Justice Society in the comics, so don't get mad about it

[Irken History Banks: origin of the Irken Commandos]

Computer: Irken History Banks now activated. Subject chosen: Origin of the Irken Commandos. The story of the Irken Commandos actually starts long before they were conceived. Opening Section 1A: Project SuperIrken and the rise of Admiral Jax.

Narrator 1: The Irken race wasn't always the totalitarian species known to millions of star systems. At one point, it was a firm-yet-fair people who prided themselves on military might and intelligence of their leaders.

Narrator 2: However, there was one who did not think so highly of the way of life that Irkens lived at the time. His name was Jax, an Irken with a highly unusual talent; he could sense weaknesses in character and use it against those who opposed him, almost like telepathy.

(Jax is depicted in a grey Irken Elite uniform with a cape, dark blue eyes, and a scar over left side of his face)

Narrator 1: Such abilities were the result of a genetics project gone horribly wrong. The project, codenamed Project SuperIrken, was an attempt to create a stronger breed of Irken by combining genetic material from various alien species.

(a group of Irken scientists are seen mixing chemicals together before injecting a sample into a volunteer)

Narrator 2: The initial results were considerable, as the volunteers displayed better speed, strength, and intelligence among other traits.

(one Irken shows great strength, while another breathes fire; the observing scientists seem to be pleased with the results)

Narrator 1: With the initial results being positive, further tests were given with stronger doses of genetic material; the results of this second test were even more considerable than the previous.

(one Irken is shown moving a block with its mind, while another shoots lightning from its hands, and a third is able to levitate; the observing scientists' expressions range from pleased to somewhat surprised)

Narrator 2: Sadly, the tests started to go awry because of unforeseen complications with the DNA mixtures. Before long, 2 out of every 5 Irkens that underwent the testing were suffering from ailments such as PAK degeneration, body deterioration, mutations that turned soldiers into ugly hybrids, madness that would cause those affected to commit suicide, or at worst, turn intelligent Irkens into feral monsters.

Narrator 1: Although 2 out of 5 does not seem to be bad, the death toll gave the true extent of the problems, as it peaked at the millions.

(An Irken hospital shows various Irkens brought in with said ailments; one looks like the Brundlefly, another dissolves into black slime, and the third is dragged into another room in a straitjacket, foaming at the mouth; the doctors on call shake their heads in sadness)

Narrator 2: A cure was eventually found, but the damage caused by the experiments was so great, it was decided that any Irken who showed any sign of the power caused by the experiments was to be eliminated early on, usually at birth.

Narrator 1: However, Jax was able to hide his amazing abilities while honing them to his advantage. This caused him to become a powerful influence over those in political circles.

(Jax is shown to manipulate some of the advisors to the almighty tallest into convincing the leaders to follow his agenda)

Narrator 2: After awhile, Tallest Trueheart realized what was happening and put Jax on trial for conspiracy.

(the scene shows Jax on trial; the tallest wears a scowl as the control brains read off the crimes)

Narrator 1: Had Tallest Trueheart succeeded, he would've had Jax destroyed; it was bad enough that the two never agreed on much, but to be manipulated as he was made the tallest even angrier.

(the tallest furiously yells and gestures at Jax; it's clear the tallest wants him dead)

Narrator 2: However, what the tallest and the control brains didn't know about Jax was that he had gained allies in high places over the years. The first one to take his side was Sven, one of Trueheart's advisors.

(Sven appears next to Jax and begins defending him like a lawyer would their client; the gestures and mouth movements of the prosecution quickly show that they are losing, as the control brains apparently pass the "not guilty" verdict)

Narrator 1: The advisor's loyalty to the empire was surpassed only by hidden greed; a weakness that Jax exploited with great skill.

(Jax is shown shaking hands with Sven, a sinister smile tugging at his mouth; the scene then changes to Jax and Sven standing in front of the control brains, awaiting evaluation)

Narrator 2: After many debates, the control brains decided to place Jax into the military division. It was here that Jax's ability to exploit weaknesses worked to his advantage, earning him a long string of promotions until he reached the rank of Vice Admiral.

(Jax is shown to lead a squad against a race of invaders who look like the aliens from Independence Day; the scene then changes to show the admiral being awarded a medal by the tallest)

Narrator 1: His military skill gained him another ally in Trex, a soldier who possessed little intelligence, but physical strength that rivaled the mythological Earth hero Hercules. Most would've dismissed Trex as a mindless thug, but Jax was the first to realize that his brute strength would make him a great asset.

