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How ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ could’ve been better:

First of all, the film should be split into two parts.

Part 1:

The first part would begin very much the same as the real film, but would expand the time that Logan spent with Team X.

The team would be as follows:
• Colonel William Stryker
• Logan/Wolverine
• Victor Creed/Sabertooth
• Wade Wilson/Deadpool
• Agent Zero
• John Wraith/Kestral
• Fred Dukes/Blob (before he became Blob)
• Chris Bradley/Maverick

The villainous force would most likely be HYDRA.

Note: X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was officially formed and the video game tie-in for X-Men: the Official Game confirms that HYDRA exists here.

The HYDRA agents encountered would be as follows:
• Omega Red
• Epsilon Red
• Bob (who manages to escape)
• Lady Deathstrike
• Silver Samurai (the one in The Wolverine is Silver Samurai by name only)
• Prototypes for the Sentinel Mark I
• Hundreds of foot soldiers
• Mentioned: Nathaniel Essex and Bolivar Trask

At the end of the film, Wolverine leaves Team X after being infused with adamantium; Stryker wanted to erase his memory because during the last mission, Logan discovered that not only is Stryker part of the think tank that built the Sentinel prototypes, but he plans to kill all mutants (including those on Team X once their purpose is lost)

In the post-credit scene, Stryker is revealed not only to have captured Lady Deathstrike and erased her memory, but also houses several mutants in captivity for use in Project Sentinel.

Part 2:

Part 2 picks up six years later and follows the real film up until the moment Wolverine and Gambit prepare to attack Stryker’s new base. They are suddenly approached by Professor Charles Xavier, who is accompanied by Hank McCoy (Beast) and Alexander Summers (Havoc). The professor reveals that Stryker is actually a former HYDRA agent who plans to use mutants as biological weapons.

The group attacks Stryker’s based and soon confronts the Major, who unleashes Deadpool (who does NOT have his mouth sewn shut, but is kept quiet by Maverick’s technopathy). Sabretooth and Logan end up fighting Deadpool while the X-Men free the mutants Stryker captured for Project Sentinel. Afterwards, Beast is able to sever Stryker’s control over Deadpool, who tries to aid Logan against Stryker, only to get knocked into the river by Sabretooth.

Stryker finally subdues Logan and begins erasing his memory, but Sabretooth disrupts the procedure and frees him (not wanting to lose the opportunity to kill his brother personally). Stryker is later taken into custody for the murder of General Munson (much like the real film), while Gambit watches over Logan after Sabretooth leaves. Wolverine wakes up, but cannot remember anything other than the name ‘Logan’. He turns down Gambit’s offer to help him leave and finds his own way off the island. From afar, Professor Xavier watches Logan leave and voices his belief that ‘our paths will cross again one day.’

In the post-credit scene, Deadpool emerges on a beach, apparently no longer possessing mutant powers, and wonders ‘if there’s a good TGI Fridays nearby.”
How X-Men Origins: Wolverine could've been better
This could be the start of a new series: how a bad movie could've been better

Seeing that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is considered the weakest of the X-Men films, I thought it only fitting to start with this one

hope you enjoy my ideas
Canceled Movies: What could’ve been

Mortal Kombat 3:
Heroes: Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Kitana, Raiden, Sub-Zero
Villains: Quan Chi, Scorpion, Shinnok

Fantastic Four 3:
Heroes: Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing, Alicia Masters, Franklin Richards (baby)
Villains: Skrulls

Spiderman 4:
Heroes: Spiderman
Villains: Vulture, Black Cat

Amazing Spiderman 3
Heroes: Spiderman, Black Cat
Villains: Spider Slayers, Alistair Smythe, Rhino

Amazing Spiderman 4
Heroes: Spiderman
Villains: Sinister Six (Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven, and Venom), the Gentleman

Venom Carnage
Heroes: Venom
Villains: Carnage

Ghost Rider 3
Heroes: Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch)
Villains: Mephisto, Vengeance