(Trex is frowned on by several Irkens passing him; suddenly, Jax appears and offers his hand to the soldier, who takes it without hesitation)

Narrator 2: Under the admiral's training, Trex soon reached the rank of first lieutenant and even earned a medal for single-handedly holding off a small fleet of saucer-shaped aliens that were attempting to destroy an Irken asteroid base

(Jax and Trex are shown at the asteroid, fighting off saucers that transform into spider-like creatures)

Jax: Trex, the saucers are getting close to the base; take them down!

(Trex growls in anger as he jumps from saucer to saucer, stabbing them with a blade as he goes; at the same time, Jax leads the survivors from the base into a transport before heading back in)

Narrator 1: During the mission, Jax rescued the base's research specialist Morv, who became the admiral's third ally.

(Jax is shown getting Morv on the transport just before it takes off; while the survivors talk amongst themselves, Jax and Morv enter an observation deck and begin a chat of their own)

Narrator 2: The scientist was once the Chief Scientist until one of his experiments caused the death of dozens. If that wasn't bad enough, it was also known that Morv was part of the think tank that produced Project SuperIrken. He was then sent to the asteroid as a punishment, which was to be for the rest of his existence. However, the invasion of the asteroid base put an end to said exile.

Narrator 1: With his third ally, Jax soon started a glorious military career that earned him and his allies a great amount of honors over several years.

(Jax and his allies seen battling various alien species, some of which appear to look like the stereotypical Greys, humanoid lizards, and the Saucer Morons; the scene then cuts to show the four being given great applause by a large crowd on Conventia, and it's clear that each of them are greatly pleased with the fanfare as Tallest Trueheart awards them medals)

Trueheart: First lieutenant Trex; for your ability to go beyond the call of duty and absolute loyalty, I award you a commendation of duty and a promotion to Captain.

(Trex nods as thanks)

Trueheart: Advisor Sven, your leadership during the battle with the Insectoid race earns you a commendation for intelligence. If you keep it up, you might be Almighty Tallest one day.

Sven: Thank you, sir.

Trueheart: For chief scientist Morv, your genius saved the Irken flagship from total meltdown. Therefore, I clear you of your previous charges and award a commendation for intelligence.

Morv: Thank you, sir.

Trueheart: And finally, Vice Admiral Jax; your skills on the battlefield have not only stopped 7 invasions, but your creativity has helped you succeed where many others would have surely failed or even died. As a result, I award you not only a promotion to Fleet Admiral, but three commendations; one for duty, one for intelligence, and one for original thinking.

Jax: (grins and salutes) It's an honor.

Narrator 1: This would only be one of the many award ceremonies that the four would attend, and it seemed they were destined for greatness.

Narrator 2: However, with great power comes great ambition, and at the pinnacle of his great military career, Admiral Jax decided that the way of life that Irk was living at this point was, to put it kindly, flawed.

(Jax is shown making an inflammatory speech against the tallest and control brains, his face completely lined with rage)

Jax: For too long, we have slaved under the corrupt tallest and control brains. They rake in the spoils of our labor while we are given mere scraps at best. To them, we are only cannon fodder that makes them richer and fatter. Is this to be our fate? Are we to be mere tools for the control brains and tallest to wield and dispose of as they see fit? NO!! I call for rebellion against their tyranny!! Stick with me, and we shall lead the Irken race to its rightful glory! Down with the control brains!! Down with the almighty tallest!!

(the crowd bursts into cheers as Jax looks on smugly)

Computer: Section A complete.

IZ-Commando Origins part 1
This chapter in the Irken Commando story will be a little different, as it will show the origins of the commandos, the origins of Ven, and introduce characters who will play a vital part in the story later on

The story will be broken into sections


next: coming soon
SIMON: A 27 year old private investigator
MARVIN: The 25 year old brother and partner of Simon; wears glasses
CARRIE: Wife of Simon
PROFESSOR NARTROF: A 43 year old Russian criminal mastermind
VIN: A Spanish henchman of Professor Nartrof
WEAVEL: A henchman of Professor Nartrof from Queens
INKY: The silent henchman of Professor Nartrof; wears an eye-patch
EZEKIEL: A hook-handed henchman of Professor Nartrof
DIRK: The police captain
WAITRESS: an employee at the pizza place

TIME: Present day; a dark and rainy night around 9pm
PLACE: An apartment building in California


SETTING: Simon’s apartment on the sixth floor; the room consists of two chairs, two desks, bulletin board, and a window overlooking the city.
AT RISE: We see the inside of Simon’s apartment set up as an office space. Simon sits at his desk while recording in an audio log book. Marvin is nearby, his mind on some paperwork

SIMON: The days keep racing by, and I am no closer to finding Professor Nartrof and his gang. To think it’s been almost three years since we first encountered him. We’ve gotten close to capturing him many times, but he slips through our grasp at every turn. (Sighs) It seems we’re destined to be in a duel of good versus evil that will never end.

(Enter MARVIN)

MARVIN: You saying something?

SIMON: No; I’m just thinking out loud. What’s for dinner?

MARVIN: Carrie should be home any minute with pizza, and she wanted you to join us this time.

SIMON: I can’t; the professor is out there and I’m standing at a dead end in this case.

MARVIN: You know she’s worried about you; you’ve been like this for almost three days.

SIMON: (sighs) I’m sorry; I guess this case is really getting to me.

MARVIN: (nods) I know how you feel; I got worked up over chasing that guy Johnson a couple of years ago. Granted, we caught him eventually, but I still remember the anxiety I felt.

(the phone rings)

SIMON: Hold that thought. (grabs the phone) Hello? (Scowls after a few seconds) You have some nerve calling Professor, so why bother? (Eyes widen after another few seconds) You’re joking, aren’t you? (gets angrier) Where are you? (Slams the phone down after a few seconds and gets up) Marvin, get to the car.

MARVIN: What’s going on?

SIMON: (loads his gun) The professor’s down at the waterfront; he has Carrie.

MARVIN: (packs his gun) Then let’s get to it.



SETTING: The top of a three story warehouse
AT RISE: The Professor and his four henchmen are keeping watch over Carrie, who has been tied to a chair.

CARRIE: Isn’t this a little bit cliché; you tying me up?

PROFESSOR NARTROF: Perhaps, but considering you’re the wife of my enemy, I’ll take my chances. (turns to Vin) Any sign of the detective?

VIN: (looking out a window) Si; he’s just pulled up, and it looks like his brother is with him.

WEAVEL: Why are we waiting for him? Why not just kill him now?

PROFESSOR NARTROF: Don’t worry; we’ll get rid of Simon soon enough. You know what to do, correct?

EZEKIEL: You got it boss.



SETTING: Ground floor of the warehouse; ledges filled with boxes, barrels, and tires are seen
AT RISE: Simon and Marvin are seen entering the building; both are on edge.

SIMON: It’s quiet; too quiet.

MARVIN: You said it; I bet they’re setting a trap right now.

(Suddenly, Weavel knocks over some barrels that roll toward the two investigators; they manage to dodge them, only to duck behind some crates to avoid gun fire from Vin and Inky)

MARVIN: What do we do now?

SIMON: Keep them busy; I have an idea.

(As Marvin distracts the shooters, Simon manages to climb onto a ledge, knock a row of tires onto Vin, and then shoots Inky’s gun out of his hands)

EZEKIEL: (climbing a ladder that leads to the ledge) You’re not getting out of here alive!!

SIMON: That’s what you think! (kicks the ladder off the ledge, causing it and Ezekiel to fall to the ground)

(at this point, the professor sees what’s going on)

PROFESSOR NARTROF: This has gotten too dangerous for me. (turns to Weavel) Take the lady and meet me at the car.

WEAVEL: Yes sir.

(As the Professor, Weavel, and Inky take Carrie to the exit of the warehouse, they’re suddenly stopped by the siren of a police car)

(enter DIRK)

DIRK: Looks like we finally caught you, Professor Nartrof.

PROFESSOR NARTROF: Damn it; it’s the cops.

(the Professor runs back up the stairs of the warehouse while Dirk and Marvin empty their guns into Weavel and Inky)

SIMON: About time you got here, Dirk.

DIRK: I would’ve gotten here sooner, but you should’ve seen the traffic getting here.

MARVIN: Bro, the professor’s getting away!!

SIMON: Marv, get Carrie to safety; I’m not letting the professor get away this time!

(Simon rushes off while Dirk places a handcuffed Vin into his car; at the same time, Marvin helps Carrie to her feet)

MARVIN: I swear this detective stuff has its limits.

CARRIE: Tell me about it.

MARVIN: So I guess this means the pizza’s canceled?

CARRIE: If Simon survives, we’ll get pizza tomorrow; unless of course, we need a hospital.

MARVIN: You got it.



SETTING: The fourth floor of the warehouse
AT RISE: The sound of gunfire rings in the air as the Professor rushes into the room.

PROFESSOR NARTROF: (pauses for breath) If I can just get to the ground floor from the window, I can escape. (looks out the window and is answered by police sirens) Damn it; I’m trapped. But that detective won’t get me without a fight.

(enter SIMON)

SIMON: You’re not going anywhere, professor.

PROFESSOR NARTROF: (chuckles) Congratulations detective; you got me.

SIMON: I’ve been waiting for this moment a long time.

PROFESSOR NARTROF: So what exactly are you going to do, count three like they do in the movies?

SIMON: You seem confident.

PROFESSOR NARTROF: Here’s why! (shoots Simon in the shoulder and tries to run)

SIMON: No, you don’t!!