Batman Unchained (third Schumacher film)
Heroes: Batman, Robin, Batgirl
Villains: Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Mad Hatter, Joker (hallucination)

Tron 3
Heroes: Sam Flynn, Quorra, Tron, Alan Bradley, Kevin Flynn, Ram 2.0
Villains: Ed Dillinger Sr., Ed Dillinger Jr., MCP 2.0, Sark 2.0

Daredevil 2:
Heroes: Daredevil, Foggy Nelson
Villains: Mr. Fear, Kingpin

Superman Returns 2
Heroes: Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Jason White
Villains: Brainiac, Bizarro, Lex Luthor

Green Lantern 2
Heroes: Hal Jordan, Green Lantern Corps
Villains: Sinestro, Sinestro Corps

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Death Fighter
Heroes: Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl, Space Ghost (cameo)
Villains: Chicken Bittle, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday, Dr. Weird, Steve,

Punisher 2 (Sequel to the 2004 film)
Heroes: Punisher
Villains: Jigsaw
This evolved into Punisher: War Zone

TMNT 2 (sequel to the 2007 film)
Heroes: Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Splinter, Casey Jones, April
Villains: Shredder, Karai, Foot Clan
Canceled Movies: what could have been
This is something I've wanted to write for awhile, but never had the time to do so

took a lot of research to bring it to life, so enjoy
Azrael: Lone Warrior:


The story of Jean Paul Valley as Azrael, before and after he met Batman

Episode 1: The Origins of Azrael part 1
First appearances: Azrael, Order of St. Dumas
Jean Paul Valley begins his training as Azrael
Villains: (none)

Episode 2: The Origins of Azrael part 2
First appearances: Carlton Lehah
Second appearance of Order of St. Dumas
As Azrael, Valley is sent to confront a member of the order that’s stealing funds
Villains: Carlton Lehah

Episode 3: The Origins of Azrael part 3
First appearances: Lord Death Man
Third appearance of Order of St. Dumas
Azrael is given the task of killing a man who claims to be immortal
Villains: Lord Death Man

Episode 4: The Dark Cult
First appearances: Deacon Blackfire
Azrael comes across a deadly cult led by a charismatic, yet psychotic leader
Villains: Deacon Blackfire

Episode 5: Beware the Scorpion
First appearances: Scorpion
Fourth appearance of Order of St. Dumas
Azrael faces a ninja opponent from another dimension with demonic powers
Villains: Scorpion

Episode 6: Terror in Slaughter Swamp
First appearances: Solomon Grundy, Clayface
While on a mission to hone his skills, Azrael is forced to do battle in Slaughter Swamp
Villains: Solomon Grundy, Clayface

Episode 7: He who draws power from death
First appearances: Abattior
Azrael faces one who draws power from death
Villains: Abattior

Episode 8: Enter the Bat
First appearances: Batman
Fourth appearance of Order of St. Dumas
Azrael faces off against the Dark Knight of Gotham City.
Villains: Batman

Episode 9: Escape the Order
Second appearance of Batman
Azrael, having spared the life of Batman, must flee from the Order of St. Dumas
Villains: Order of St. Dumas

Episode 10: Taste of Death part 1
First appearances: Deathstroke
Still on the run from the Order of St. Dumas, Azrael comes across the world’s top assassin
Villains: Deathstroke

Episode 11: Taste of Death part 2
First appearances: Mad Monk
Third appearance of Batman
Azrael finds a vampire who leads a group of followers to achieve immortality. However, they plan to sacrifice Batman to do so
Villains: Mad Monk

Episode 12: Death Angel and Demon’s Head
First appearances: Ra’s Al Ghul
Azrael lands in the company of Ra’s Al Ghul, who offers shelter from the Order of St. Dumas
Villains: Ra’s Al Ghul, Deathstroke

Episode 13: Blackgate breakout
First appearances: Bane, Bird, Onyx
Fourth appearance of Batman
Azrael joins the League of Assassins in breaking one of their agents out of prison
Villains: Bane, Bird, Deathstroke, Onyx

Episode 14: Azrael vs. Batman
First appearances: Talia Al Ghul
Azrael fights Batman on Ra’s Al Ghul’s orders
Villains: Batman, Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul

Episode 15: Escape from the League
First appearances: Shellcase
Azrael, having realized what the League of Assassins are planning, escapes from them.
Villains: Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane, Bird, Shellcase

Episode 16: Revenge of the Order
First appearances: Seven Soldiers of Victory
Azrael runs into a trap set by the Order of St. Dumas, but someone else is waiting for them
Villains: Order of St. Dumas

Episode 17: Safe Haven in Gotham?
Fifth appearance of Batman
Second appearance of Seven Soldiers of Victory
The Seven Soldiers of Victory take Azrael to Gotham in the hopes that Batman can help. However, trouble soon follows.
Villains: Talia Al Ghul, Bane, Bird

Episode 18: Revenge of Scorpion
Scorpion returns to this world, and he’s after revenge against Azrael
Villains: Scorpion

Episode 19: Memories restored
Sixth appearance of Batman
Third appearance of Zatanna
Batman arranges for Zatanna to help Azrael recover memories he lost long ago.
Villain: (flashbacks of the Order of St. Dumas)

Episode 20: Return of the Death Man
Lord Death Man returns to hunt Azrael, and he’s not returning alone
Villains: Lord Death Man, Abattior

Episode 21: Studying madness
Only appearance of Hugo Strange
Seventh appearance of Batman
Azrael is captured by Hugo Strange, who seeks to understand the warrior’s secrets.
Villains: Hugo Strange

Episode 22: Gotham Sewers part 1
First appearances: Ratcatcher, Killer Croc
Eighth appearance of Batman
Azrael follows Batman on a mission in the sewers, only to enter an underground fight club
Villains: Deacon Blackfire, Ratcatcher, Bane, Bird, Solomon Grundy, Scorpion, Killer Croc

Episode 23: Gotham Sewers part 2
Last appearance of Killer Croc
Ninth appearance of Batman
Azrael and Batman are barely able to get to Deacon Blackfire, but have they really won?
Villains: Deacon Blackfire, Killer Croc

Episode 24: Gotham Sewers part 3
Last appearance of Ratcatcher and Clayface
Azrael leaves Batman to take care of business, only to run into more trouble himself.
Villains: Ratcatcher, Clayface

Episode 25: The Crusader
First appearances: Crusader
A religious zealot makes his presence known and Azrael is the only one around to face him
Villains: Crusader

Episode 26: Uncontrolled rage
First appearances: Amygdala
Tenth appearance of Batman
Azrael comes across an escapee from Blackgate who has uncontrollable rage
Villains: Amygdala, Ra’s Al Ghul, Onyx

Episode 27: Cults of Blood part 1
Azrael is forced into conflict with Deacon Blackfire, only to be surprised by someone else
Villains: Deacon Blackfire, Mad Monk

Episode 28: Cults of Blood part 2
First appearances: Red Hood
Seventh appearance of Batman
With two cults after him, Azrael’s luck takes another turn for the worse when more religious zealots makes their presence known
Villains: Deacon Blackfire, Mad Monk, Ra’s Al Ghul, Crusader, Order of St. Dumas

Episode 29: Cults of Blood part 3
First appearances: Hades, Nekron
Third appearance of Seven Soldiers of Victory
Just as everything seems bad, the lord of the underworld arrives with other allies
Villains: Deacon Blackfire, Mad Monk, Order of St. Dumas, Hades, Nekron, Cardinal Sin

Episode 30: Cults of Blood part 4
Fourth appearance of Seven Soldiers of Victory
First appearance of Scorpion as an ally
Last appearance of Deacon Blackfire
Azrael has his hands full, but an unlikely ally comes to offer assistance.
Villains: Deacon Blackfire, Hades, Nekron, Cardinal Sin, Lord Death Man, Bane, Bird