(Simon shoots the professor in the head, causing the criminal to crash through the window and fall to his death on the pavement below; Marvin enters the room just as Simon falls to his knees in pain)

MARVIN: What happened in here?

SIMON: Bro……I got him.

MARVIN: Good for you, now let’s get out of here while you’re still conscious.



SETTING: A pizza place downtown
AT RISE: Simon is sitting with Marvin, Carrie, and Dirk at a booth; they are celebrating the defeat of Professor Nartrof and his gang as a waitress takes their order.

WAITRESS: So the order is one large pepperoni pizza with the buffalo wings and extra spicy dipping sauce.

DIRK: And maybe some extra water while we wait?

WAITRESS: Okay then, your meal will be out in a bit.

(exit Waitress)

MARVIN: (raises his soda glass) To the defeat of Professor Nartrof!!

ALL: Cheers!! (they clink their glasses together)

SIMON: I feel better than I have for a long time, especially since we finally got him.

DIRK: I’ll say; the papers gobbled up every detail of the bust. (shows a newspaper which reads “TIME UP FOR NARTROF MOB”)

MARVIN: Hey what about that guy Vin?

DIRK: He won’t be bothering anyone for a long time; he’s got 20 years to life in prison.

SIMON: But the best part of our victory is that Carrie’s safe.

CARRIE: Simon, you really had me worried back there.

SIMON: So the professor kidnapped you and held you hostage; what matters is that you’re safe and we’re all here.

CARRIE: The “hostage” thing is not what I meant; I meant you getting shot. You know you could’ve been killed.

DIRK: Not to sound mean or anything, but we got him to the hospital in the nick of time.

MARVIN: Yeah, and the doctor was able to remove the bullet and patch Simon up.

CARRIE: He did say he was lucky to have survived.

SIMON: Can we stop talking about me getting the bullet removed?

DIRK: Yeah; we’re not here to celebrate that.

CARRIE: (sighs) You know what? You’re right. But all the same Simon, I hope you’re more careful in the future.

SIMON: Sorry dear, but it comes with the territory.

CARRIE: I know. (rests her head on Simon’s shoulder)

MARVIN: I swear they were made for each other.

DIRK: I bet they were.

(enter Waitress with the food)

WAITRESS: Here’s your meal. (places it on the table)

(exit Waitress)

DIRK: This will be a meal that will never be forgotten for a long time.

MARVIN: The professor is gone, Simon is going to be okay, and now we can have pizza.

CARRIE: Thank goodness for that.

(the group begins to dig into the food)

Simon R Duplin and the Defeat of Professor Nartrof
A one-act play written for an online class that I wanted to share.

Based on my old Simon R. Duplin character.

update: fixed a few things and added some extra lines
The story opens at a snack bar on a beach during a sunny day. The bar is shown to sell burgers and fries along with the simple snack items. A young man (mid 20s or so) is seen taking his food to a table; he’s clearly an employee, as he wears a nametag on his shirt. As he eats, he feels someone grab his wallet from his back pocket. Turning around, he sees a little girl running away with his wallet. The young man chases her down and manages to reclaim his wallet from the little girl, who goes on to escape.

One week later, the man from before is locking up the snack bar; the beach is empty, as the day is cold and raining. As the man walks toward the ramp leading to the street where his car is parked, he sees the same little girl from a week before, who runs off quickly. He quickly gives chase until he reaches one of the restrooms; turning a corner, he finds her with her arms wrapped around her knees, crying. He notices she’s wearing a dirty dress with messy red hair going down past her shoulders. Upon seeing who’s standing in front of her, she begs him not to call the police, but the man is more concerned with the fact that the little girl is pale, malnourished, shivering from the cold, and no older than eight or nine.

After walking her back to a table, the man asks the girl to explain why she’s like this. The story is awful; apparently the girl was disowned by her father because he could not (or would not) take care of her, her mother is dead, and she’s been forced to live on the streets for six months and pick pockets in order to keep herself alive. After finishing her story, she gives the man a hug and cries on his shoulder; the young man is heartbroken at her plight and returns the hug, promising to help her. With that, he carries her in his arms up the nearby ramp to where the cars are parked, places her in his car, and drives off.

While this happens, another man sitting on a covered bench nearby smiles as he stands up, opens his umbrella, and starts down the sidewalk after reflecting on how ‘miracles happen all the time; we just don’t pay enough attention to notice.’
The Good Samaritan
Not sure how this came to be, but I was inspired to write it regardless

The beach was inspired by the one that's not too far from where I live (Redondo Beach in California) and the snack bar is at one of the ends of the bike path

hope it makes a few tears flow and maybe restore a bit of faith in humanity


United States


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