Episode 31: Cults of Blood part 5
Second appearance of Scorpion as an ally
Last appearance of Hades and Nekron
Azrael and Scorpion find themselves pitted against three enemies with few options
Villains: Hades, Nekron, Abattior

Episode 32: Hunter’s Shot
Only appearance of Deadshot
Azrael finds himself being hunted by the world’s greatest marksman
Villains: Deadshot, Shellcase

Episode 33: Assassin’s Moon
Last appearance of Talia Al Ghul
Azrael is captured by the League of Assassins and must fight their best warriors
Villains: Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, Bane, Bird, Deathstroke, Onyx

Episode 34: Return to Slaughter Swamp
Last appearance of Solomon Grundy
Azrael battles Grundy one more time, but finds himself in over his head once more.
Villains: Solomon Grundy, Shellcase

Episode 35: Clash of the Death Bringers
Last appearance of Seven Soldiers of Victory, Lord Death Man, and Scorpion
Azrael takes on villains who bring death with them wherever they go
Villains: Lord Death Man, Cardinal Sin

Episode 36: Gotham City Lockdown part 1
Eighth appearance of Batman
Second appearance of Red Hood
Azrael finds himself on a lockdown while on a trip to Gotham City
Villains: Bane, Bird, Amygdala, Deathstroke

Episode 37: Gotham City Lockdown part 2
Ninth appearance of Batman
Last appearance of Bird and Amygdala
Azrael and Batman manage to bring order back to the streets, but not without a few casualties.
Villains: Bane, Bird, Amygdala, Deathstroke

Episode 38: Return of Carlton part 1
Azrael finds his old enemy on the run from the Order of St. Dumas, who are not alone
Villains: Carlton Lehah, Crusader, Onyx

Episode 39: Return of Carlton part 2
Last appearance of Carlton Lehah and Onyx
Third appearance of Red Hood
After turning Onyx over to Jason Todd, Azrael continues after Carlton
Villains: Carlton Lehah, Onyx

Episode 40: Hunting the League part 1
Last appearance of Shellcase
Azrael finds himself chasing a rogue assassin, but it seems Ra’s Al Ghul wants him dead
Villains: Shellcase, Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane

Episode 41: Hunting the League part 2
Last appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane, and Deathstroke
Tenth and last appearance of Batman
Azrael continues his chase for the League of Assassins, but someone else has the same idea and trouble quickly ensues.
Villains: Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane, Deathstroke

Episode 42: The Overzealous force part 1
Last appearance of Crusader and Abattior
Following the dissolving of the Justice League, Azrael returns to fighting evil alone.
Villains: Cardinal Sin, Crusader, Abattior

Episode 43: The Overzealous force part 2
Last appearance of Cardinal Sin and Red Hood
After Jason Todd is killed by Cardinal Sin, Azrael has to take the madman on alone.
Villains: Cardinal Sin

Episode 44: Azrael vs. Azrael part 1
First appearances: Azrael 2 (Michael Lane)
Azrael is confronted by the man who aspires to take over his mantle
Villains: Azrael 2, Order of St. Dumas

Episode 45: Azrael vs. Azrael part 2
Last episode of Azrael Lone Warrior
References are made to Batman Dark Knight 2.0: Batman Beyond
After a long and bloody battle, Jean Paul Valley is slain, and the Order of St. Dumas readies the new Azrael for a future Batman
Villains: Azrael 2, Order of St. Dumas


Azrael: killed by Michael Lane
Mad Monk: trapped in a coffin and thrown into a pool of blood
Deacon Blackfire: attacked by his own followers, but barely survives
Lord Death Man: incinerated by Scorpion
Ra’s Al Ghul: leaves the country
Talia Al Ghul: leaves the country
Hades: returned to the underworld by Scorpion
Order of St. Dumas: decide to bide their time, with Michael Lane as the new Azrael
Crusader: beheaded by Azrael
Cardinal Sin: beheaded by Azrael
Nekron: taken to the underworld by Hades
Amygdala: sent to Blackgate for medication
Deathstroke: leaves the country
Bane: sent to Blackgate
Bird: neck broken by Amygdala
Scorpion: returns to his own dimension
Carlton Lehah: stabbed in the chest by Azrael
Shellcase: beheaded by Ra’s Al Ghul
Onyx: joins the Outsiders
Red Hood: killed by Cardinal Sin; body returned to Batman by Azrael
Solomon Grundy: sinks into Slaughter Swamp
Clayface: retreats deeper into the sewers
Killer Croc: disappears into the sewers
Ratcatcher: disappears into the sewers
Hugo Strange: arrested
Deadshot: leaves for Washington DC
Batman: retires
Seven Soldiers of Victory: leave on semi-good terms with Azrael


Heroes (permanent or on/off):

Azrael: Jean-Paul Valley was taken in by the mysterious Order of St. Dumas and trained to become the ultimate warrior. He escaped after finding out that the Order wanted to erase his memories and make him an avenging killer following him sparing the life of Batman

Batman: Bruce Wayne was only a kid when his parents were murdered right in front of him. As an adult, he trained in various martial arts (thanks to the League of Assassins) and became Batman. He helps Azrael escape the Order of St. Dumas and their insistence that he must kill the Dark Knight and replace him

Red Hood: Having failed Batman with the Outsiders, Jason Todd has gone on the lam.

Seven Soldiers of Victory: Often nicknamed “Justice League Dark”, the Seven Soldiers of Victory include Zatanna, John Constantine, Etrigan, Deadman, Phantom Stranger, Black Orchid, and Shade

Scorpion: A Japanese ninja warrior from another dimension, Scorpion’s real name is Hanzo Hasashi. After his family was killed by a rival, Scorpion began a quest for vengeance that soon pitted him against the evil sorcerer who masterminded the assassination. When entering a fight, he often yells “Get over here!”

Order of St. Dumas (notable members):

Brother Rollo
Brother Umberto
Brother Zoo
Daniel Maris
Azrael 2/Michael Lane
Manhunter/Mark Shaw
Sister Lilhy



Mad Monk:

Deacon Blackfire:

Lord Death Man:

Ra’s Al Ghul: It’s mentioned that Ra’s Al Ghul has encounter the namesake of the Order of St. Dumas long ago, as he describes the so-called saint as being “an insane fanatic”


Order of St. Dumas: A mysterious group that watches over many areas of the world; however, the order is willing to kill those they consider “obsolete”

Crusader: A religious zealot who is known for mass killings of several religious cults; his real name is unknown


Cardinal Sin: Perry Dennison was a priest who gained the ability to cause death and decay with a simple touch


Amygdala: Aaron Helzinger underwent surgery which removed his amygdalae from his brain in an attempt to cure his homicidal rage. Instead, the surgery had the opposite effect and caused his rage to become even worse. However, when given the proper medication, he’s actually quite peaceful and even works with other heroes by using his superhuman strength and endurance


Bird: Bane’s second-in-command, who gets his codename from his skill at training falcons

Carlton Lehah: A former member of the Order of St. Dumas, Carlton was excommunicated for stealing funds from the order; he is also the one behind the death of Jean Paul Valley’s father

Shellcase: A rogue member of the League of Assassins who is rumored to be sole survivor of the Seven Men of Death, a faction of the League that was disbanded long ago for insurrection.

Onyx: A member of the League of Assassins, Onyx Adams later joins the Outsiders after being left for dead by Deathstroke

Abattior: Arnold Echison claims to have the ability to draw strength from those he kills, usually by skinning them alive


Solomon Grundy

Hugo Strange

Killer Croc




Appearance Basing:

Azrael: Arkham City
Mad Monk: Batman and the Mad Monk without the hood
Deacon Blackfire: Batman the Cult but later Arkham Knight
Lord Death Man: Batman Incorporated
Ra’s Al Ghul: Arkham City
Hades: Justice League
Order of St. Dumas: original comics version (except for Azrael 2)
Crusader: original comics version
Bane: Batman and Robin
Cardinal Sin: original comics version
Nekron: New Earth
Amygdala: Detective Comics #659
Deathstroke: Arkham Origins
Bird: Arkham Origins
Scorpion: Injustice Gods Among Us
Carlton Lehah: original comics version
Shellcase: original comics version
Onyx: Batman Under the Hood
Red Hood: Arkham Knight
Batman: Batman (1989)
Zatanna: Smallville
John Constantine: Constantine (series)
Etrigan: The New Batman Adventures
Deadman: Justice League Unlimited
Phantom Stranger: Batman the Brave and the Bold
Black Orchid: Batman the Brave and the Bold in a darker color shade
Shade: Vertigo version
Azrael 2: Arkham Knight
Clayface: Think of the T-1000 and Sandman from Spiderman 3, but with clay
Solomon Grundy: The Batman
Abattior: original comics version
Hugo Strange: Arkham City
Deadshot: Arkham Origins
Killer Croc: Arkham City
Ratcatcher: art from Arkham Asylum
Theme song: “I Stand Alone” by Godsmack
Azrael: Lone Warrior
After writing Batman: Dark Knight 1B, I decided to write Azrael into my DC universe with his own storyline

Here, we see the first time I wrote about the 7 Soldiers of Victory, who will have their own story later on

Also expect to see a crossover with Mortal Kombat in the future as well
Computer: Opening Section C: Rise of the Seekers and Insurrection of Tallest Singe

Narrator 1: The Control Brains continued their reign of tyranny over the next ten years; several innocent Irkens were labeled as defectives and erased from history. Soon the old ways were forgotten, as many were brainwashed to believe the lies the Control Brains spread.

(young Irkens are shown to be standing in a line to be deleted, as the Control Brains list the reasons for doing so; some are rational, like "attempting to flee", "constant failure to clean up after self", and "theft of weapons". However, other reasons are ludicrous, mainly "too intelligent", "not efficient enough", and "ugly")

Narrator 2: However, as with every totalitarian force that exists, there slowly grew a resistance force that met in secret to plan an overthrow.

(a room is illuminated and twenty Irkens are seen at a table)

Irken 1: So are we in agreement on what we must do?

Irken 2: We are to overthrow the Control Brains and restore the old ways to the empire.

Irken 1: Exactly; we will restore freedom to our race and the universe.

Irken 3: Do we even have a name?

Irken 4: How about the Seekers?

Irken 2: Why should we use that name?

Irken 4: We're the seekers of justice, are we not?

Irken 1: Then why don't we use that name?

Irken 4: Too long; the Seekers will do just fine.

Irken 3: Makes sense to me, I guess. We've already found an undamaged Control Brain on one of those planets in a dark corner of the universe.

Irken 2: It will come in handy; the only way to defeat the Control Brains is to destroy them.

Irken 5: In the long run, of course. Nothing was gained in a day.

Irken 1: Of course; it may take years, but we will succeed.

Irken 6: This won't be easy; we'll be traitors to the empire.

Irken 4: As long as our goal is met, it will be worth everything.

(the group gives a roaring cheer)


Narrator 1: Many years pass, and the Seekers continued to gained power and expanded to over 10,000 members; however, they quickly found that being traitors came with a heavy price; for one thing, they were often unable to tell who was an ally and who was a spy. As a result, dozens of Seekers were captured either by spies or the Almighty Tallest; the punishment was public humiliation and execution in front of the entire population, followed by removal from Irken history banks.

(the described events are shown in grisly detail)

Narrator 2: Seven years passed, and the Seekers' efforts had done little more than a slap on the wrist. Finally, the leaders of the group, unable to take any more embarrassment, met in secret to discuss a new tactic.

(the five leaders sit in a courtroom, with several other Seekers standing around them; one is standing confidently on the floor)

Leader 1: What madness are you suggesting, Singe?

Singe: I suggest that one of us be chosen as Almighty Tallest; that way, we can easily get close to the Control Brains and dispose of them.

Leader 2: Your plan is ludicrous, not to mention dangerous. Who do you intend to send as Almighty Tallest, anyways?

Singe: Who else to take on this mission, but me? I am willing to lay my life on the line to push our goals further.

Leader 1: (groans) Well, you have been proven to be our most intelligent member, not to mention a brilliant speechmaker and politician.

Leader 2: not to mention the right height to be Tallest.

Leader 1: Therefore, you should be the ideal choice for the job.

Leader 3: However, you must first dispose of Tallest Ressel.

Singe: No worries; I know just how to do it.

Leader 4: Considering Ressel's a coward, you better be right.


[three days later; throne room]

(Tallest Ressel, dressed in dark yellow, enters the chamber; Singe waits for him)

Ressel: (notices Singe) Wha? (jumps a little) Wh-who are you?

Singe: My name is Singe, sir. I was waiting to deliver this to you. (hands the Tallest a beverage, possibly Irken tea)

Ressel: Y-yes, of course.

(the cowardly tallest takes the drink and gulps it down; a few minutes later, he drops dead on the floor; two weeks later, Singe is chosen for the role of Almighty Tallest, much to his mock surprise)

Singe: I hope to guide the empire out of the dark cloud that came with Ressel's death. We will prevail over hardship, conquer doubt, and move towards the guiding light of perfection.

(the crowd cheers at his words; hidden in the crowd are two leaders of the Seekers)

Leader 1: May this begin a new chapter for us as well.

Leader 2: I hope so; something in my gut tells me it's a bad idea.

Leader 1: Hey, Singe is our best politician. What could happen?

Narrator 1: Not long after this, it became apparent that Singe was not following his plan for the Seekers; in fact, he wasn't even obeying the Control Brains, preferring to follow his own political agenda.

(Singe is shown looking out a window, a smug look on his face)

Singe: This is true glory at its finest; me in charge of the Irken Empire. It can't get any better than that.

(two Seekers barge into the throne room)

Seeker 1: Singe, we demand you stop ignoring our pleas.

Singe: What pleas?

Seeker 2: You were to aid the Seekers against the Control Brains; instead, you've seized power for yourself and disregarded the original mission.

Singe: Is that right?

Seeker 2: Yes, it is.

Singe: Then I'm afraid you know too much. (summons a squad of guards into the room) Take them away; they're members of the Seekers come to kill me.

Seeker 1 and 2: WHAT?!

(the two seekers are dragged away by the guards; one of them escapes and rushes back to Singe)

Seeker 1: Why are you doing this? We were allies; you were a Seeker.

Singe: (scowls) I am not a Seeker; I am the rightful overlord of the Irken Empire and will be treated as such.

Seeker 1: (captured) You were supposed to continue the plan you set up; you swore you'd follow our orders.

Singe: I take orders from nobody; I do as I see fit. As for the plan, if there ever was one, I never intended to follow through with it. I just wanted to be in charge. (laughs evilly)

Narrator 2: As the executions of Irkens both guilty and innocent continued, the Seekers became increasingly embarrassed at how their former member was acting.

(the scene shows the leader council for the Seekers meeting)

Leader 1: May we never speak of Singe again.

Leader 2: Agreed; he will never be mentioned as one of us.

(a seeker agent runs in with an amazed look on his face)

Seeker 1: Have you heard the news?

Leader 3: What news?

Seeker 1: Someone is fighting against Singe and it's not us.

Leader 1: Who is this warrior, and where is he now?

Seeker 1: It's some former janitor named Ven; he's putting up a good fight.

Leader 2: Then we shall follow his exploits against Singe until the latter is destroyed.

(the leader council agree to keep a close eye on Ven's "heroic" deeds against Singe's forces)

Computer: Section C complete.
IZ-Commando Origins part 3
In this chapter, we see the rise of the Seekers and ultimately, Tallest Singe

Ven will be explored in the next chapter

previous: IZ-Commando Origins part 2

next: coming soon
My DC Universe:

History starts:

• Justice Society
• Green Lantern: Guardians of the Cosmos (beginning)
• Superman: Man of Steel (beginning)
• Batman: Dark Knight (beginning)
• Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess (beginning)
• Green Hornet: Sting of Justice (beginning)
• Robin and Batgirl: Training Days
• Members of Justice League
• Green Lantern: Guardians of the Cosmos (ending)
• Justice League: Defenders of Earth
• Green Hornet: Sting of Justice (ending)
• Batman: Dark Knight (ending)
• Superman: Man of Steel (ending)
• Azrael: Lone Warrior (beginning)

History rewritten:

• Justice League: Shadows Fall
• Superman: Man of Steel 2
• Batman: Dark Knight 1B (beginning)
• 7 Soldiers of Victory (beginning)
• Teen Titans: Young Justice League
• DC Meets Mortal Kombat
• Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton
• Suicide Squad: Last Resort
• Superman: Man of Steel 3
• Batman: Dark Knight 1B (ending)

Quest for the Codex:

• Green Lantern: Search for the Codex
• Members of Justice League: Voyagers
• Birds of Prey: Justice Mistresses
• Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess (ending)
• Justice League: Blinding Light
• 7 Soldiers of Victory (ending)
• Superman: Man of Steel 4
• Batman: Dark Knight 1C
• Members of Justice League: Dedicated Nine
• Suicide Squad: When all else fails

Spilled Blood

• Power Girl: Flying High
• The Trinity: World’s Finest
• The Outsiders (beginning)
• Justice League: Scars of Betrayal
• New Gods
• Superman: Man of Steel 5
• Batman: Dark Knight 1D
• Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess 2
• Teen Titans: Heroes of Tomorrow
• Captain Marvel: Mightiest Mortal

Rise from the Ashes

• Heirs of Superman
• Birds of Prey: Silent Claws (start)
• Members of Justice League: Discoveries
• Suicide Squad: Fire Away
• Teen Titans: Future Hope
• Green Lantern: The Invasion
• Justice League International
• Birds of Prey: Silent Claws (end)
• Seven Soldiers of Victory 2 (start)
• The Outsiders (ending)

The Second Coming

• Batman: Dark Knight 1E-Batman Inc. (start)
• Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess 3
• Suicide Squad 4
• Green Lantern 4
• Supergirl 2
• Teen Titans 4
• DC Meets Mortal Kombat 2
• New Gods 2
• Batman: Dark Knight 1E-Batman Inc. (end)
• Seven Soldiers of Victory 2 (end)

Falling Arches

• Justice League: Divided
• Superboy: Quest for Truth
• Batman and the Outsiders
• Members of Justice League: Enterprisers
• Suicide Squad 5
• Green Lantern 5
• Justice League: Cosmic War
• Azrael: Lone Warrior (ending)
• Batman: Dark Knight 1.5

The Next Generation of Heroes

• Batman: Dark Knight 2.0 Batman Beyond
• Metal Men: Elemental Heroes
• Justice League: Revived
• Superman: Man of Steel 6
• Batman: Dark Knight MK 3
• Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess 4
• Members of Justice League: the Next Generation
• Booster Gold: Time Traveling Hero
• Legion of Superheroes

Hostile Future?

• Judge Dredd

Alternate Universes:

• Batman Flashpoint
• Parallel Worlds
• Earth 2
My DC Universe timeline
After submitting several outlines for my DC universe, I decided it would help if I added a timeline to go with them. This will help in knowing which happens when.

Just to be clear, several of the outlines on the list have yet to be posted or even written yet. They will be added overtime.

Update: added some new chapters


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